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    In Origins, complete all 4 Challenges in one game.


    This may feel as though it could be a daunting task, but with a little careful planning this is a manageable achievement. First things first, make sure to play this on Easy difficulty to avoid any unnecessary headaches that stem from Original difficulty. Now onto the challenges.

    You will be able to find the four challenges listed in two locations on the map:

    1. Located at the chest near generation 1 in spawn
    2. Located at the chest near generation 6 behind the church.

    But what are these challenges? When you point your crosshairs over the five different runes on the wall above the chests you will see the challenges listed as follows:

    • 115 Normal Zombie Headshots
    • Capture 6 Generators (Note: While it does not say it, this does not have to be at once, or with them all on at once. If you don't plan on keeping them all up, note which ones you have already captured.
    • Spend 30,000 Points
    • Fill 4 chests to capacity.

    So with our list in mind let's tap into a few tips before we begin dissecting each individual challenge:

    • Play the match with the challenges in mind. You may get this achievement while you are going for the Easter Egg, but if you are doing it separately, make sure not to waste time and do unnecessary things that may risk your game.
    • Avoid nukes at all costs. Nukes not only greatly curb the amount of points you can get off of zombies, but they remove possible headshots, and possible souls for the chests. If you need it take it, although be weary of when and how often you do.
    • *Solo-Tip*Avoid picking up Quick Revive until you have made a good mark on the map you are playing. The idea behind this is that the longer you wait to grab quick revive the more times, and the more important the revivals it provides will be. A general rule of thumb I go with is if I am confident in how the map is turning out around round 5, I will go back (after having bought Jugg) and grabbing my first Quick Revive.
    • Deadshot Daiquiri is a good pick up, but it can only be obtained from the Der Wunderfizz machine at one of the generators. Spending the 1,500 a pop may help you on your spend 30,000 challenge, but make sure you are set up with guns and perks before spending here.
    • *Challenge Specific Tip* To start only power up the generators you absolutely need. I suggest only powering up the generator at box (which is random), and the generator at Jugg (Generator 4). This way you are not wasting time and killing zombies away from the chests whilst also making sure to maximize your points. You can easily finish a round leaving one zombie and go around powering up every generator without a problem at the end of any round.
    • *Challenge Specific Tip* The final tip I have is to be mindful of the giant robots. Now I know this may seem obvious, but think of the robots and the chests this way. You can dance around with a train for hours on end, but when the robots come they close your chests and make you start filling souls from the start again. In order to best avoid this, watch for the robots and fill a chest that the robots has just passed. For example, I like to fill the chest by Jugg first, but be mindful of when the middle robot (Odin) has passed through as to not make too much work for yourself.

    Now for the challenges themselves:
    115 Headshots-
    This one will definitely test the "skill factor" of playing zombies. Headshots are sometimes hard to come by, but when placed on Easy this should be more of a waiting game rather than a difficulty game. When you get to the main area (around excavation) make sure to not waste too many zombie kills outside of the chest areas while also not simply spraying and praying (unless in a pinch). Remember you can try your luck on the Der Wunderfizz machine in the attempt to buy Deadshot Daiquiri, but make sure you have decent weapons and Jugg first.

    As a reward when you get the 115 headshots you will get a random pack-a-punched weapon. In order to claim it, return to either the spawn challenge box or the challenge box behind church, move your crosshairs over the rune and then hold for the weapon.

    Capture 6 Generators-
    Now the generator challenge is counted individually if you are playing in a group. This means in order to get credit for powering up a generator you need to be within the circle of influence when it goes live. This is ultimately not a hard task, but one that can be made much easier by keeping a zombie at the end of the round (and if someone is nice having them hold it away from where the rest of the team is working). By doing this you eliminate the chance of killing the zombie accidentally in the process of powering up the generators and ensuring the ease of the task. Note: that each generator costs 200 points + 200 per additional person in the game points to power up, and returns you slightly more than that when the generator turns on.

    Generator 1- Inside of the spawn building.
    Generator 2- Outside of the bunker that houses a mystery box and the blue CD for the ice staff. The door to get to this generator is near generator 1, or when looking toward the rest of the map, is the right door.
    Generator 3- Located through the left door out of spawn, generator three also houses a mystery box, and in the area where the robot can step is a Speed Cola perk machine.
    Generator 4- Found in the large middle area of the map, generator four would be to the left when coming out of the workshop/spawn area and houses a mystery box as well as Juggernog.
    Generator 5- Is on the opposite side of the middle area when comparing it to generator 4. Generator 4 contains Stamin Up as well as a mystery box.
    Generator 6- The final generator is located on the far side of the map behind the church. This final generator contains another challenge box.

    Each generator costs 200 points + 200 per additional person in the game to power up, and dishes out 100 additional points to each person in the activation zone
    As a reward when you power up all six generators you will receive a max ammo from the box. In order to claim it, return to either the spawn challenge box or the challenge box behind church, move your crosshairs over the rune and then hold for the weapon.

