- Estimated achievement difficulty: 7/10
- Offline: 68 (1650)
- Online: 3 (50) (Date Night, In the Money, Ready for Deployment)
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 30+ Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 playthrough
- Number of missable achievements: None (Mission Select)
- Do cheat codes disable achievements? Yes
- Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes
- Glitchy achievements: Black Op Master, Veteran difficulty achievements
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed? None

Welcome to Call of Duty: Black Ops, created by a studio known as Treyarch (Creators of Call of Duty: World at War). The fight is back and bigger than ever to stop the Opposing Forces from taking over. You will be fighting from the Middle East all the way into the streets of Havana, Cuba. Stab, snipe, and repel down the side of buildings to gain victory on the unsuspecting enemy, one more time.

Chances are you've played previous CoD games, and this one isn't that much different. If you are going for all the achievements, you will spend considerable time in the single-player campaign. The main choice you have here is either to go for all the difficulty achievements in one playthrough, or complete the game on a lower difficulty before completing it again for the Veteran achievements. This is a personal choice. If you decided to play on Veteran later in a second playthrough, know that the game has no way of keeping track of which missions you've completed on Veteran, so it's a good idea to go in order.
After you've beaten the campaign completely, then it's time to clean up for the Zombie-mode achievements, and of course the final multiplayer/online achievements. But before we delve deeper, I should state that this game does have cheats. From the Main Menu, if you alternate pressing and repeatedly you can escape from the chair, and access the terminal in the room with . By typing in the code '3ARC UNLOCK' you unlock all the missions including all the zombie mode maps. This code does NOT affect achievements. There is another code you can type in: '3ARC INTEL' which unlocks all the Intel in the game. This code DOES affect achievements and you will not be able to obtain the "Closer Analysis" achievement. Please be aware of these two codes.

Step 1 - Start the Campaign
When you start the campaign, keep an eye out for Intel using the Intel Video Guide for each mission. The video description will have all the time-jumps you need for each mission. This will help you obtain the "Closer Analysis" achievement. You'll also want to pay attention to any Mission-specific achievements, which are listed below next to their respective missions. Most of them are pretty easy, but a couple of them are tricky. If you mess up on any of them, try to kill yourself somehow (with a frag grenade if you must by holding ), because some of the mission achievements are well into the mission and it saves more time getting them right away than playing the entire mission again to get to that point. This does not apply to the achievement "No Leaks", as if you kill yourself, then you would have effectively failed the achievement.

  1. Operation 40 - Death to Dictators
  2. Vorkuta - Slingshot Kid, Vehicular Slaughter
  3. U.S.D.D - None
  4. Executive Order - Unconventional Warfare
  5. S.O.G. - Tough Economy
  6. The Defector - The Dragon Within, Raining Pain
  7. Numbers - Double Trouble
  8. Project Nova - Light Foot
  9. Victor Charlie - Up Close and Personal, Heavy Hand
  10. Crash Site - Lord Nelson
  11. WMD - Mr Black Op, Pathfinder
  12. Payback - With Extreme Prejudice, Russian Bar-B-Q
  13. Rebirth - I hate monkeys, No Leaks
  14. Revelations - None
  15. Redemption - Double Whammy

Completing the campaign will get you 11 story-related achievements that cannot be missed. If you do all the mission-specific achievements listed above, that will give you another 19. Complete the game on Veteran and you will have another 6 which are simply difficulty-related achievements. To round off the campaign, there are achievements that do not relate to any specific mission but must be done during the campaign and those are: "Closer Analysis", "Frag Master", and "Sally Likes Blood".
The achievement "Sally Likes Blood" is an exception; although this can be done in the campaign, it can also be completed in the Zombies Mode. However if you complete this during the campaign, you should have completed a total of 39 achievements out of the total 50.

Step 2. - Play Zombie Mode
After you have thoroughly completed the campaign, you should unlock a map for the Zombie-mode called "FIVE". There is an achievement specific to this map, called "Hands Off the Merchandise". You will also want to complete the achievement, "The Collector", after playing Zombie mode for a while and have become more familiar with the maps and gameplay tactics. You have 2 more achievements here related to this Zombie-mode, both of which require at least another player. They are"See Me, Stab Me, Heal Me" and "Sacrificial Lamb".
Zombie mode is a game mode where you defend yourself against a never-ending horde of zombies. Here are a few tips that can help you survive more rounds:

  • Try to go for headshots. Zombie kills with headshots gives you more points to buy ammo, buy new guns, or unlock new areas.
  • Teamwork and communication is crucial to staying alive. Make sure you know where all the power-ups are in the map, most notably the Quick Revive machines, Mystery Boxes, Pack-a-Punch machine, and of course the Power Switch.
  • You can repair barriers by standing next to them and holding , but you can also turn and fire at zombies while repairing, so don't forget to watch your back.
  • You can clear new areas of the map to access new guns, or even find power-up machines, but don't clear areas unnecessarily, because this gives the zombies more locations to spawn from. Think strategically about using your points and what goals you want to achieve (go for the power switch, looking for the mystery box, etc).

Step 3. - Play Multiplayer/Online/Xbox Live
Now that you have the zombie achievements out of the way let’s move onto the online achievements. There are only 3 of them.
The "Ready for Deployment" achievement is obtained in Combat Training, while "In the Money" is obtained in Wager Match game mode. Combat Training serves as a primer for those new to online multiplayer, or those that simply want to practice different strategies. In a Wager Match game, all players wager their CoD Points against everyone else, and the top 3 players get the prize, which is also known as being "in the money".The "Date Night" achievement involves going to Theater mode, choosing a recent game to download, and then inviting a friend to join your party to watch.
Step 4. – Main Menu/Dead Ops/Zork
In the main menu where all the TVs are and one is displaying Campaign, Multiplayer, Zombies, Options, press and to break free from the chair. Dead Ops and Zork are accessed via a terminal found in the back of the Main Menu room. The following achievements are part of the Main Menu/Dead Ops game type:

  • Just ask me nicely - Main Menu
  • Insert Coin - Dead Ops
  • Easy Rhino - Dead Ops
  • Eaten by the Grue - Zork

Downloadable Content

First Strike:
All achievements in this map pack are in the zombie map, Ascension. There are a total of 4 achievements adding up to 150. No past experience or unlocks are required for any of these achievements. Follow the guide and play with friends if you are struggling and you should be able to unlock them all very easily. None of them need to be done in chronological order.

On this map, you do not play as the usual cast. You play as actors from zombie/action films. There are a total of 5 achievements adding up to 150. No past experience or unlocks are required for any of these achievements. Several achievements are box related. Two stackable achievements are part of a very large easter egg.

You play as the original crew in a jungle. There are monkeys, nova zombies, and shrieker zombies. There are a total of 5 achievements adding up to 150. No past experience or unlocks are required for any of these achievements. Three achievements are just killing a zombie type in certain circumstances. One is box related. The last one is the giant easter egg.

There are a total of 7 achievements, adding up to 250. All but 2 can be earned solo. Big Bang Theory may only be earned on online co-op, while One Giant Leap requires 2 people, but may be done spllitscreen. The new weapons are the QED grenade and the Duel Wield Zap Guns, which combine to form the Wave Gun. There is also a astronaut, who will take the name of a person on the host's friend list while online. If the astronaut catches you he will steal one of your perk's and teleport you to a random spot. He can be killed.

