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    Win 10 multiplayer games while playing in Combat Training playlists.

    Combat Training is a game mode where you fight bots. You can do this solo or with friends. The easiest way to get this is to make the enemy score limit as low as it will go and give the enemy team the most amount of members.

    When in the multiplayer menu, you can select the combat training game mode. Play that game mode with friends or solo and after 10 victories you should get the achievement.

    Note: Bootcamp playlist becomes unavailable at Sergeant (level 11). You will have to play Objective from then on if you wish to get the achievement.

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  • should be easy enough to win against bots :P
  • I hope this is not like playing for noobs and this playlist will lock after a certain level. Yikes. or maybe it will be like black ops 1 who knows.
  • Hooorahh! Combat training
  • Do NOT do extremely well in this... But still try and win. If you kick ass, you will reach level 10 before 10 wins, and I'm guessing (the only way) is to wait til you prestige and play a few more.
  • Nvm, you can do Objective based Combat Training after lvl 10
  • Well I have won 10 matches in objective and still haven't gotten this achievement I don't know why.
  • where is combat training
  • Is this for the Bootcamp only or can it be objective as well?
  • Can I make it bots only
  • Is there any way to check and see how many games you have won? I can't find it under barracks tab.
  • you could do this in objective. i got the achiv on there i just kep exiting the game when ever the team was doing bad and stayed when we was doing good.
  • Boring Achiv. Keep playing till it pops really :/ Rated it a 2
  • do you have to come top or just win as a team?
  • If any one wants to just smash through it with me add me, CraKeLL
  • After you prestige, you can no longer do boot camp. I have 2 wins (both from objective) and am looking for a good team to do the last eight with. Add me if you want to: Knaussenheimer
  • @13 I'd like to no the same??? Do you have to be top of the score board or just your team win?
  • #13 & 16 I'm not sure but I think you just need to win, not be first. If that is the case then I'm up to five wins now. One person added me to make a team and I'm gonna add #13 so if anyone else wants a good team: Knaussenheimer
  • Just got it and I can confirm YOUR TEAM has to win. Didn't have to be same people just the team your in.
  • Looking for team add me xXxthomasmxXx
  • To clarify something, your just have to be in the team who won the game. Doesn't matter you start from the beginning of match or joined in middle of match. I got this after winning a match I joined in middle of it.
  • yeh im lookin for a permanent team who play based on the tired of playing with douchebag idiot who play confirm kills but they do not confirm their kill...
  • ne one wanting to boost one n zombie achievements hit me up snakeskillquick
  • I'm not amazing at multiplayer, but I consistently join the worst imaginable teams lol
  • Right there with you #23. I swear my team gets waxed every time, and I'd call myself a decent player. My bots will go 8-20 and the other team's are even
  • Hi all, anybody knows if you can get this achievement after prestige? I started playing public multiplayer and ranked up over level 10, so boot camp was locked, now I prestiged, and I still find it locked...suggestions? Thanks
  • @23 The same thing happens to me. I am ok(not the best, but decent at multiplayer) and I get on bad teams like every time.
  • I swear I must've played and won 50 of these damned games...
  • is there a way to check how many more you need
  • WTF!? Ive played dozens of these and have won at the very least 6 or 7 but in the barracks where I can see how many of each game type Ive won, its only registered 2 wins. I know Ive won at least 2 matches of Hardpoint but it has me down for 0 wins on hardpoint. I say again, WTF?! I swear I hate COD. I don't know why I keep buying these.
  • How do you play this solo like the Roadmap says? So sick of teammates dragging me down and I don't want to spend days and days playing the stupid training...
  • How do you use bots in this????
  • If anyone is looking to get this or willing to help, please message me. I hate this achievement and need some decent people to help. GT Sgt Danknesss
  • I don't think it is truly gathering my progress on this achievement...
  • why do i keep getting put with the ppl that dont try and winnnnnnn
  • I know this is gonna sound odd but I played it 10 times I counted and won 8 and lost 3 time and it popped,I noticed that some matches have 2 rounds does that mean 2 wins? Just curious Also why do cats with 55 lvl come in there and play its got training all ya masters at COD stick to the harder stuff and let us other people have chznce
  • Looking to get this achievement on a team. I seem to have no luck playing this by myself. If anyone is interested in going for this one, feel free to send a message and add me. GT: PhxZoN I'm also looking for a team to play matches with outside of this achievement. COD is more fun with friends.
  • Hi I need help with this my game tag is trmj2001
  • You Can Play Both Dumb asses -.- either way you still get the achievement :b
  • I can't find anyone so add me if you want - CBrip31
  • Looking to boost all online achievements add me if interested my gt is SassyOmnivore0
  • Looking to boost all online achievements add me if interested my gt is SassyOmnivore0
  • So long as you are not the worst player ever, this is an easy achievement.
  • Hey! I’m trying to boost this achievement but don’t have enough people for a match to begin. Anyone still trying to get it in 2020? Let me know, my gamertag is SirDavi20

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