- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10 for Campaign, 8/10 for Zombies [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 39 [800]
- Online: 11 [200]
- Approximate time to 1000: 10-15 hours for Campaign, 50+ hours for Zombies [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 for Campaign, multiple for Zombies
- Missable achievements: None [Mission Select]
- Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes [need to play on Veteran for The Longest Day (100G)]
- Glitchy achievements: Yes [Dominion (5G)]

  • DLC: Sabotage
    • Difficulty: 6/10 (skill dependent)
    • Time to 150sqml_s79zv-Bp1bWxZaxDlIfSXVD__hBeSn13MZM2_FAp71OvSFDoJCu3QIBLGKnevqA_nFxkbIo9DTrfeUiGeP-e1932VQuOXU16II6LT3BFF16DhETJLml-VUslDQkzViFVmACJHhwqkzKMgn1tOk: 5-8 hours (dependent on Easter egg carry)
    • Unobtainable: None
  • DLC: Continuum
    • Difficulty: 7/10 (skill dependent)
    • Time to 200gs.png: 6-10 hours (dependent on Easter egg carry)
    • Unobtainable: None
  • DLC: Absolution
    • Difficulty: 9/10 (skill dependent)
    • Time to 200sqml_s79zv-Bp1bWxZaxDlIfSXVD__hBeSn13MZM2_FAp71OvSFDoJCu3QIBLGKnevqA_nFxkbIo9DTrfeUiGeP-e1932VQuOXU16II6LT3BFF16DhETJLml-VUslDQkzViFVmACJHhwqkzKMgn1tOk: 6-10 hours (dependent on Easter egg carry)
    • Unobtainable: None
  • DLC: Retribution
    • Difficulty: 7/10 (skill dependent)
    • Time to 200gs.png: 4-6 hours (dependent on Easter egg carry)
    • Unobtainable: None

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is an independent entry in the Call of Duty series. The story is set in the distant future where Earth has depleted most of its resources. Multiple nations have formed the international political organization, United Nations Space Alliance (UNSA), to monitor colonies which are set up to obtain resources from solar system planets. UNSA is in war with Settlement Defense Front (SDF), whose members believe that they are superior to people on Earth and aim to control the solar system. You play as Nick Reyes, a captain of UNSA, who takes command of the battleship Retribution to fight against SDF.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
All single-player achievements can be obtained in one campaign. You must play the campaign on the highest difficulty, Veteran, as required by The Longest Day (100G). Unlike earlier entries like the Modern Warfare series, Ghosts and Advanced Warfare, missions in Infinite Warfare are seemlessly linked together; there are no distinctive sessions telling you which mission you are in, such that it is easier for you to miss collectibles or mission-specific achievements. There is a mission-select function allowing you to go back to previous missions to mob up anything missed.

This game also introduces side missions, where you can engage in space combat in your fighter, Jackal, or participate in special assignments in hostile areas. You need to complete them all as each of them is tied to at least one achievement. These side missions are slowly unlocked as you progress the main campaign, but be warned that once you use mission-select, their progression in your main campaign will be reset.

A full list of missions in the chronicle order is below (blue are campaign missions; red are side missions):

1. Rising Threat
2. Black Sky: Parade
3. Black Sky: Under Attack
4. Black Sky: Take to the Sky
5. Retribution: Aftermath
6. Operation Port Armor: Civilian Terminal
7. Operation Port Armor: Shipping Storage
8. Operation Port Armor: Boarding Party
9. Retribution: Back in the Fight
10. Operation Taken Dagger (ship-boarding)
11. Operation Phoenix (ship-boarding)
12. Operation D-Con (ship-boarding)
13. Operation Deep Execute (ship-boarding)
14. Operation Safe Harbor (Jackal)
15. Operation Pure Threat (Jackal)
16. Operation Grave Robber (Jackal)
17. Retribution: Doing What Needs to be Done
18. Operation Burn Water: Refinery
19. Operation Burn Water: Fight or Flight
20. Retribution: Rescued
21. Operation Sudden Death (Jackal)
22. Operation Dark Quarry
23. Retribution: Cost of Victory
24. Operation Trace Kill (Jackal)
----------point of no return----------
25. Operation Black Flag: Prisoner Escort
26. Operation Black Flag: Trap is Sprung