So if you were able to beat the game on Veteran, you should have a majority of the achievements. With the help of the achievement guide, you should definitely have all the mission-related achievements and should be well on your way to the 1700. The multiplayer achievements can be completed in time, but the Zombie Mode achievements may give you some grief. Use the tips provided in this roadmap, become more familiar with the maps and you should have them shortly. And lastly, enjoy the online multiplayer.

[x360a would like to thank XCVii007 and SideDish120 for this Road Map]
[x360a would like to thank StayonTarget for the DLC additions]

Call of Duty: Black Ops Achievement Guide

Printable Guide
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There are 71 achievements with a total of 1700 points

  • Take down Castro with a headshot.

    This is during the middle of the first mission, "Operation 40". You will be raiding Castro's villa, and your teammate will tell you to stack up on him. This is right after you stack up and raid a room. You will pull out your pistol and you will see Castro hold a woman as a hostage near a bed. Press and hold  and aim at Castro's head. Once you shoot him, it will go into a slow motion and hit Castro in the center of the forehead.

  • Ensure your squad escapes safely from Cuba.

    Story related and cannot be missed. Complete the first mission, "Operation 40".

  • Destroy all enemies on vehicles during the prison break.

    During the second mission "Vorkuta", you will be put on a motorcycle to escape the enemies. After a while, you will be put onto the flatbed of a truck with a machine gun on the back of it. You will be shooting at enemies in big transport trucks and on motorcycles. You have to kill all of them before you jump onto the train. If you don't get the achievement before the train, just do not jump onto the train when prompted. You will fail the mission and be taken back to retry the achievement.

  • Destroy all slingshot targets in 3 attempts.

    During the second mission "Vorkuta", you will be taken to the top of a building where you will need to slingshot huge explosives at 3 targets off in the distance toward the Soviet Camp. Aim a bit higher then where you see the objective marker location. This may take a couple tries to get the hang of but if you mess up, you can restart from the check point given to you.

  • Escape Vorkuta.

    Story related and cannot be missed. Complete the second mission, "Vorkuta".

  • VIP



    Receive orders from Lancer.

    Story related and cannot be missed. Complete the third mission, "U.S.D.D".

  • Sabotage the Soviet space program.

    Story related and cannot be missed. Complete the forth mission, "Executive Order".

  • Use no more than 6 TOW guided missiles to destroy the tanks in the defense of Khe Sanh.

    During the mission "S.O.G", you will be in a jeep with a TOW missile launcher on it. Your crew will drive around and tell you where the enemy tanks are coming from. Take your time and make sure there aren't any objects between you and the tank that would get in the way. If there are, avoid them as best as possible. There are 6 tanks you need to destroy, giving you one missile per tank. Once you fire with , use  to navigate the missile towards the tank and avoid any structures. If you miss, you can simply shoot your own vehicle causing the mission to fail and restart from the latest checkpoint. The achievement unlocks at the moment you get out of the vehicle, so don't panic if it doesn't unlock when you destroy the final vehicle.

  • Break the siege in the battle of Khe Sanh.

    Story related and cannot be missed. Complete the fifth mission, "S.O.G".

  • Rack up a body count of 20 NVA using air support in Hue City.

    During the mission "The Defector", you will be told to run up to a soldier that has a radio. He will hand you the radio and you can use this to call in a helicopter for air support. To use the air support, press  and it will pull the radio out. Whenever you see enemies in a building, at the end of a street, etc., call in the helicopter to destroy the area. You have an unlimited amount of air supports you can call in and you can call in the next one right after the helicopter previously left.

  • Kill 10 NVA with Dragon's Breath rounds.

    During the start of "The Defector" mission, you will see Woods grab an enemy and shoot 2 enemies through a doorway. This shotgun has incineration rounds known as Dragon's Breath in them. Kill ten enemies while going through the corridors.

  • Retrieve the dossier and the defector from Hue City.

    Story related and cannot be missed. Complete the sixth mission, "The Defector".

  • Use the Grim Reaper to destroy the MG emplacement.

    During the mission "Victor Charlie", you will detonate the explosives with . Once you get around the corner, you will pick up the Grim Reaper to destroy the ZPU on the river. After this, you will be told to go left and to kill a couple enemies in the buildings. While you approach the marker and objective to "Clear out North Village", you will enter a building. Approach the right window with the Grim Reaper equipped and aim out the window. In the middle of the hill at the top you will see a big pile of barrels and trash. Once you reach the edge of the window, all the trash will blow off and a MG will appear. Use the Grim Reaper to shoot and destroy the MG placement with one shot.

  • Silently take out 3 VC.

    This is completed during the mission, "Victor Charlie". At the start of the level you will be thrown into the water and go up the river into a village. The first kill will be going from under water and killing a man on the boat while your teammate will take out the other. Then, you will go into a building to find two enemies sleeping in a cots, this is your second kill. Right after this, you will see an enemy standing outside of the doorway. This is the third and final kill needed.

  • Use only dual wield weapons to escape Kowloon.

    This is easiest to do on Recruit difficulty and happens during the mission "Numbers", where you will meet Dr. Clarke and be ambushed by enemies. You must play this entire mission using only dual wield weapons. You cannot pick up or fire other weapons. You will start the mission with the "CZ75 Dual Wield" pistols. Once you have jumped the rooftop, they will move a fridge from the side of a wall to open a weapon stash. Inside in the middle of the wall you will find the "Kiparis Dual Wield" Sub Machine Guns. Many of the enemies have Kiparis so finding ammo while shooting them down should not be an issue, but keep your "CZ75 Dual Wield" pistols on hand. Pressing  will fire the weapon in your left hand, and pressing  will fire the weapon in your right hand. If you press , both weapons will be reloaded at the same time. During the mission, it is okay to melee/knife with  or to kill enemies by throwing a grenade with .

  • Escape Kowloon.

    Story related and cannot be missed. Complete the seventh mission, "Rebirth".

  • Destroy all targets and structures while making your way up the river.

    This is easiest to do on Recruit difficulty. During the mission "Crash Site", you will be put into a boat with rocket launchers and a machine gun on it. Press  to fire the rockets and  to use the machine gun,  is used to aim the reticule found on your screen. Here are some tips to ensure you don't miss a house:

    • Destroy enemies first. They will be a big nuisance and can slow you down.
    • Make sure to look at both sides of the river and the multiple levels. There may be a house a little farther up that you may not see normally and should shoot at. There may be houses around the inside of a corner that you may miss.
    • Take your time when looking through an area. Double check that you have blown up every house in the area you just passed up.
    • If you do get destroyed and put back to a checkpoint, make sure to check the area even more so that you don't miss any houses.
    • Some houses take more rockets to destroy the others, so keep hitting the house until it is destroyed.
    • The final area where you should unlock the achievement is when the attack boat starts shooting at you with missiles and using its machine gun. After you destroy the final house in this area, the achievement will unlock. If it doesn't, you will need to restart the level to ensure you get everything.

  • Find the Soviet connection in Laos.

    Story related and cannot be missed. Complete the ninth mission, "Crash Site".

  • Guide the squad through the Soviet outpost without them getting killed.

    This is easiest to do on Recruit difficulty and is done on the level "WMD". You will be in control of the dispatcher in the SR71 plane and a soldier on the ground, switching between them from time to time. To zoom in you press  and to zoom out you press . To command your squad on where to go, press  on the location. Use  to move the cursor around the area. After you find the squad on your screen, you will be given an insertion point that is to the east of you labeled "1602". After you hear that vehicles are coming in from the north, you will be told to put your team into the building labeled "Safe House". Select the Safe House with .

