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    In Origins, activate all generators without allowing one to stop.


    Best done at the end of a round while having one person hold the last zombie to avoid allowing the Templar zombies to shut down any generators. All it would cost you is 200 points (+200 for each additional player you have to 800 points for 4 players) points to power up all six generators as you receive your points back after successfully powering up a generator. In order to get credit for this achievement you do need to be a part of the process of powering up the generators.

    If the Templars come and shut down one of the generators you must restart.

    Generator 1- Inside of the spawn building.
    Generator 2- Outside of the bunker that houses a mystery box and the blue CD for the ice staff. The door to get to this generator is near generator 1, or when looking toward the rest of the map, is the right door.
    Generator 3- Located through the left door out of spawn, generator three also houses a mystery box, and in the area where the robot can step is a Speed Cola perk machine.
    Generator 4- Found in the large middle area of the map, generator four would be to the left when coming out of the workshop/spawn area and houses a mystery box as well as Juggernog.
    Generator 5- Is on the opposite side of the middle area when comparing it to generator 4. Generator 4 contains Stamin Up as well as a mystery box.
    Generator 6- The final generator is located on the far side of the map behind the church. This final generator contains another challenge box as well as a mystery box.

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  • I will be looking for people to do this achievement and others that come with the map pack. I prefer people who are good at zombies. PLEASE send me a message on xbox live letting me know that you are adding me for the new map pack or I will most likely deny you. I get a bunch of random friend requests daily. GT: Combat Doll Looking forward to achievement hunting :)
  • I turned all 3 but I guess I did something wrong shooting all those medical knights and shit hehe
  • I guess havin 3 people turning them all on at once or something with the power I dunno?
  • doing it now need 1 player
  • 6 generators
  • Anyone wanna do any of these achievements message me ill be on every day GT: furrfun
  • Here's an achievement guide I made for this achievement ( Check it out and hope this helps.
  • wanna help me with the achievements GT: WildestConch
  • 6 of them wow how big is this fuckin map???!?!? They really are goin out with a bang
  • ^ It's really not that difficult. The trouble comes from the crusader zombies attacking them which doesn't happen often.
  • I am looking for people to do this and the other Achievements for this Map Pack With me. Add My GT: A Hairy Nugget Please have a Mic and know what you are doing. I would appreciate if I could get some help by this weekend.
  • You can do this as part of the Overachiever achievement. As such, you can use the PaP'd gun from the headshot challenge to help you. You can also use a zombie shield, either for protection or to distract normal zombies so you don't accidentally kill them and end the round. And of course, having zombie blood you can just stand there as it powers up. If you're doing this solo, utilizing the double points powerup from generator 1 should net you enough points to activate both 2 & 3 during round 2. It appears they're only stopped if no players are on the metal around a generator or, playing solo, you get downed and use self revive. Not sure if attacks from the roving zombies count as stopping.

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