27. Operation Blood Storm: Trojan Horse
28. Operation Blood Storm: Crash Landing
29. Operation Blood Storm: Regroup
30. Operation Blood Storm: All or Nothing
31. Operation Blood Storm: Assault the Shipyard

Zombies in Spaceland:
Infinite Warfare introduces a new zombie mode called Zombies in Spaceland. In a 1980s space-themed amusement park, you need to survive wave and wave of zombies while completing the multiple easter eggs inside the park. This is where you will spend most of your time in the game, as the achievements can be rather skill-demanding. To access this mode, you must connect to LIVE, but you can choose to complete all Spaceland achievements solo or co-op.

Zombies in Spaceland is a survival mode where you are thrown into an amusement park filled with zombies. Hitting and killing zombies will earn you money, which you can spent buying / upgrading weapons, or opening up different areas of the park. After killing all zombies in a wave (called "Scene" in this game), the next wave would start, with the zombies becoming stronger and higher in number. This mode continues infinitely until you die.

Normally you only have one life, meaning once you die it will be a game over. However, if you buy a perk called "Up N' Atoms" from the vending machine located near your starting point, a death would send you to a place called "Afterlife", allowing you to be reborn and continue playing. This perk can only be bought three times, giving you three chances to die. Also, another perk called "Juggernaut" will grant you more health, allowing you to sustain more enemy hits before you go down.

This mode is designed in the way that you are expected to keep playing and be familiar with the map and locations of all items. All achievements can be done solo, but a few can be made easier by cooperating with other players.

There are three kinds of zombies in Spaceland:

  1. Standard zombies (most commonly encountered; weak to headshots)
  2. Clown zombies (they run towards you and self-detonate)
  3. Brute zombies (tall, large, wearing protective masks which can shoot laser beams)

Spaceland is divided into four main areas:

  1. Journey Into Space (to the left / West)
  2. Astrocade (within Journey Into Space)
  3. Polar Peak (to the front / North)
  4. Kepler System (to the right / East)

Each area has:

  • A power switch, which must be flipped on in order to power up their corresponding areas so that you can use the facilities
  • A portal, which can teleport you to the centre of the park and is related to quest items
  • A coin machine, into which coins of specific colour(s) can be inserted to obtain quest items
  • Amusement trap(s), which can be utilised to kill zombies as part of the steps to obtain quest items

There is only one multiplayer achievement, requiring you to win five matches. This achievement is glitchy that it may or may not unlock even after tens or more than a hundred wins. There is currently no confirmed fix nor news about patches.

Overall DLC Note:
The absolute easiest way to unlock all achievements in the zombies maps in the DLCs is to first complete all of the Easter Eggs for the five zombie maps (base game plus four DLCs). Each Easter Egg you complete rewards you with a piece of the Soul Key. Once you have all five pieces, return to the Pack-A-Punch room in Zombies in Spaceland and hold button-x.png on the purple container across from where you enter. Doing so will unlock the soul container and unlock Director's Cut. Once you've done that, return to the main Zombies menu and you'll have the ability to press rb.png to toggle the Director's Cut on/off. Toggle it on, and now every Zombies match you play, you'll start with $25,000 and will permanently have all 10 perks in the map, and weapons you get from the Magic Wheel will already be pack-a-punched. This makes every other achievement in each DLC so much easier, since you can essentially do them all on Wave 1, since you start with enough money to unlock the entire map, have every perk from the get-go, and can use the wheel a few times to get three pack-a-punched weapons immediately.