    You will be put into the soldier’s scenario to kill the enemies entering the house. After the encounter with the enemies that entered the building, you will be put back into the hands of the dispatcher. Make sure all 4 of your teammates are alive on the screen. After this, select the back of the Safe House building. To the right you will see two enemies next to a barrel. Scroll over these enemies and select them with  to have your team attack them. Directly behind them is an objective point. Select the objective point so that your team moves to this location.

    After that, you will be given another insertion point just below this one. You will see bushes halfway between your current location and the objective point. Select the bushes with  to have your team move there (you should be 500-600 away from the insertion point). Immediately after they have moved, your dispatch will tell you that a large group of enemies is coming around. You will be told to hold down  to make your team go into a prone position and not be seen by the enemies.

    After you get the all clear, move your team to the objective directly in front of them and you will be given an objective labeled "Barracks". The on screen reticule should turn red, so select the Barracks with  to have them move into position. Now you will be put back into the view of the soldier. Eliminate all the enemies found inside of the building and be sure to be in front to take as much of the fire that is shot at you and your teammates.

    At the end of all this, you should have all four of your teammates with you. You need to clear the last room, plant and detonate the C4 and make it through the barracks. You will be given a new insertion point once you leave the barracks, so guide your team there. When you have reached the second insertion point outside of the building, you have safely guided the squad without killing them.

    Make sure that while you are controlling your team, no vehicles that drive by see you as your team on the ground will be eliminated immediately. If they are eliminated, you will need to restart the whole mission over.

  • Enter the Soviet relay station undetected.

    In the level "WMD", after you have finished rappelling down the mountain and proceed down some stairs, you will need to enter the relay station undetected. Use your crossbow to take out the enemies. Take caution - using your silenced gun on some enemies will give your position away. There are a couple of enemies in pairs; if you take out one, your AI team mates should take out the other. Be careful of shooting barrels or the gas can, as this will set off an explosion and compromise the achievement. The last enemy will be at the bottom of the stairs leading to the waypoint - killing him will pop the achievement right afterwards.

  • Get to the POW compound in the Hind using only rockets.

    During the mission "Payback", you will be put into a helicopter known as a Hind. To use the rockets, only press the  button. Do not press the other trigger as it will fire the machine gun found on the Hind. Be sure to shoot when you know you can get a kill since the rockets need to reload after being shot.

  • Incinerate 10 enemies with the flamethrower attachment in the POW compound.

    During the mission "Payback", you will be fighting through a POW compound found in the caves. Just before you get to the building to open the doors for your comrades, you will find an AK-47 on a crate with the Flamethrower attachment. Once you have the AK-47, press , and press  to use the flamethrower. Rush your enemies and burn them. You should more than enough ammo to burn through 10 enemies in the next area.

  • Escape the ship with 2:15 left on the timer in Veteran.

    In the level "Project Nova", after you fight the British and escape, you must set an explosive. Make sure you clear out all the enemies before planting it. There should be a Mosin–Nagant gun after killing the enemies in the first room. This should help you clear out the enemies in the second room, especially the enemies on the higher walkways. You can shoot through the metal gratings.

    After setting the explosive, shoot the highlighted beam and make your way out. As you head out, there will be an enemy outside the door on your right and another coming on your left. Kill these two and then sprint down the walkway. There will be a few more enemies climbing onto the ship but you should have no issues killing them and proceeding. A last enemy should be up high so be forewarned. If you die at any time during this run, you may still have enough time to make it, as long as there is 2:15 left on the timer.

  • Escape the Past.

    Story related and cannot be missed. Complete the eighth mission, "Project Nova".

  • Kill 7 monkeys in under 10 seconds in the Rebirth labs.

    The mission the monkeys are found on is named "Rebirth". The monkeys are found once Hudson starts talking to you. You will hear loud screeching and find monkeys in cages on the walls stacked on top of one another. Before you enter the big circular room, you will see a corner that is full of cages on your right. Directly before this hallway on the right side, is a AK-74u with a grenade launcher attachment (the room has pigs inside it). Grab the AK-74u and equip the grenade launcher attachment with . Back away from where the monkeys are at and aim so that the grenade will hit the floor. This should kill all the monkeys in the corner.

  • Make it through the NOVA 6 gas without dying on Rebirth Island.

    This is easiest to do on Recruit difficulty. During the mission "Rebirth", you will be put into the shoes of Hudson and his squad. You first take control of some APC's, and once you drive over a bridge, an attack helicopter will knock you out of the APC onto the ground. You will see gas being dispersed in the cut scene, causing you to put your gas mask on. This is when the mission begins, and you cannot be shot enough for your suit to tear/die. They give you an Einfield with an infrared scope on it. This is the weapon you need to use the most to fight through the gas.

    First you want to use the prone ability as best you can and always try to be in cover (press and hold  to go prone). While moving up the streets, stick to the sides. If your team starts shooting, there are bound to be enemies. A majority of the enemies spawn in front of you, so always be ready. Once you reach the clearing with your team and see the facility in site. You will take off your mask and the achievement should unlock. Here are some tips to make it through without a problem:

    • Play on Recruit, this will be much easier. If you die, you will need to restart the mission completely over again.

    • While zooming in with the infrared scope, press  to steady your aim.

    • Use prone a lot once you hear gunfire, it will help you stay out of sight.
    • Once you reach the helicopters, take them out quickly.
    • If you are about to die, you can quickly pause the game with ; and save and quit. Resume the campaign and it will put you back at the last checkpoint to give you another chance.

  • Crack the code.

    Story related and cannot be missed. Complete the 14th mission, "Revelations".

  • Destroy both helicopters with one Valkyrie rocket from the deck of the ship.

    In the level "Redemption", during the objective to destroy the helicopters with the Valkyrie Rocket Launcher, you have to wait until the two helicopters converge near each other and then fire the rocket. You want to aim between the two and then detonate the rocket by holding down . If you are playing on a higher difficulty, you may have to run for cover inside an alcove. You can determine where the two helicopters are by the yellow markers on your HUD/screen.

  • Complete the campaign on any difficulty.

    Story related and cannot be missed. Complete the 15 levels of the campaign on any difficulty and this will unlock.

  • Complete the campaign on Hardened or Veteran difficulty.

    You must complete the following levels on Hardened or Veteran difficulty:

    1. Operation 40
    2. Vorkuta
    3. U.S.D.D
    4. Executive Order
    5. S.O.G.
    6. The Defector
    7. Numbers
    8. Project Nova
    9. Victor Charlie
    10. Crash Site
    11. WMD
    12. Payback
    13. Rebirth
    14. Revelations
    15. Redemption

    Here are some tips to help you get past the levels on Hardened or Veteran difficulty:

    • Always be in cover and never be out in the open. It will only get you killed.

    • Holding down  will put your character into a prone position. You will lie down on the ground and it will put you out of harm’s way if you are behind a piece of cover.

    • If your team moves up or screams "Clear!", it is safe to move up as the enemy threat has been eliminated.

    • Make use of flashbang grenades and smoke grenades. They can help you get out of a hard situation.

    • Never run around a corner. The enemy will be aiming at the location and kill you within mere seconds.

    • Before entering a new area, be sure to have your weapon reloaded and ready for the next encounter with the enemy. You don't want to get caught with no ammo in your gun in a fire fight.
    • It is recommended that you mark down which missions you have completed on Veteran to use as a checklist. The game has no way of telling you which mission you have completed on which difficulty.

  • Kill 5 enemies with a single frag grenade in the campaign.

