Ten K Achievement

  • Ten K



    Minimum score 10k in every mission

    In the campaign, you can get scores for each mission. You cannot see while in the mission what score you currently have. You may only see it in the stats screen afterwards. To check which missions you have obtained the 10k, you can look in career stats. Below is a breakdown of the points.

    • Kill: 10
    • Melee Kill: 100
    • Headshot: 50
    • Kill by Explosion: 150
    • Vehicle or Robot Kill: 150
    • Stun: 250
    • Difficulty Levels: 5,000 Increase per Difficulty.
    • Challenges: 2,000

    While playing through on Veteran difficulty, you will very likely triple or more most of scores for each level. This seems daunting at first, but it's extremely easy.

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  • coop back? intresting
  • There is NO coop in this game except for zombies.
  • @1 this IS a strike force cheevo
  • This has me excited. Kinda like RE5 or DmC games. You get a score for every mission you beat.
  • Is this like the achievements in Halo 3
  • I got over 10K on each level (except 1) on EASY without even trying. Replayed the one level, and got 10K easily. Easy achievement. Should unlock naturally if you go for the "GIANT ACCOMPLISHMENT" achievement.
  • And I only consider myself a slightly-above-average CoD player.
  • Yeah, like #6 said, you should be able to get this without even trying on your first playthrough. I think the lowest score I had on a mission (regular) was just over 11,000. Difficulty does affect your score.
  • how do you check the score?
  • Did this on my second play through, on Recruit, with barely any effort. I wasn't even trying.
  • @9 after completion of the campaign on the replay mission screen press X on the 360 to show career stats that should show you the score for each mission.
  • Is there a difficulty requirement for this?
  • I failed the second chance mission on veteran and got 16k. Has anyone else failed a strike force mission and receive a sore, or did my game glitch??? But i finally completed all strike force on veteran. So annoying.
  • *score
  • does this include the strike force missions?
  • you get 5000 for each difficulty level so if you play on recruit, you get 5000 instantly for beating the level; regular, you get 10000; hardened 15 and so on. So if you play on regular you will get this evene if you get zero kill or challenges throughout the level.
  • i completed all levels on veteran with a lowest score of 29,000 and didn't unlock the achievement. anyone got any idea why?
  • this includes strike force missions
  • You can fail all the strike force missions on veteran and still get over 10k. Very easy achievement.
  • Seems lame, really. This is basically just 'beat the game on normal'. Also, about getting good scores on Strikeforce while failing veteran- I played the first strikeforce (Spectre, I think- when you protect the 3 spots) during my veteran run but failed and quit (wanted to skip it anyway), but it still credited me with 25000 point + my kill points. Seems like I usually get a difficultly multiplier of 5 for veteran, but sometimes it only gives me 1 for regular. Not that I care about the 1- I don't want it to override my veteran run with a regular run that happened to include all challenges (you seem to get credit for all challenges completed even if they weren't completed on that playthrough).
  • Does Strike Force count as a mission?

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