Ectoplasmic Residue Achievement

  • Ectoplasmic Residue



    In Buried, acquire a perk for free.


    This will require you to travel to the mansion. As soon as you get inside witches will start attacking you. Make your way to the hedge maze and kill all of the witches that followed you. The last one will drop a perk bottle.

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  • In Die Rise, you got a free perk for only knifing the jumping monkey dudes. Maybe Buried has something like that.
  • When you enter a house a lot of "ladies" spawn and I think that when you kill the last one you get the free perk, not sure tho. This is how I got it:
  • I got it by going through the house and getting to Pack-a-Punch (without going down).
  • This is easily done by killing a bunch of ghosts in the mansion.
  • After bringing the giant to destroy the wreckage that blocks the entrance to the "haunted house," enter the house which will cost 1250. Once entered make your way up the stairs where you will be attacked by floating women who you have to knife to kill (can also use Bowie knife found in Saloon or Galvaknuckles from chalk placement). Make your way through the house past a sliding door they come from and continue through a drop down in a greenhouse. One past, the free perk will appear outside before continuing through the maze.
  • can u do this multiple times in one round?
  • I'm willing to help anyone with this achievement, or any other achievement in zombies. GamerTag: Pink Luna Xo
  • Let me revise my comment a little bit, you can knife OR shoot the floating women not sure if set amount but near the maze area where they continue floating after you one will eventually drop a perk in the shape of a bottle. Grab it and the achievement is yours.
  • It Really Simple :) Go throgh the haunted mansion and kill all the Lucys that spawn, after they are all dead, the last one will drop a bottle pick up... Grab it for a free perk, and an achievement as well :)
  • I'm looking for anyone who would be able to help with the 'Buried' achievements, or someone who needs help.. I have a mic & my gamertags iSeymourMoney
  • how do you get to the mansion, I can see it but its blocked off by debris
  • @ #11- You might have figured it out by now but you have to give the big guy booze in order to knock down the debris. Make sure he is facing away from the debris in order for him to run at it cause if you don't he will run the opposite direction. He can be found in the prison cage. Go through alley and you should see a house on the left and right. Go to the right and go up the stairs, jump the gap, and fall down a hole, you will now be in the room with the cell. There will be a key you can grab next to the cage hanging from the wall. Unlock the cage, the booze will be on his table. Give him the booze and he will knock down the barrier. I think in order to get more booze to spawn you have to complete the wave. You can also buy it from the saloon for 1,000 bucks once you unlock the door for
  • for 1,250 bucks. It cut me off and I also forgot to add that the further away you're able to make him run before he knocks down the debris, the more money you will get. So say you're standing right next to the debris, and he is facing away from it and you give him the booze, you will not get much money. Maybe 200 points or so, maybe less... but if you're further away it will give you more money.

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