    Spend 30,000 Points-
    This may be the "easiest" challenge, but it will probably be one of the last you unlock. The main thing to remember for the 30,000 points is that it will take some time, so do not go out on a limb spending points on weapons, perks, or even opening areas, without being able to defend yourself there. Everything does add up, so take your time and build your character carefully, and when in doubt, open the area to pack-a-punch and spend to your heart's content.

    As a reward when you spend 30,000 points you will get a perk bottle (always Double-Tap). In order to claim it, return to either the spawn challenge box or the challenge box behind church, move your crosshairs over the rune and then hold for the weapon.

    Fill 4 chests to capacity-
    You should begin this one immediately upon gaining access to the large center area of the map. In order to actually fill a chest you need to kill zombies around the chests that are in the mud. When you begin to fill it with souls it will open up and a blue glow will emanate from it, and will fly into the air and then go into the ground upon completion. The four chests are located in the following areas:

    1. Upon leaving the workshop heading toward to large area to your left below excavation is the first box.
    2. Next to generator four, on the other side of juggernog.
    3. On your way to church the first mud area you pass contains a chest.
    4. Next to generator five which is on the opposite side of the map to generator four (Juggernog perk machine).

    The two best tips I can give are to:
    1. Watch for the robots and make sure to attack a specific chest only after you know the robot has passed and
    2. The mud of the areas where the chests are at will bog you down. Counteract this by jumping often and using the land in the middle to help you train your zombies if you get overwhelmed.

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  • Hope it's nothing compared to campaign challenges
  • I will be looking for people to do this achievement and others that come with the map pack. I prefer people who are good at zombies. PLEASE send me a message on xbox live letting me know that you are adding me for the new map pack or I will most likely deny you. I get a bunch of random friend requests daily. GT: Combat Doll Looking forward to achievement hunting :)
  • probably like 250 kills, 150 headshots, 20 melees, and no downs till round fifteen
  • 115 normal zombie headshots capture all 6 generators spend 30k fill all 4 crates
  • Anyone wanna do any of these achievements message me ill be on every day GT: furrfun
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  • you can do it solo. no need for other players. make it more harder as it is. already gotten it. the 4 chest are at the robots footprints.
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  • how do you do the generator challenge cuz we had all generators powered and all four of us had all three other challenges done but the generator one never got completed. also I've done it in solo where I had all generators done and we did it in a different game.
  • help me and 2 friends add NathDestroyer
  • Made an achievement guide for this achievement (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxA2J_HApAg). Hope this helps!
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  • follow up to my recent post. you specifically need to be right beside the generators for the whole time while they activate not just someone on your team. I did it this way and got the achievement. the other challenges are easy. and the melee weapon you get from the chests is fricken ill.
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  • i know what to do so if someone wants to help would apperaicete it if 2 or3 players would help but we could do it me and u
  • gt NathDestroyer
  • 1) Turn on all six generators located around the map. This is simple if you're unsure as to where a generator is leave a zombie and explore the map. 2) spend 30,000 points. This one is pretty easy to do, just but perks like jugg, mule kick etc and buy a lot of doors. I highly recommend pack'a'punching a few times to earn this easier. 3) simply earn one hundred and fifteen headshots throughout the match. 4) I find that the chests are the most difficult to complete since you need a large number of kills while next to the box. Trying to accomplish this on higher rounds may prove difficult for inexperience players/players who don't know the map very well. Other things to look out for are the panzer soldats which are zombies in mechanical steam powered suits that are able to use a flamethrow
  • and even pull players in towards them. You can free yourself from the grip by shooting the red flashin button that in located on the arm that extends towards you. Also watch out for the giant robots that make there way around the map for each box is located in the path of the robots and if a player is caught in the path as the foot comes down they will be instantly downed. If a robot steps on a box the box will be reset and you will have to begin killing zombies next to it once again. - you'll know that you have completed a challenge because a sound will be played and a strange symbol will appear on the left side of your screen .once all challenges are complete the achievement will pop up as well as each challenge rewards the player with a prize, to claim the prize simply return to th
  • the starting room ( i think you can also go to generator six ) and look at the challenge box and hold the activation button (x for xbox) and you will be rewarded with the prize, continue this step for other prizes. I hope this helps out.
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  • 115 Headshots: I use the AK74u for this. Focusing on headshots (or attempting to) I can usually get the mark by round 8. Generators: I usually get 1-3 on by the end of round 2. The others vary depending on my points. If you want, wait until you do the headshot challenge to get the PaP'd weapon. Also, set up the zombie shield to distract normal zombies. Spending: simple enough. If you can't find something to buy you can always use the mystery box. Also, you can take the double-tap reward as a 5th perk. Chests: use guns to fill these, not staffs. Or at least don't use the wind staff.
  • Hey, a friend and me are looking to find 2 players up for going for the Origins achievements. Message me on Xbox live so we can party up, my gamertag is "TheJoeRulez"
  • Looking to get this and the other Easter egg achievements. GT: Pat723

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