FSIRT Against the Wall Achievement

  • FSIRT Against the Wall



    In Buried, purchase the LSAT off the wall and Pack-a-Punch it.


    The LSAT is founded in the starting area. You will need to survive for two or three rounds to amass enough points to buy it. When you have enough, go to the broken staircase. Hug the left side of it and jump. Press to grab onto the ledge then quickly buy the LSAT on the wall. As soon as you do that the ground will break. From here, just go through the normal steps of Pack-a-Punching a weapon. You can keep it inside the wardrobe until you are ready to Pack-a-Punch it to avoid potentially losing it.

    This video also contains a guide for Revisionist Historian.


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  • lol
  • LSAT= LAST FSIRT= FIRST The more you know.
  • that wasnt funny number 2... and awesome that they put the lsat on the wall fuck yes!! :D
  • They put the Lsat on the wall!! We can buy ammo for it now! Hell yeah!
  • YEAH BUDDY!!! at last a must have gun. no more lack of ammo. hopefully the location is open and easy to reach :p
  • It's only 2000 aswell
  • It will probably require a bazillion doors to open first and God knows what else. Maybe you have to do the easter egg before you can get it, in the CURRENT game.
  • @#7 It's basically where you spawn but got to be quick getting it as you drop
  • This seems easy enough. But it never is with those flamers over at treyarch.
  • You can't actually buy Ammo for it. The platform where it is falls really quick and makes it inaccessible.
  • Just got it. Wasn't bad at all.
  • You can get back to the LSAT once the ledge drops. You'll need to be coordinated & have the trample steam & new wonder weapon. It's possible!
  • Add me: AFalcon90. I need to get this, have plenty of cash in the bank.
  • Pretty easy. got it in the same game as I'm your huckleberry and when the revolution comes
  • @ #2 is that all you noticed? LSAT=LAST and FSIRT=FIRST; FAL= FAIL; WN= WIN
  • I am looking for people to play this map with and go achievement hunting. Send me a FR/message on Xbox if you want to play. GT: Combat Doll
  • Simple "guide" on how to get the achievement: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1TAS0sEa6U
  • When i first played i though "YES! ammo for the LSAT :) so cool" this is not true, you only have one shot at getting the LSAT... In the Beginning Room, if you go to the broken stairs and look up to the right, you'll see the LSAT on the wall for 2000pts Jump from the broken stairs to the platform and press A rapidly to climb up. BE CAREFUL! you only have one shot to get it because once you step onto that platform you only have about 5 seconds to grab it before the platform collapses and your chance is lost...
  • Whats VSAT mean then?
  • LSAT = Light Machine Gun VSAT = Multiplayer scorestreak for seeing enemy players (like uav but better)
  • LSAT stands for Lightweight Small Arms Technologies VSAT stands for Very Small Aperture Terminal
  • When game starts, look up, and around, above broken stairs, gotta jump, run, and grab LSAT FAST, FLOOR WILL FALL,
  • i have this. msg me if you need help. if im in another zombies game at time of msg, might not respond. gamertag: G2 Machine will not add anyone, just send me a message. must have microphone.
  • southparkguy i never thought of the Spelling LOL
  • Is it possible to get the paralyzer, return to processing, and levitate to the gun? My friend can't make the jump and we were discussing this...
  • @ #26 yes you can even buy ammo in that way, or if the platform is already gone and you want to trade the paralyzer for the LSAT you can use it to fly up and as you slowly go down make sure you're right in front of it and looking at it while holding X
  • so anyone know why i cant put the FSIRT in the locker? I had one in it from the first game i PAPed a LSAT and i took it out and never got to put it back in, so i started up a solo game so i would have it in the weapon locker, saved up the points to buy it and to pack a punch now its saying i can't store it like it's a wonder weapon or something
  • If you put the LSAT in the gun locker and retrieve it on a different game then pack a punch it do you still get the achievement?
  • @29 Nope, just tried it. It doesn't. FOR ALL ACHIEVEMENT INQUIRIES CONTANT ME! GT: SPL Banjo
  • Obviously you have to stay up there for a few waves to make 2,000, right? Then get it quickly, before you drop down. Go get money from bank and so on...

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