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    A duel between rivals

    This is an achievement that takes a few steps between a few missions. Make sure you get this achievement on your veteran walkthrough! There is another achievement with sort of opposite steps. Please read "Good Karma" for more information on that. It is important that for you to get the achievement, you rewind the story. Go to replay mission and hit  and it will rewind so you can change the outcome of the story in the end while keeping all challenge and weapon progress.

    1. Defalco escapes in "Karma."
    2. Skip Strike Force mission "Second Chance."
    3. Kill Harper instead of Menendez in "Achilles Veil."
    4. Spare Admiral Briggs in at the end of "Odysseus" by shooting him in the leg.


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  • Is this a story achievement?
  • showdown achievement walkthrough
  • @#2 .... I made the experience that ist only works when Cloe is not present in the shooting scene, which isn't mentioned in the video...
  • I really wish people would tell me how to get these instead of popping a link to YT, especially since people like me might as well search YT on our own. And I am on my cell, so a link like that is no use to me. I came here to see how to do it as well as checklist it, but might as well not bother with this site lol. It takes no skill to search on youtube. = A link is ok, as long as someone else here can tell me how to get the other story achievements. I do not like sifting through YT all the time, especially mobile.
  • Don't save Cloe and have Farid live?
  • I agree with #4, cant people just tell us how to get the achievements instead of links!
  • For this achievement DelFalco must be alive, Farid alive, and Karma missed. So let DelFalco escape on Karma. Don't do the immediate Strike Force mission. And kill Hudson, I think that's his name, at the end on Achilles' Veil. Then on Odysseus DelFalco should be there, Karma shouldn't be there, and then DelFalco and some other guy kill each other after the Seal member betrays everyone.
  • #7 his name is Harper
  • The first step to doing this achievement is in the mission Karma. When you are chasing down DeFalco you must let him escape so he can survive. After that, you have to fail -- or avoid -- the Strikeforce mission Second Chance. Doing so will also prevent you from getting the Good Karma Achievement. It's basically one or the other. Next, in the mission Achille's Veil when Harper gets caught and you must decide between shooting him or Menendez. Shooting Menendez will get Farid killed and he is necessary for the achievement so shoot Harper instead. And finally in the mission Odysseus you dont need to do anything just play through to the part where Menendez takes Admiral Briggs. You will then see the cutscene where Salazar betrays Briggs and at the same time Farid and DeFalco will kill eac
  • Farid and DeFalco will kill each other. If you save Chloe in the mission karma or second chance strikeforce mission this will not pop because DeFalco will attack her over Farid. (from IGN wiki)
  • Agree with number 4 - sometimes the videos are helpful (finding stuff), but a quick, one-sentence explanation is just as good instead of trying to direct people to a Youtube video (and trying to up view counts). Thanks to #9.
  • so i played through the game and never got this achievement but i did get the good karma guys.. wud i need to restart the whole game on tht rewind option or can i just play the certain missions on mission select? thanks
  • I haven't done this one yet, but I am interested in seeing who kills Salazar at the end of Odysseus if Harper is dead.... I am going to go back to the mission Karma and "rewind story" so that I do not save Karma and then I will kill Harper to then only have Farid in the room with me on the Odysseus mission.
  • *!!!*!!!* Please everyone remember to Rewind Story (Replay Mission then RB in menu), not start New Game, because starting a new game resets all campaign challenges, which is VERY ANNOYING if you have been following them for the achievement. *!!!*!!!* The best way I see for doing these two is this: Do the Showdown achievement first, then rewind to the mission "Karma" and do NOT let De Falco escape (or complete the Strikeforce mission "Second Chance" straight after he escapes) then follow the Good Karma achievement from there (read comment #9 on Good Karma it does a great job explaining that achievement).
  • and read #11 on Good Karma comments
  • EDIT TO #14 The best way I see for doing these two is this: Do the Showdown achievement first, then rewind to the mission "Karma" and let De Falco escape, then complete the Strikeforce mission "Second Chance" straight after he escapes. Then follow the Good Karma achievement from there (read comment #9 on Good Karma it does a great job explaining that achievement).
  • Also does anyone know if the Strikeforce missions are essential to this? Someone has confirmed in Good Karma that you need to have done ALL the strikeforce missions for that achievement..... ???
  • Stop saying follow good karma because I have good karma and that doesnt make sense.This is the showdown achievement page.
  • After I beat the game the first time, I went back to Replay Missions and used the RB button to rewind the story on KARMA and let Defalco get away with Chloe. After that mission, I was told I had a new Strikforce mission (Second Chance) that I could play, I skipped it so Chloe doesn't get rescued. I then played Achilles' Veil mission and killed Harper instead of Menendez. Finally I played Odysseus up to the cutscene where Admiral Briggs is caught by Menedez. After the cut scene, achievement popped.
  • you do have to press RB when completing this and every other story related achievement
  • The YT links def help, helps to see what needs done.
  • I can't believe how complicated the decision making is in this game :P
  • Poor Farid, he dies no matter what you have done
  • Thanks #9.
  • if i already got the good karma achieve do i need to restart he campaign for this one?
  • The only part of setting up this achievement I fucked up was successfully completing the second chance strike force mission. How far back do I have to rewind so I can leave the bitch kidnapped?
  • Whether you wound or kill Briggs has nothing to do with this achievement. The showdown happens before you're even given the option.
  • Let Defalco escape in Karma, do not save Chloe in "Second Chance", kill Harper in "Achilles Veil"; then it will pop after a shoot-out scene between Farid and Defalco in "Odysseus." No easier way to break it down. Whether Admiral Briggs lives or dies has no significance to it unlocking.
  • Does this have to be on veteran? i really cant be fucked with multiple playthroughs :/
  • wtf this is shit
  • Some Of These Cheevos is annoying especially if you slip up and have to do a few walkthroughs like me :-(

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