    During the first mission "Operation 40", you will infiltrate Castro's room. Afterward, you will be put into a large hall and made to fight your way out. Once outside, you will see a large circular open area with a fountain in the middle and with Convo Trucks coming in from the far right side. You will hear Bowman say, "Take out that .50 cal!". Let the enemies cluster up in the middle of the area and then throw a grenade in the center of the fountain just over the first barrier. There should be plenty of enemies with explosive barrels all around them. Use these barrels to your advantage as it counts the explosion caused by the grenade. Throw the grenade with  and watch the giant explosion. If it doesn't unlock, hold down  to cook a grenade and kill yourself to put you at your last checkpoint.

    Alternately, you can also try for the achievement during the mission, "The Defector". When you reach the objective to destroy the ZSU gun emplacement, you will head upstairs with Woods. After clearing out some enemies, you should see a few enemies crowded by a car. If you toss a frag grenade through the window of the car, the resulting blast will kill the enemies and the achievement will pop. If you mess up or you didn't kill 5, cook a grenade to kill yourself and retry the checkpoint.

  • Demonstrate killer economic sensibilities by taking down 3 enemies with a single bullet.


    You can do this in various ways. You can play Dead Ops Arcade (see "Insert Coin" achievement), and kill 3 zombies there with a single bullet. (Credit to 'pougalbear' for confirming) Or you can try to line up 3 zombies by playing the Zombie mode. If you prefer to try it during the single-player campaign, I have detailed information below.

    In the mission "Numbers", when you are escaping with Dr. Clarke, he should open up his weapons cache. Grab the PSG1 gun from his wall, and as he opens the door, aim down the hallway and you will see an enemy running towards you. If you time it correctly, there will also be 2 other enemies right in-line behind him. If you shoot them all, the achievement will pop up immediately. If you need to retry, just kill yourself with a grenade to restart the checkpoint. You have flashbangs in this level as well, if you need to stun enemies in place.

  • Use the explosive bolts to kill 30 enemies in the campaign.

    During the mission "Executive Order", you will be given the crossbow with explosive bolts to kill off enemies attacking you from below. Aim at the vehicles. Once you have eliminated these enemies, you zip line down to the building and you will start facing even more enemies. To use the explosive bolts you must press . There are plenty of enemies to kill during the level, so you shouldn't have any trouble doing this in one go. You don't directly have to stick each enemy. If an enemy dies from the explosion, it counts as a kill.

  • Complete "Operation 40," "Vorkuta," and "Executive Order" on Veteran difficulty.

    You must complete “Operation 40”, “Vortuka” and “Executive Order“ on Veteran difficulty. Please refer to "Black Op Master" for tips.

    “Executive Order” on Veteran is one of the most difficult missions, since there is a point where you must fight against infinite respawns. Below is a video to help.

  • Complete "SOG" and "The Defector" on Veteran difficulty.

    You must complete “SOG” and “The Defector” on Veteran difficulty. Please refer to "Black Op Master" for tips.

    “SOG” on Veteran is one of the most difficult missions, since there is a point where you must fight against infinite respawns. Below is a video to help.

  • Complete "Numbers," "Project Nova," and "Victor Charlie" on Veteran difficulty.

    You must complete “Numbers”, “Project Nova” and “Victor Charlie” on Veteran difficulty. Please refer to "Black Op Master" for tips.

  • Complete "Crash Site," "WMD," and "Payback" on Veteran difficulty.

    You must complete “Crash Site”, “WMD” and “Payback” on Veteran difficulty. Please refer to "Black Op Master" for tips.

  • Complete "Rebirth" and "Redemption" on Veteran difficulty.

    You must complete “Rebirth” and “Redemption” on Veteran difficulty. Please refer to "Black Op Master" for tips.

  • Find all the hidden intel.

    Intel is displayed as yellow recorders found throughout levels. To pick up a piece of hidden intel, press and hold  until you have picked it up. There are a total of 42 pieces of intel to find, 3 being in each level. To check how much intel you have found for each level, go to the Main Menu > Campaign > Intel. It will show you how many pieces of intel you have found for each level that you have completed. Once you have picked up a piece of intel in a level, you can save and quit, you do not need to finish up the mission for them to count.

    Here is a video to all the Intel locations:

  • Watch a film or clip with a friend.

    Go to Multiplayer>Xbox Live>Theater>My Recent Games.  Pick a "recent game" and allow it to download from Xbox live. Now press  and invite a friend who is going to join. Start up the movie up and achievement will pop.

  • Finish 5 Wager Matches "in the money."

    You will need to have earned some CoD Points before attempting this. You can earn these points by jumping online into a Player match and having a game. Win or lose. No kills or 30 kills you should get around 100 - 1000 points in a game.

    You must come in first, second, or third place to be "in the money." You can check the leaderboard during the game by pressing . You will also hear the announcer say "In the Money" if you are in the money, or "Out of the money" if you are not in the money (fourth through sixth place).

    To set this up got to Multiplayer> Xbox Live> Wager Match. Then you can pick either:

    • "Ante Up" (Low Stakes) Starting Bid is 10 CoD Points. Can be doubled up to 20 Cod Points.

    • "Weekend Gambler" (Medium Stakes) Starting Bid is 1000 CoD Points. Can be doubled up to 2000 Cod Points.

    • "High Roller" (High Stakes) Starting Bid is 10,000 CoD Points. Can be doubled up to 20,000 Cod Points.

    Game Types

    • "One in the chamber" One bullet in the chamber, a knife, three lives, and instant kills. Players receive a bullet after each kill.

    • "Sticks and Stones" You get a crossbow, a ballistic knife, and a tomahawk. Kill players to score points. Get tomahawk kills to reset enemy scores to zero. Good luck.

    • "Gun Game" Kill players with your weapon to advance to the next weapon. First to get a kill with each weapon wins.

    • "Sharpshooter" Weapons cycle every 45 seconds. Kill players to score points. Gain perks for getting killstreaks.

  • Reach rank 10 in Combat Training.

    Go to Multiplayer> Xbox Live> Combat Training. Then put the game to the following settings:

    • Map: Nuketown
    • Game Type: Team Deathmatch
    • Time Limit: Unlimited
    • Score Limit: 30,000
    • Friends: 1
    • Enemies: 9
    • Difficulty: Recruit

    Now start the game up and it will be you vs 9 enemy bots. Simply run around and kill the enemies. by the time you reach 30,000 points which is equivalent of 300 kills in Team Deathmatch, you will be around rank 7-8; maybe higher depending on your skill level. Rinse and repeat until you reach rank 10.

  • Buy every weapon off the walls in a single Zombies game.


    This is easiest done on the level "Kino Der Toten" found in the Zombies game mode. You need to buy every weapon that is found on the walls in a single game and can prove to be quite tedious as you need to earn a total of 13,150 points to buy everything. That point total does not include the opening of doors/etc.

    The weapons to find on Kino Der Toten are:

    • Olympia (500 points)
    • M14 (500)
    • Frag Grenades (250)
    • Stakeout (1500)
    • MP40 (1000)
    • M16 (1200)
    • MPL (1000)
    • Bowie Knife (3000)
    • PM63 (1000)
    • MP5K (1000)
    • Claymores (1000)
    • AK74u (1200)

    For a great strategy that will help you a lot, refer to the: Kino Der Toten Strategy Guide

  • Kill the Pentagon thief before it can steal your load-out.


    This is accomplished in the Zombie game type playing solo on the level "Five". You must first complete the campaign on any difficulty to unlock the level "Five" in Zombies.

    Tips before playing:

    • Do not pick up nukes if it is the fourth round as this is the round you need to leave a crawler for.

