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    Win 5 multiplayer League Play games after being placed in a division.


    Upon hitting public match, you will have the option to play League Games. These are meant to me more competitive. You need to play the qualifying game then win 5 more. Something you could do is intentionally do bad for the first game so your other 5 are very easy to win.

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  • this better not be some COD Elite type thing. Bad move if so.
  • @1: It's somewhat similar to Halo Reach's Arena system where you play a few games in the "League Play" and it will put you in a division. From there you just have to win 5 games in League Play. It has nothing to do with CoD Elite.
  • @2 Ok that's a relief. This should be relatively easy then. If anyone is reading this later on and needs help playing with someone that's good hmu. I know my way around cod multiplayer. This is considering that the achievement is what number 2 says it is. If it isn't this comment was written before the release. My gt is Kalvary. If for whatever reason I change it just message me on here.
  • I'm interested to see how division placement works. Off to look up this League Play thing.
  • @2 Thanks for the clarification, was kinda worried. For anyone reading, probably wanna do this when the game's recently released so everyone has the same familiarity with the maps and such, making it a little more fair
  • Finally some online achievements! Thats where I spend most of my time
  • Really easy but just a bit of time needed
  • Agree with #7 didn't take me long you do 5 'test' matches to see basically how good you are then it puts you into a division. then just win 5 games after you have completed the test matches don't matter how long it takes you just have to win 5.
  • i keep getting suckie team mates im not joking this is unfair this is my 6th game and still cant get it its like im holding my own
  • I could always use a decent team. Hit me up...
  • does this have to be 5 in a row or just 5? i'm almost positive that i've won 5 but no achievement....
  • @9 It took me about 10 games to get the achievement and not one of the games was close. Either we got crushed or we spanked the other team. This system blows at setting up teams.
  • you have to win 5 after doing your 5 placement matches. I dont think it has to be during a season.
  • I am confused with this... Not the 'how many wins and crap'. But, with the pre-season (practice matches) Can I only attempt this chivo when im in season games. If so, it means i will have to wait hours until next time. Explanation would really settle my curiosity. Thanks.
  • Ok, I got past my five first games but now it just says 'Awaiting placement' -_-
  • Ok I've played my five matches and now it just says 'Awaiting Placement' it's said this for about 4 hours and I was wondering how long it will take, if you have the answer Plz help me out! Oh and if anyone want to team up message me, MADD MAN 123
  • I played my 5 games... now it just says "Awaiting placement" for last hour... how long do we have to wait?
  • This is the worst game mode eva! Not only is this game mode terrible, this entire game SUCKS. Nothing at all i lik about this game, campain sucks, zombies suck and mp is even worse than both of them put together. Seriously take ur achievements an gimme my 60$ back.
  • @18 calm down it's one game mode. TranZit is pretty legit however survival maps suck. MP isnt bad only for campers. And it's the best campaign yet in CoD.
  • @19 I'dhave to disagree. It can be good if done with the right choice, but horrible if bad ones are made. Black Ops 1 had the best story.
  • @16 and 17 - I was getting some connectivity issues too at the beginning, but it seems to be working fine now. Try the Team Deathmatch series, I've been able to get into matches right away in there.
  • Hey Guys. I also got big Problems with Big Leagues... i played my Games in Champions League - now it tells me to wait until placed in division for days. Then I played 3 Games in TDM - but they didn't count so it tells me to play 4 games... problem is: u wait minutes to hours to get a game because nobody plays that shit... i have ca. 500 people online in that league ... So what the hell shall i do?? I hate Treyarch for MP Achievements!!!
  • The moshpit league one is working
  • When I tried to enter the leagues to get this achievement, barely anyone was playing(approx 500) and of course I needed to complete the 5 placement matches. Left it searching for around 1h and still no match was found, cause every other damn player is already in the league and so I can't be placed. :( Goodbye 'Big Leagues', unfortunately I won't be getting this cheevo anytime soon
  • I did my 5 placement matches yesterday, and it still says awaiting placement. This is really annoying. I want to get this achievement but it won't place me. WTF?
  • I would do this but i'm always put into rubbish teams that loose
  • It will not place me in a dang division either, so frustrating as its the last multiplayer achievement that i need!!!
  • I'm stuck divisionless too. I'm wondering if you need to be in a team league to enter a division. Anyone got a league playing solo?
  • There read Awaiting Placement. If I win now 5 games will achievement unlock?
  • if anyone wants to get a team together message me Merker NB
  • I'm not 100% sure as I haven't done it yet, but it seems that you have to WIN your 5 placement games. If you lose you have to play another one.
  • Just got it! Not hard at all guys! So, Season 3 just started on Feb 1st, as far as I know. I jumped on last night and played my 5 Placement matches until I was "Awaiting Placement." I stopped playing for the night and when I started again this afternoon, I was in the Bronze Division. Clawed my way to 5 Victories and *PTOK* Achievement Unlocked! MUCH EASIER than that stupid Training Mode Achievement!
  • I need help with this and party animal achievement. This one i'm always on the losing team and party games are filled with MLG's can someone please help. GT: Fr3shSnapSwag
  • ok if u guys go into multiplayer then it will say public match under that it says league Play to there then complete five games to get into a division win five and bam if u want help with this or any cod ones chuck me a message and ill see what we can do I am on x box so AusMikAtonic
  • The hardest part of this achievement isn't winning the 5 games, it's just getting placed in a freaking division! Some get placed immediately, others have to wait weeks or months.
  • Man im so confused i feel retarded I Need this las MP achievo
  • I just did the 5 placement matches and I dint get put in a division and it just keeps sayin placement waiting is this achievement a glitch or am I doing some thing wrong?
  • Same here, so now I'm gonna try the 5 placement games for TDM and see what that does.
  • Did my 5 placements for championship series wouldn't place me, so I did my 5 for TDM and it did the same but the next day I was actually placed in a division for Championship series so it can be done solo
  • Try doing your 5 placement matches for both game modes it will increase your chances of getting placed.
  • don't know where else to put this so I'll ask here. I'm currently in platinum playing solo I'm the TDM league, was ranked first but haven't played league in a couple of days so I've dropped down to around 20th. I'm looking for a team of a few other players that want to tag along to play in either league. must be good and have a good understanding of how pro leagues play out. MIC would also be great, and from the UK would be better but not needed. hit me up on xbox if you want to join. my gamertag is at the bottom. I'm prestige master with around 400 spm, almost 100 win streak in TDM and even more in some other game modes. message or add me. gamertag: AkA x CuTsY C33
  • I'm trying to get this one now, NOT happening. The teams I'm on ALWAYS lose! :( GT:amytashadumas92
  • I did the 5 placement games for moshpit series yesterday and it hasn't put me on a division and almost all the teams that I get placed in suck so bad if I can join someones team to get this achievement hit me up on xbox my gt is GMAN 360S
  • Does this have to be done in one sitting or can it be cumulative play on different days?
  • Hello im looking to boost fpr gold and diamond camo , must have 2 controllers, message me if interested gt: xZOMB1E KILL4x
  • I have a question does it have to be in the moshpit series there is no players in it and I only have played in the Champions series and I haven't been placed in a league yet I've played a lot of games plz answer
  • I need help to it won't placed in a league yet
  • I have all achievements but big leagues.. Help me please guy's
  • Discontinued achievement :(
  • Does anyone know a way around getting this achievement or know if they will re open the season?? Let me know! GT: D I Y Veteran
  • Hopefully if this becomes backwards compatible they will fix this
  • Is this boostable? I can't be placed in a league cos there aren't enough people I think, maybe if lots of us do it at the same time?

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