No One Escapes Alive Achievement

  • No One Escapes Alive



    In Mob of the Dead, execute the escape plan.


    Each step will require you to use the afterlife. While you can do this solo you can get it completed much earlier with more players.

    Step 1 - The Warden's Key
    The first step is to get the Warden's Key. You will see it hanging and electrified in one of the cell blocks. Go into the afterlife and there will be a portal up top next to a computer console. Shock the console and the electricity should drop. Press  to pick up the key.

    Step 2 - Open The Roof
    You want to go ahead and open the roof as soon as possible simply because you can only hold one plane part at a time. You will need to go to the bathroom(?) and then there will be a locked door with a Roof sign lit up. You need to go into the afterlife and through the portal which leads to the roof. There is a power box you will need to shock then the door to the roof will open.

    Step 3 - Uniform
    Location - Laundry

    You want to travel through the cell block ground level and go down the passage to Laundry. There will be a bunch of bodies hanging in the room and off to the side you will have to open a gate with the Warden's Key. Then go over to the shock box on the opposite corner of the room and travel back to the gate and shock the power box. Return to your body and wait for the washing machine to finish. Grab the uniform then attach it to the plane.

    Step 4 - Rigging
    Location - Spiral Staircase

    You will want to travel through the catacombs until you see a spiral staircase. You need to use the Warden's Key to open the box at the bottom and then spend 1000 points to open the door to the left that seems to lead to nowhere. Travel back up to the top and use the shock box. As you travel back down the spiral staircase you will see numbers on the wall. Remember all 3 numbers and then shock each box at the bottom the appropriate number of times. The glowing platform will then drop. Return to your body then go through the door you opened previously at the bottom. You will be able to open a gate and grab the next part.

    Step 5 - Propane Tank
    Location - Docks

    You will need to hit the power box with electricity in the afterlife for the gate to open. It is timed however so you will need to make it quick.

    Step 6 - Engine
    Location - Warden's Office

    For this one you want to go down the spiral staircase and unlock the gate that has all of those computers. Go into the afterlife and shock the two computers until the lights go out then go through the portal and shock the third one. Return to your body and head to the Warden's Office. The door that was previously electrified will be open and you can grab the part.

    Step 7 - Control Valve
    Location - Next to Deadshot Daiquiri

    Next to Deadshot in a glowing green case.

    Step 8 - Final
    Now just build the plane with all the parts and press X to fly. When on the bridge you can return via electric chairs. In order to fly again you will need fuel cans but those are found in the same spots as the plane parts. You won't have to do any afterlife stuff anymore.


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  • The ee is for pop goes the weasel
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  • I have to admit this was a bit easy but very cool payoff to see when you get the plane setup and fly just to crash on the Golden Gate Bridge and than sit in a electric chair lol,it was fun but it wasn't crazy hard like the Shangril-La "Time Travel Will Tell" that one still haunts me! Haha
  • Disappointing as easy, still fun though, and really good zombies map to. Hit me up if you need help with it
  • This isn't the real Easter Egg, lmao. Did you guys really think the Easter Egg was just to get to pack a punch? The actual Easter Egg is still very, very easy, but it's cooler and more interesting than this, even though I think flying the plane was awesome. SPOILER ALERT: You actually get to end the game by finishing it! ^_^
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  • Guide for the Achievement here:
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  • Well this achievment is a troll it is not the real easter egg the real easter egg is 25g and its called Pop gos the weasel I'm willing to help anyone who need help.
  • GT: I Venom Frisk
  • Easter eggs? They're not easter eggs if they have an achievement tied to them. An easter egg is something pointless that doesn't really do anything the devs put in for shits and giggles, not an achievement.
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  • Sorry, my gt is BloodyWarrior95
  • At #38 an easter egg is more than Shits and Giggles. I find them fun and worth every single count of gammer score...
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  • im happy to help with this 1 and gg bridge
  • ps add NathDestroyer
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  • OK, just to let you guys know, this is NOT the achievement for the Easter Egg, this is merely an achievement obtained to go Pack-a-Punch your weapon. I know this since I got this achievement this morning without knowing that this achievement will unlock once you have assembled the airplane and riding it to the Golden Gate Bridge.
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  • Not as hard as you think youtube it once ou have the golden spoon etc fairly simple
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  • hi I need this achievement I know how to get the key, uniforms, propane tank and the control value and vaguely know how to get the engine and rigging but not well. Everyone I play with is terrible and doesn't help me in getting this achievement so add me if I can help anyone get this as well as myself. just message me mob. gamertag is danhstreetcar
  • I put a message in the High Maintenance thread just a minute ago: basically want to see if there are people out there who are still desperately trying to get this achievement. I never bought the map packs when they first came out, due to other commitments, and generally preferring blops I zombies to Blops II zombies, but I've already 100%'d Blops I, and I decided to attempt tower of babble two days ago anyway, and popped it first time, so thought I might try to 100% this game too. If there are a few dedicated people out there, let me know, and I may make an investment. Won't do it if there's nobody left to get this achievement with me though.
  • easy
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  • Looking to get this and the other Easter egg achievements. GT: Pat723

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