    • Pick up instant kills and double points when possible during the first through third round.

    • Buy only the M21, it gives you the most power.

    • Try to keep one zombie alive during the end of a round so you can run around and repair all the windows that the zombies come through.

    • Use grenades on the big bunches, this will cause crawlers and kill a majority of the zombies.

    • Always watch your back. Two hits from any zombie will end the round.

    • Always run around at the start to see where the zombies are coming from so that while you are waiting at a window they aren't coming through. You don't turn around to find 20+ zombies behind you.

    • Reload your weapon before it empties out. It will reload much faster.

    • The thief may not appear every time you attempt it, but raising the Defcon to level 5 after you have turned on the power raises the chances a lot.

    Round 1:
    For the first round you want to buy the M21 found in the main conference room. While the zombies attack, only attack with your knife by pressing . You can sit at the windows even when they are ripping the protection off the doors.

    Between Round 1 and 2:
    Repair all the windows that the zombies came through for some quick points.

    Round 2:
    On the second round you want to do just like the first. Knife the zombies at the windows when you see them near the window (it will take two knife hits to take out a zombie). A couple zombies will be able to get out. If you have your M21 out, switch to your pistol with  and shoot the zombies in the stomach. Each shot will earn you +10 points. You will probably run out of pistol ammo before this round is over.

    Between Round 2 and 3:
    Repair all windows that zombies came through for some quick points.

    Round 3:
    In the third round you will only be able to stick to the M21 as it will take too long to knife the Zombies until they die. Run around the corridors until you have eliminated the zombies. There will be a good amount of zombies coming after you. Try your best to line up as many as you can when you do shoot at them to kill the ones behind the first zombie.

    Between Round 3 and 4:
    Repair all windows that zombies came through for some quick points. Prepare yourself for the final round needed.

    Round 4:
    When the round begins, run around the windows that have been opened to see where the zombies are spawning and listen to where they are. Once you find a door that has the most zombies you can see, start shooting at them through the window. Early on zombies will break all the windows and crawl through them to attack you. Be aware of this, as this can kill you quicker than you may think. You will surely see a large cluster of enemies coming at you, so cook a grenade by pressing  and throw it at them. This will surely cause a crawler or two to be created by the zombies.

    Protect yourself as much as possible, and move as quickly as you can. What you need to do is leave one crawler in that round. At the end of the fourth round when the crawler is left, you need a total of at least 4500 points. Do not kill him until you need to which is after of all this:

    • Once you have the last enemy being a crawler, go into the conference room and have the TV screens behind you. Go to the first left door and take a left out the door. This will take you to the Quick Revive Machine to buy a Quick Revive. This will costs you 500 points.

    • Afterward, go back to the previous room and go to where you bought the M21. To the left of this, is a door that you need to open. Open this door to open up a new area, costing you 750 points.

    • After this door, turn right and go to the end of the hallway. There will be an elevator with debris in front of it. Clear the elevator debris, costing you 750 points. Once in the elevator, go down it costing you 250 points.

    • Once outside the elevator, in front of you will be stairs with debris blocking your way. This will cost you 1000 points. Once you clear the debris, go to the left side and you will see a hallway.

    • In this hallway you will find another pile of debris to clear costing you another 1000 points. Go down the elevator costing you 250 points.

    • Once the doors open, go down the hallway and go left on the next available hallway. After this, you will see a door immediately on your right. Go straight and activate the power for the facility.

    • Return to the elevator you were previously in and go back upstairs. Costing another 250 points.

    • Once back into the big room, you will see little panels that have "Defcon" written on them. You start at Defcon 1 and need to get to Defcon 5. There are two switches found on the ground level and two more switches found on the upper level. Activate all these switches until you are in Defcon 5.

    • Go back to the elevator, and you will see a teleporter in the center of the room if you are looking from the elevator. This is where you kill the zombie, and cause the round to end. If the thief appears at the end of a round, the screen will turn blue and an alarm will sound. This means the thief is coming. Cook a grenade to down yourself to use the special effect of the Quick Revive. Once you see him, shoot at him with the dual wielding pistols to kill him. This should unlock the achievement before he comes up to you and steals your weapons.

  • Shoot at or be shot by an ally with a Pack-a-Punch crossbow and kill six zombies with the explosion.


    This strategy is written specifically for the map 'Kino der Toten'. The method applies to all maps, as long as you know where the Pack-a-Punch machine and Mystery Box locations are.

    Firstly, this achievement requires at least two people playing in Zombie mode. Next, you or the other player needs to obtain a crossbow, which can only be found in the Mystery Box which is randomly placed on the map. You can either open up the areas randomly, or you can head towards the auditorium to turn the power ON. Turning the power ON allows you to view various blackboards that have a chalk outline of the map area with light bulbs attached. The light bulb which is lit is the location of the Mystery Box on the map. Head towards there, and use the Mystery Box, which costs 950 points. The weapon you get from the Box is random, so you may have to try several times. After you have obtained the crossbow, you need to head to the 'Pack-a-Punch' machine, which can only be accessed by turning the power ON. The 'Pack-a-Punch' machine costs 5000 points.

    In 'Kino der Toten', the machine is located in the projector room. In order to get into the projector room, you will need to unlock the doors to the auditorium and then step on the teleporter pad to activate the link by holding . Then you need to run back to the main room foyer where you started in, and initiate the link there. Finally, you will need to head back to the auditorium and back to the teleporter to get to the projector room. You only have a limited time in this room, so don't sit idle. Make sure you have your crossbow weapon as your main weapon and make a purchase from the 'Pack-a-Punch' machine (5000 pts).

    After you have the 'Pack-a-Punch' Crossbow, the other player will need to be shot at with the weapon and the resulting explosion has to kill at least 6 zombies. The best way is to have the person with the crossbow shoot the other player, and have that player run into a group of 6 or more zombies.

  • Access the terminal and battle the forces of the Cosmic Silverback in Dead Ops Arcade.

    To unlock Dead Ops Arcade, you must first get out of the chair by continuously pressing  and . Then go to the computer that is in the far back of the room, and enter "DOA", then press enter on the far right of the keyboard. This will unlock Dead Ops Arcade.

  • In Dead Ops Arcade, use a Speed Boost to blast through 20 or more enemies at one time.

    To unlock Dead Ops Arcade, you must first get out of the chair by continuously pressing  and . Then go to the computer that is in the far back of the room, and enter "DOA", then press enter on the far right of the keyboard. This will unlock Dead Ops Arcade.

    Once in Dead Ops, run around the island portion on the outer edge letting all the zombies to bunch up. When a green Speed Boost power up appears, grab it and save it. Once there is a huge cluster of zombies, turn around towards the zombies and press  to use the Speed Boost. This will make you fly across the screen killing tons of zombies.


Secret achievements

  • Fire a Pack-a-Punched Ballistic Knife at a downed ally to revive them from a distance.


    This is unlocked in the Zombies Game Mode, and must be done with 2 or more players. First you'll need to obtain a ballistics knife from a weapons box which can take awhile considering it's random. Once you have the knife, feed it through the "Pack-A-Punch" machine to have it upgraded to "The Krause Refibrillator". Have your teammate get downed by a zombie and from about 15 meters away, shoot the Ballistic Knife at your teammate to revive them.


  • Break free from the torture chair.

    While in the Main Menu where all the TV's are around you, keep pressing  and  until you are free from the chair.


  • Play Zork on the terminal.

