Party Animal Achievement

  • Party Animal



    Win 10 multiplayer games while playing in Party Games playlists.

    There are a total of 4 game types in this playlist. These are non-team based. You need to place in the top 3 to get credit for winning.

    • Gun Game
    • One in the Chamber
    • Sharpshooter
    • Sticks and Stones

    One in the Chamber may be easiest for some. Gun Game would probably be second easiest but each player is different. If you have great accuracy, One in the Chamber. If you are good with all guns, play Sharpshooter.Good with map control, Gun Game. Good with tomahawks, Sticks and Stones.

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  • This one will be easily unlocked on Day 1 in my first 10 matches.
  • @1 dude you so pro man...
  • IRA gunner? Don't think unarmed civilians or babies are in this game, so god knows what you're planning on shooting.....
  • hopefully these will be like gun gaa don't mess up your K/D
  • That Will BE Easy
  • Is this the first multiplayer achievement in a Call of Duty (I mean strictly Multiplayer not including Zombies or Spec Ops)?
  • / 'are these the first set of mutliplayer achievements' /
  • @6 - Call of Duty 3 has plenty of multiplayer achievement.
  • Soo... do u have to have a party to get this or is it gonna be on the game playlist?? Im confused?
  • #9 Im slightly confused as well
  • Party Games= Wager Matches. Had to change the name of the playlist because there are no CoD points in BLOPS 2
  • Mp cheevos is a pass on a game for me.
  • @12 you're missing out on a lot of good games. that sucks.
  • @13 I agree. IMO, most games are really based on MP mode(if available), however there are good amounts of single player games out there.
  • You dont have to be in a party for this achievement the game type is called party games. Also i just got this and i only came first in about half of my games, top 3 counts as a win.
  • Can anyone else confirm that you can place 1, 2, or 3rd to get this?
  • Lmao @16 it says WIN not loose
  • Eu nao entendi como faz essa conquista ?
  • I do not understand how to do this achievement?
  • @16 yes you can
  • Just play gun game and you should get this cheevo in an hour. Most games only last 3 mins and all u have to do is make it in the top 3. You DO NOT have to take first to unlock this.
  • ^^^^^^^^ Sorry "One in the Chamber"
  • I have over 60 wins on sharpshooter alone but still have not unlocked this achievement, would it be glitched?
  • I hate the party games :/
  • What's with the permanent uav crap? Means the guy with the best connection running around on 20-3 while everyone else is on 8-6 or 5-9. Skill goes out the window.
  • @25 That is how I feel every time I play these maps.
  • simple, do one in the chamber, not many people are good in this mode so you are bound to get in the top 3 without much effort
  • Just get in the top 3 and it will unlock.
  • @16 1st,2nd,3rd count as a win. Check your combat records to keep track of your wins
  • Taking forever
  • this is the only mp achievement i have left and would like to get it over with but because im a lazy mofo i wanna do things the easiest way possible so if anyone wants too boost and get this very easily Id be down. you do need to have a second controller so we can fill the lobby more easily though.
  • crap forgot my gt in the last post. its Knaussenheimer
  • Note: fuck this achievement.
  • best connection wins, almost always.
  • They should've removed this achievment....COZ IT SUCKS and is pointless in my opinion. Back to the topic, it'd take a lot of time for anyone to get this achievement(unless he/she plays in a party/against noobs)
  • WOW this achievement is effing annoying. Someone message me if you want to boost it, I'm tired of playing these stupid games. GT Cgidari
  • @8 No one counts CoD3. Anyone know what's the best match type? I'm having some luck with Sharpshooter.
  • I'm finding One in the Chamber easiest out of the lot.
  • Oh, and confirmed you're able to unlock the achievement if you finish anywhere in the top 3.
  • I did this on One in the Chamber and found it really easy. I'm at best an average player (K/D is about 1.2 overall) and I was in the top three 10 out of 12 games. Pro tip: If you and your opponent both miss and have to knife each other, I've found that almost every time your opponent will run at you and then to your right. Just right straight and at the last second turn right and knife, you get them almost every time.
  • I don't get what the big deals, I found this achievement rather entertaining and easy. Split it between Gun Game and One in the Chamber.
  • In all party games, if you place 1st, 2nd or 3rd, it is considered a win in-game. I can confirm that placing 1st, 2nd or 3rd, ten times over will also earn you this achievement.
  • Need to boost this with someone, or some people. GT: trekwolf2
  • Want to boost this with some people... GT: jabbashouse
  • can this be done in custom games
  • I'm sorry to be a cheapo but does anyone wanna boost this with me? As much as I hate boosting but this is just a pain to many peeps with lvl 55 and I'm layin down over 200 rounds with a heavy machine tune and the fuckers just stand there and won't die......ummm I don't think so GT: Basque2112
  • anyone looking to boost this please add :)
  • Hello im looking to boost for diamond camo and gold, already got 2 ppl and need 3 more message me if interested gt xZOMB1E KILL4x (p.s.u must have a second controller)
  • Is this must be done in public games?
  • this is so hard!:/ can't do it
  • Sticks and stones can be very fast. Play it enough times and you win. One in the chamber is also a good one. Avoid gun game. It requires a lot of luck with the last few guns.
  • Hey! I’m trying to boost this achievement but don’t have enough people for a match to begin. Anyone still trying to get it in 2020? Let me know, my gamertag is SirDavi20

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