Obviously completing the Easter Eggs is easier said than done though, since they're the hardest achievements in the game. However, even as of the time of writing this guide in 2023, there is still a hugely active COD Zombies community that have experts in every Easter Egg in every Call of Duty game. If you create a 'Looking For Group' post in the associated section on your Xbox console, utilizing the game tile for Infinite Warfare, you can quite easily find someone to "carry" you through the Easter Egg in each map. They will literally do the entire thing for you, then invite you to their game right at the end so you get the key and achievement. This saves you a ton of time, learning, work, frustration, etc., so if you don't mind taking the easy way out, I absolutely recommend utilizing the Looking For Group section to find people that are more than willing to help out for fun.

With that out of the way, the following roadmaps for each DLC will just cover the core things such as how to turn the power on, how to activate Pack-A-Punch, and any guidance on miscellaneous achievements.
Sabotage DLC

This DLC adds a single new Zombies map, Rave in the Redwoods, and all achievements are related to this map. There is the usual Easter egg, as well as miscellaneous achievements. Since most Zombies maps don't have achievements related to turning on power and activating Pack-A-Punch, but this is still essential information to know for each map, to stay consistent I will explain how to do each in these roadmaps. For progressing through the achievements, make note of the section above the DLC roadmaps where I explain how much easier you can make the miscellaneous achievements by getting all of the Easter eggs done first.
  • Power: There is only a single power switch in this map, and it is directly below where you spawn, in the basement of the Bear Lodge. To get there, you need to get to the Mines in the "back" of the map, which you can get to from either exit from spawn. Once you get to the mines, take the low path between the Cabins and Recreation exits, and you'll come to the basement with the power switch right at the base of the stairs that lead up
  • Pack-A-Punch: This requires a bit of work. You first need to repair the boat at the dock at the lake. To do this, you need to find the three boat parts: one is on the top floor of the Bear Lodge spawn, accessible only after turning on the power. Head up to the room where Tuff Nuff is, and when you enter, it's against the wall to the right. The second is in the Mess Hall, leaning up against one of the two central pillars. The third is in the Recreation area where the rave is happening. When you come down the ramp into this area, there is a square white tented area off to the right side. The piece is leaning up against the side of this tent. Once you have all three pieces, the dock will automatically open and the boat will be accessible, at the left side of the lakefront area. Before riding it though, you need two projector reels to repair the projector and activate Pack-A-Punch. The first is on the dock just to the left of the now-open door leading to the boat. Then, take the boat over, and the second is on the ground right outside the door of the PaP cabin, across from the little fire burning. Pick up both reels and interact with the projector inside the cabin to open up the Pack-A-Punch portal.
Continuum DLC

This DLC adds a single new Zombies map, Shaolin Shuffle, and all achievements are related to this map. There is the usual Easter egg, as well as miscellaneous achievements. However, this is the first of two DLCs that requires you to complete the Easter egg twice for achievements. This is a really odd design choice, so be aware that this map requires you to do it twice, and there's no way around that. Since most Zombies maps don't have achievements related to turning on power and activating Pack-A-Punch, but this is still essential information to know for each map, to stay consistent I will explain how to do each in these roadmaps. For progressing through the achievements, make note of the section above the DLC roadmaps where I explain how much easier you can make the miscellaneous achievements by getting all of the Easter eggs done first.
  • Power: There are back up to four power switches in this map, like with Zombies in Spaceland, and you essentially need to progress through the map in a nearly linear fashion to get them all and loop back to the start. The first one is in the subway where you spawn, on one of the pillars. From there, head up and out of the subway to get outside, then up the ramp across from the dojo. Follow the rooftops back down into the garden area, and as soon as you go down the steps to the garden and see the Deadeye Dewdrops perk machine, the second power switch is on the wall by the stairs. Follow the garden through to enter the Disco Inferno club. Once inside, head up to the roof, and the power switch is on the little "building" in the middle of the roof, on the side wall. Back down on the ground level of Inferno, exit the other way (not toward the garden) to be back outside in front of the Pink Cat stripclub. There is a subway entrance off to the left. Take this down, go down the left stairs, and the power switch is on the back wall directly across from where you enter. Turning on all four switches opens the sewers doors in both subways to connect both sides of the map.
  • Pack-A-Punch: You'll first need to turn on the power and open up the map as noted above. The Pack-A-Punch projector is inside the Pink Cat stripclub. To get inside and turn on the projector, you need three items. The first is a Pink Cat flyer, and it can spawn in one of four locations: on the ground in front of the Pink Cat itself, in a trash can on the left side of the dojo, on a chair near Racing Stripes on the rooftops, or on the Inferno roof on a bar stool with the KBS Longbow wall buy. The second item is a token, and it's always found under the Tuff Nuff perk machine, which is in the sewer only accessible after turning on all power switches. It's literally under the machine, so you need to go prone to see it and pick it up. The last item is the projector reel itself, which can spawn in one of five locations: on a chair inside Pink Cat itself off to the right side, on a crate as you enter the big sewer tunnel near Pink Cat, head into the subway near Pink Cat and look on a crate near the lockers, in one of the three yellow-outlined sewer holes on the walls of the Rat King lair (the big open circular area in the sewers), or on the second floor of Inferno on a brown couch. You need to use the flyer to open the front door of Pink Cat, the token to open the room on the left, and then use the reel on the projector there to activate the portal.
Absolution DLC