    To unlock Dead Ops Arcade, you must first get out of the chair by continuously pressing  and . Then go to the computer that is in the far back of the room. Go up to the computer and press  to enter the terminal. Type "Zork" into the command prompt and press enter found on the far right of the keyboard. Then to leave Zork, you must type in "QUIT" and once again hit enter on the far right.

DLC: First Strike

There are 4 achievements with a total of 150 points

  • In Ascension, escape on all 3 lunar landers.


    To unlock this, you first need to find all three of the landers. The easiest way to do this is to just make your priority opening all the doors you need to open in the early rounds so that the zombies do not cause you to many problems.

    One lander is accessible with only one door purchase. From the room in which you begin, buy the door on the second level. Go right outside of the door and the lander station is up on a big platform in the corner of the map.

    To reach a second lander station, go back towards the first door you opened and go take the other path (left as you exit the door). You will then need to buy one more door at the end of that path, but the lander station is in the next area at the end of the path.

    For the last station, go back to the area with first station. Buy the gate that leads to the power, then buy the gate that leads to the Pack-a-Punch. Directly inside and to the right of this gate is a staircase. Go up that staircase, buy the door at the top, and the last lander is down at the end of that area.

    Once you have the paths open to the landers, just run to the power, turn it on, and then go to one of the three stations. You first have to call the lander and wait for it to arrive. Then you buy it for 250 points and ride it back to the beginning room. Do the same thing at the other two stations, and you will get the achievement.

  • In Ascension, kill at least 5 zombies with 1 Gersh Device.


    This achievement is very luck-dependent. Just use your points to keep playing the mystery box until you get a Gersch Device. Then wait until there are five or more zombies fairly close together and throw a Device in front of them. It should drag all of them in and you should get the achievement.

  • In Ascension, Pack-a-Punch a weapon by round 8.


    To open up the area with the Pack-a-Punch, you first need to find and ride all three lunar landers. After you have ridden them all, go up to the power switch. Beside the power switch is a console with the image of a rocket above it. If you have used all the landers, the rocket should be completely green. Activate the launch sequence at the console, and a rocket will launch from the station. Once the rocket has finished launching, go to the outside area below where the rocket used to be and the Pack-a-Punch is in the room, which is now open below the launch site.

    Just be sure to launch the rocket before Round 8, and save enough points to purchase a Pack-a-Punch upgrade before Round 7 ends. The achievement will unlock when you take the upgraded weapon from the Machine.

  • In Ascension, kill a space monkey with a fire trap.


    This one could require some luck, but it is mostly timing and positioning. There is a fire trap in the doorway connecting the Pack-a-Punch machine to the outside area just below the power switch. Just wait around the trap and when a monkey comes towards you, make sure you are on the opposite side and turn the trap on. The monkey should run through and get burnt to a crisp. This can be made easier if you have purchased Speed Cola as the monkeys will be headed to that machine to steal your perk.

DLC: Escalation

There are 5 achievements with a total of 150 points

  • In Call of the Dead, send the crew to Paradise in solo or co-op.


    This is the easter egg achievement for the Escalation DLC and it stacks with Ensemble Cast, but can also be done separately. If you do this by itself, it has significantly fewer steps than Ensemble Cast, though. The steps for doing this solo are shown in this video:

  • In Call of the Dead, send the crew to Paradise in co-op.

    This is the multiplayer version of the Escalation DLC's easter egg. While similar to Stand-in, there are many more steps involved and multiple players must be playing to unlock this achievement. The steps are as follows, or you can refer to the video at the end:

    Step 1: Turning the Power on
    The power switch is on the top room of the ship.

    Step 2: Knifing the Door
    The door is under one of the box spawns by the lighthouse. Just open the 750 door/boat towards the lighthouse then go downstairs.

    Step 3: Obtaining the Fuse
    Above the door by PHD Flopper, somewhere in that room there is a fuse. There are three locations it can be: on either of the tables or under the window next to the cabines as you enter the room. Once you find it, hit to pick it up.

    Step 4: Fuse Box
    Put the fuse in the box to the side of the door with .

    Step 5: Blowing up the Generators
    Now you have to blow up four generators. Semtex Grenades, the Crossbow, and the Scavenger are the best to use as they stick, but cooking a frag and having it blow up near the generator works too. The locations of the generators are:

    • Location 1: Right behind the locked room with the heroes.
    • Location 2: Under in between flinger and landing, next to boat.
    • Location 3: Instead of going left upstairs for power, go right ( front of ship ) and it should be to the left of the ship,looking down.
    • Location 4: Go out the back of the lighthouse, generator can be seen through a window from the house ahead( after the chilled pond ).

    Step 6: Vodka
    You must bring vodka back for the heroes. There are four locations it can be in. To obtain it, one player must knife the bottle and another must stand below its location and catch it. If the bottle breaks, it will simply spawn in one of its other locations. The areas it can be in are:

    • Location 1: Right outside the lighthouse, where the closest mystery box spawns (on the corner of a rail).
    • Location 2: Like location one, except hanging off stairs leading from locked room to upstairs.
    • Location 3: When first on the boat, look left and you will have to buy your way through boxes, the vodka is on the railing to the right after going up those stairs.
    • Location 4: When you first get on the boat, go forward to the Juggernaut machine perk, a small sailboat will be in your way. Buy it but drop down, if you look to your left there is the vodka.

    Step 7: Put the Vodka in the Tube
    Just like the fuse, go back and insert the vodka with .

    Step 8: The Dials
    Go to the lighthouse. There is a colored dial on each of the floors, four total. They are color-coded: yellow, orange, blue, and purple. They need to be turned so the code is Yellow 2, Orange 4, Blue 7, Purple 6. To complicate things, however, spinning one dial also spins the dials on the floors above and below it. The easiest way to do this is:

    • Press PURPLE until PURPLE is at 6.
    • Press ORANGE until BLUE is at the 4. (ORANGE does not effect PURPLE).
    • Press YELLOW until ORANGE is at 7. (YELLOW does not effect BLUE or PURPLE).
    • Press PURPLE the same number of times as you pressed YELLOW in step 4.
    • Press BLUE until it is back at 4, PURPLE and ORANGE should now also be at the correct numbers.

    If you mess it up, just start from step 1 on the dials again.

    Step 9: Radios
    Note: At this point, if you mess up, you must wait until the next round to complete a step. 
    You must now activate all of the broken radios by finding them and hitting . They must be done in this order:

    • Radio 1: Next to the flinger, under the power switch.
    • Radio 2: Next to the Stamin-Up perk machine.
    • Radio 3: Inside a cargo crate, on the floor on top of Juggernaut perk machine.
    • Radio 4: Next to the PhD Flopper perk machine (under the stairs by locked room).

    Step 10: Wheel & Levers
    In the power room there is a steering wheel and some levers. Turn the wheel to the right 4 times. Press the left lever once and the right lever three times.

    Step 11: Fog Horns
    You must now activate all of the foghorns by finding them and hitting . They must be done in this order:

    • Foghorn 1: One closest to pond at the bottom of the lighthouse.
    • Foghorn 2: One directly to your right as you slide down the icy slope.
    • Foghorn 3: One closest to the bottom of the lighthouse.
    • Foghorn 4: One directly ahead next to the rock as after you slide down the slope.

    Step 12: Green Light
    By now you should have a green light coming down the middle of the lighthouse. You want two crawlers at least and you need the VR11. Bring a crawler to the middle of the lighthouse. At the bottom shoot a crawler with the VR11. It'll run into the green light, then kill him.

