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  • Trapped in Time



    In Mob of the Dead, use and upgrade all traps before round 10.


    There are a total of three traps around the map. Only one of them can be upgraded. 
    Here are the traps. All of them cost 1000 points to use.

    • Acid Trap - Cell Blocks
    • Fan Trap - Entrance to the Warden's Office
    • Sniper Trap (Upgradable) - Found on the docks at the lighthouse

    You need to first power on the Sniper Trap then go into the afterlife and shock the power box. It will upgrade it from a sniper to an RPG. The achievement will then unlock.

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  • above link is incorrect, this is the right link
  • Need someone to assists me with this GT: trekwolf2
  • Achievement Guide here:
  • use the acid trap, use the fan trap, then use the sniper trap. while the sniper trap is active go into afterlife mode and shock a box(that is the same as the ones you use to turn on perks and other stuff)that is located on the sniper trap itself. you can only upgrade the sniper trap. you can only upgrade it when you're in afterlife and the upgrade shock box is only available while the trap is active.
  • Perfect description @5 get the "easy" traps first then upgrade the sniper trap
  • i will try this, full lockdown, abd maybe pop goes the weasel this weekend. message me if you want to help and get these. Gt: Knaussenheimer Ps. my friends list is full so just inbox me. PsĀ² I aldo still need to do high maintenance
  • also*
  • Here is the full achievement really easy to follow and do.
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  • Looking to complete this one and some others for uprising dlc invite me N2D Prophecy
  • need 3 others to make it easier so i need this and full lockdown GT:DactylicBeast
  • Hey, looking for someone to do this with, please add me if you are interested. Also trying to get the other achievements in the game as well. My GT is: xOFx Prince. Just add me and shoot me a message so I know, thanks.
  • Add me for this! ProfWombRaider
  • done this 3 times now and the achievement hasn't popped, anyone wanna do it co-op add me on xbox, my gt is same as username above ^^^
  • If anyone needs help message me GT: Afropixel
  • Want to finish this one off soon as possible GT:tw1n5nak3 (twin snake) for those who read it wrong. Only serious people, groups preferred
  • Add GT = YurGamerTagSuks I am willing to help with all acievements.

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