    Step 13: Golden Rod
    Once the zombie floats up to the top, a golden rod will drop. You want more than one crawler. So you don't get overwhelmed when you bring the golden rod to the door. Pick it up with   and bring it to the tube at the door. Put it in, knife the fuse box, and the achievement will pop. You will also get a Wunderwaffe for your efforts.

  • In Call of the Dead, make a zombie explode using the V-R11.


    The V-R11 is a new gun in the series, it can only be obtained through the mystery box. Normally, it will turn a zombie into a human. You must Pack-A-Punch the V-R11 for the achievement, which turns it into the V-R11 Lazarus. The Pack-a-Punched version is for co-op only. If you shoot your teammate with it, it gives them invincibility for 10-15 seconds. Your goal, however, is to shoot a zombie with the V-R11 Lazarus 2-3 times. It will explode and the person who shot the zombie will get the achievement.

  • In Call of the Dead, kill 10 zombies with one Scavenger shot from over 100 feet away.


    The Scavenger is a new weapon introduced in Call Of The Dead. Pack-a-Punched this gun is renamed Hyena Infra-Dead. It comes with extra ammunition, a bigger magazine size, bigger blast radius, and an infrared scope. It is recommended you do pack a punch this gun when going for this achievement as the blast radius is bigger.

    To get this, start at the bottom of the lighthouse outside and try to turn all the zombies into crawlers (the Ray Gun makes this easy). There can only be up to 24 zombies out at a time, so when the running ones stop coming you know you've got them all.

    After you've made a crawling army, run straight for the spawn point, go the where the mystery box spawns, then aim at the wooden bridge where the Quick Revive is. Wait a bit and you should see 2-3 crawlers. Shoot one at them, this will usually get you 10 or more as there is should be more behind the 2-3 crawlers.

    Refer to this video for further assistance:

  • In Call of the Dead, cut the lights on the Director.


    Note: You can make George go away by shooting him with the Pack-a-Punched VR11, but this will not earn you the achievement.

    The objective here is to kill George A. Romero. This takes a significant amount of ammunition because he has a lot of health. You can tell how much health he has remaining by the color of his stagelight. When red starts to show, he's about halfway dead. When the light flickers red and off, he's very close to death. The more people you have playing in the game, the more health he will have. In addition, once you shoot George, he will rampage towards you and the only way to calm him down is to shoot him with the VR11 or lead him to water.

    The easiest way to kill him is by using the Pack-a-Punched Scavenger, but there's a random chance of getting that since it comes from the Mystery Box. Any gun can kill him and if you want a surefire method, just make a crawler, grab the M14 from the boat, and keep unloading it on him in the lake where you spawn. This should take about 9000 points worth of ammunition and 20-30 minutes, but it works.

    Refer to this video for further assistance:

DLC: Annihilation

There are 5 achievements with a total of 150 points

  • In Shangri-La, acquire the focusing stone.

    Step 1
    At the starting room after you turn on the power, there will be four dials each on their own wall by Quick Revive. When all four players press at the same time, time will distort, causing you to be sent into the past. The moon starts to eclipse the sun, and a giant meteor rests above the temple in the spawn area.

    Step 2
    Near the MPL, there appear to be two characters locked in the locked area behind the weapon. You must press a button, similar to those near Quick Revive, in order to get them talking. They want the players to set them free. After they finish their dialogue, magical plates can be found scattered all over the map if you did it right.

    Step 3
    After you activate the switch from the previous step, several panels will appear along the area on the bridge and the area from the switch to the mine cart gate, somewhat perpendicular to each other. You have to make them all dissapear to complete this step of the achievement. The easiest way to do this is one person on one side go on a panel, find out what it is, tell his/her teammates, so they can find the corresponding panel on the other side. Once they have found the panel on the other side, the player should step on the panel. If done correctly, the pair of panels should have dissapeared into the ground. You have to repeat this 7 times, one for each symbol.

    The following are known symbols to appear on the tiles:

    • A Female gender symbol.
    • 3 Short straight lines intersected by a long straight line.
    • A Diamond outline.
    • A Circle with a straight line cutting it in half.
    • A Circle with a small dot in the middle.
    • 3 Dots arranged in a triangle.
    • A Triangle outline.

    If done correctly, you will return to the present, and a crystal ball will appear on top of the MPL boulder. Note that you have around 4-5 minutes to complete this or you will return to the present and you will have to start over again.

    Step 4
    Go down to the water slide, but do not move from the bottom. With three players standing on the pressure plate, have the fourth take the slide while holding . He will activate a switch on the way, which will send you back to the present if done correctly.

    Step 5
    Go to the waterfall, there should be a diamond on top of the waterfall, you must bring it down with an explosive or a Ray Gun. When it's on the ground, shoot it with the 31-79 JGb215, it should shrink. Knife it and it goes into the slide to the water sprout. Launch yourself with the diamond on the water sprout and it should land on a tower. A new diamond should spawn, indicating that you have completed this step successfully.

    Step 6
    You have to go to the tunnel that has a pressure plate in a crevice. Next to the pressure plate needed to access pack-a-punch, there is a tube. You have to turn the dial around 3-4 times, until you hear the characters talking about the spikes receding. If done correctly, along the walls and ceilings there should be several gas leaks, starting from the MPL entrance and all the way to the power room.

    Step 7
    To complete this step, you must have a calm napalm zombie. You have to walk through the tunnel, leading the napalm zombie from the MPL entrance through the cave and setting the gas leaks from the previous step on fire. If done correctly, when you return to the crevice and the tube, the lever next to it will be able to be activated. Activate the lever. When the characters start talking about the floor being covered in lava, this signifies that you have successfully completed this step.

    Step 8
    You have to travel into the past for this step. In the tunnel with the MP5k on a board, there are now 4 holes on the side of the tunnel. You have to plug these holes using Spikemores. The best way is to lure crawlers towards the tunnels and place the Spikemore facing the holes, so that the Punji spikes get lodged into the holes. After this is done, you have to go to the bottom of the waterfall. On one side of the boulder in the center, there is a brick wall, with a brick sticking out saying, "Do not hold ". Hold and you will return to the present, signifying that you have completed this step successfully. Also, a new diamond will appear above the mudpit temple.

    Step 9
    You have to travel into the past for this step. There are 12 panels spread around the spawn area, the mudpit temple, and the minecart area. It is similar to step 3, except of stepping on the panels, you have to knife them. When you have all 12 panels lit up, over by the minecart gate, out of bounds, you can see some sort of snare trap. You have to blow up the snare trap with an explosive, such as a Monkey Bomb. If done correctly, your character will say that it has worked, and you will return to the present.

    Step 10
    After completing step 9, there is a radio found near the minecart gate on a barrel, stating a code, which is "16, 1, 3, 4". You have go into the past for this to work. After you have gone to the past, you will have to go into the mudpit temple and set the dial to their corresponding numbers. After this is done, your character should say that the code worked. If done correctly, you will have a diamond appear above the mudpit temple, signifying that you have completed this step.

    Step 11
    After the previous step, in the present, by the right side of the stairs leading up to the pack-a-punch machine, on the floor by the statue you will find a radio. This tells you that Brock lost his bag of dynamite somewhere while being chased by zombies. You have to find the bag of dynamite.

    Step 12
    Once you have the dynamite, activate the gongs in the past. Then shoot the pole above the mud temple with the upgraded 31-79 JGb215, this will make the meteorite shrink.

    Step 13
    After the last step, go up the pack-a-punch machine, go past where it should be. The player will find a hole in the wall as far back as they can go. Put the dynamite through the hole, and step back. Once the wall has blown, retrieve the Focusing Stone. The player who takes it will receive all seven perks at once. These perks are also permanent and persist through being downed.

  • In Shangri-La, kill a Shrieker zombie while blinded by it.


    A shrieker zombie will have a blue glow. They move very quickly and they will shriek at you. When they shriek at you, your screen will blur and that is when you have to kill them. I would compare the blur to a stun grenade blur.

  • In Shangri-La, dispose of a Napalm zombie without it harming any players.


    A napalm zombie will be covered in fire. It will require a few more shots than regular zombies to kill. When you kill it, make sure no one is around the zombie because it will explode and shoot napalm. If you get to close, it will down you, even if you have juggernog on. They are very slow so that should make it easier for you to get a good distance away from them. Everyone in the party will unlock the achievement.

  • In Shangri-La, get something from the monkeys.


    When a zombie drops a bonus like insta kill, leave it and one of the zombie monkeys will come by and grab it. After they grab it, kill them and collect the bonus. Everyone in the party will unlock the achievement.

  • In Shangri-La, use the 31-79 JGb215 on each type of zombie.


    This gun can only be purchased out of the mystery box and it will cost you 950 points. Their are 4 types of zombies that you have to kill with this gun. The four types of zombies are normal zombies, shrieker zombies, napalm zombies, and monkey zombies. Each type of zombie will go down in one hit with this gun. After you shrink them you have to run up to the zombies and kick them. You just need to walk over them and you will kick them. The zombie monkeys will be on the stairs to the pack-a-punch machine, if you can't find any.

DLC: Rezurrection

There are 7 achievements with a total of 250 points

  • In Moon, complete Richtofen's grand scheme.


    See Big Bang Theory.

  • In Moon, hack something.


    This achievement is very simple. All you have to do is acquire the hacker and use it on any hackable object. The hacker is located in the labs on one of the desks on top of a blueprint.

    Here is a list of the hacker’s abilities:

    Door – 200 Points – Opens the door, but slow hacking
    Mystery Box Spawn - 1200 Points – Makes the box appear and purchases it
    Mystery Box – 600 Points – Rerolls the gun (Only useable once gun stops spinning)
    Mystery Box After Respin - +950 Points - You or a teammate may take the gun
    Wall Gun – 3000 Points – Swaps the prices for normal and PaP’ed ammo
    Excavator Console - +1000 Points – Disables the active excavator and awards the player with 1000 Points
    PaP Machine - +1000 Points – Closes the gates at the PaP machine
    Perk Machine - +xxxx Points – Returns your perk the machine for a full refund
    Other Players - 500 Points - Gives the hacked player 500 Points
    Windows - +100 Points - Completely fixes the window
    Powerups - 5000 Points - Changes the powerup to max ammo

  • In Moon, become trapped in the Receiving Area and free yourself through resurrection in co-op.


    First of all "resurrection" is just the process of someone bleeding out and respawning.

    Now to be trapped in the receiving area, both of the excavators must trigger and succeed, blocking off both tunnels and cutting off access to the power room.

    When you hear the announcement of your last tunnel being breached, have the person not wanting the achievement go to the Labs half of the map.

    Once at least one player is "trapped" on the Labs half of the map, with a crawler, ALL other players must down themselves and bleed out. (Jumping off the cliff is a fun option)

    Once all other players are dead, the player on the Labs half of the map may kill the crawler and the other players will "resurrect" near you and they will unlock the achievement.

    Also once a player unlocks this achievement, the son Nightmare by Avenged Sevenfold will start to play. Like all other songs it will only play once per game.

    **The excavators blocking the tunnels is completely random. As long as the power is turned on an excavator might begin drilling a tunnel. You will know when this happens because a voice will play saying an excavator is drilling tunnel 6, etc.**

    Important: This achievement is slightly buggy. Some people are having it unlock randomly when respawning, with no tunnels breached. DO NOT LISTEN to these strategies. Follow the one in the guide to have it flawlessly unlock. Attempting these glitched stragities will cause you to mess up. BOTH tunnels must be breached.

  • In Moon, purchase every perk in one game.


    This achievement is much easier than it sounds. You must buy all 8 perks in one game.

    Juggernog – 2500 – Area 51
    Speed Cola – 3000 – Area 51
    Double Tap – 2000 – Bottom Floor of Labs
    Quick Revive – 1500 (500 in solo) – Receiving Room
    Deadshot – 1500 – Second Floor of Labs
    Phd Flopper – 2000 – Biodome by Box Spawn
    Stamin-Up – 2500 – Tunnel 11
    Mule Kick – 4000 – Outside Biodome

    For this achievement you just need to have all perk locations open, 4000 Points, a crawler, the hacker and you must teleport to the Area 51 twice.

    All you have to do is buy each perk and after purchasing, hack the machine to return the perk and get a refund. Do this with every perk and the achievement is yours.

    Note: You cannot easily return Mule Kick, as you do not have much time to hack the machine, as it is outside.

  • In Moon, acquire 3 pack-a-punched weapons at the same time.


    First of all to have 3 guns you must purchase the new perk Mule Kick, which is located outside the biodome and costs 4000 Points.

    **It is advised not to purchase Mule Kick until you have at least 1 PaP’ed gun and Juggernog.**

    Once you have mule kick, it is very straightforward. Just buy a 3rd gun after purchasing the perk and Pack-a-Punch them.

    The Pack-a-Punch Machine:
    To get back to the PaP, ALL players must jump on the teleporter outside the biodome. Once back in area 51 ONE player can safely PaP ONE weapon. After returning the teleporter requires time to recharge.

    **To get extra time in the PaP area, have the player with the hacker hack the machine to close the gates. If you do this have 1 player throw a gersh or have everybody ready to fight your way back to the teleporter.**

  • In Moon, prevent each excavator from breaching the base in one game.


    This achievement may be tricky as the excavators becoming active is random.

    As each of the excavators becomes active you must grab the hacker and bring it to the receiving room. In the receiving room, there are 3 consoles, which will say access denied if you move close to them.

    Whenever an excavator becomes active, its console will have a green flashing light on. The player with the hacker must then hack the console to stop the excavator. This action also nets the hacking player 1000 points.

    Once all 3 different excavators are hacked the achievement will unlock

    Note: Do not break the glass in the receiving room, as this will hake things incredibly difficult for the hacker, as he will have no air!

    Hint: If an excavator becomes active again after you have hacked it, just let it dig. It will still count toward the achievement and it will prevent it from becoming active a third time, instead of the ones you need.

    See second half of the video in the One Giant Leap achievement.


Secret achievements

  • In Moon, gain sweet, sweet, revenge.

    First off, to get this achievement at least the host needs the previous easter egg achievements. To play it safe, it is suggested (but not required) that everyone in the party should have them, as lots of people have had different experiences of it not unlocking due to not everyone having the achievements.

    Also, this has to be done online, as the Vrill Generator will not appear in solo (splitscreen counts as solo.)

    Info: The previous easter eggs are required because you need the golden rod and focusing stone. They are combined together to make the Vrill Generator, so in can be inserted into the slot to power the device.

    Tip: As you can complete steps from the Cryogenic Slumber Party egg and the Big Bang Theory egg simultaneously you can use the 90 second death guns to help you. After filling the first soul tube DO NOT pull the switch on the wall that opens the pyramid. Instead, continue the egg until you should be filling all soul tubes. Get to the pyramid, pull the switch and use the death machines to help fill the four soul tubes. We had more than half the tubes filled before they ran out.

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