This DLC adds a single new Zombies map, Attack of the Radioactive Thing, and all achievements are related to this map. There is the usual Easter egg, as well as miscellaneous achievements. Like with the previous DLC, there is an achievement for completing this Easter egg a second time, with the character you unlock for beating it the first time, so you have to do this Easter egg twice too. On top of that, there's a really annoying achievement that is missable and right at the end of the Easter egg, for putting in a code first try, Belly of the Beast (40G). This is really easy to screw up and is right at the end of a lot of work, but you have to do the Easter egg twice anyway, so you get two attempts at a minimum. Even worse than that is this map's version of the Skull arcade game. It is absolutely brutal in this map, so plan for at least a team of three or you'll stand virtually no chance. Lastly, be aware that Dear Diary (15G) can only be unlocked after beating the Easter egg, in the game you finish it. Therefore, you'll want to make sure you don't leave the session immediately after beating the Easter egg. Make sure you get that achievement too. Since most Zombies maps don't have achievements related to turning on power and activating Pack-A-Punch, but this is still essential information to know for each map, to stay consistent I will explain how to do each in these roadmaps. For progressing through the achievements, make note of the section above the DLC roadmaps where I explain how much easier you can make the miscellaneous achievements by getting all of the Easter eggs done first.
  • Power: At spawn, while looking at the Up N Atoms perk machine, head out the exit to the left. You'll reach an ice cream shop, and right after that is a power station. The power switch is on the wall of the little building on the right, but it's missing the lever. The lever is located on the beach. Continue up the hill, through the store and out the other side onto the main street, then go directly across the street between the two buildings in front of you to find a path leading down to the beach. There is a little hill in center of the beach, and at the base of the hill on its right side is a hand sticking out of the sand holding the power switch. Grab it, then return to the power station and place the lever to turn on the power.
  • Pack-A-Punch: This one is pretty easy to do, thankfully. Once you turn the power on (see above), return to the ice cream shop by spawn, and inside, right next to the Skullhop arcade game, is a now-open junction box. Inside is Elvira's spellbook that you can pick up. Do so, and now you need to head to Elvira's studio. Before doing so, I recommend heading to the store you went through to turn on power to get the Cleaver melee weapon, as it'll help quite a bit. Head up into the store from the power station, and after you go through the S-shaped passage to get into the main grocery store, immediately turn left to find a fish on a chopping block. Hold button-x.png on it to take the Cleaver, which replaces your melee permanently and makes melee attacks one-hit kills for many scenes. Now it's time to head to Elvira's studio. From spawn, it's out the other exit, past the parked cars, and up the grassy path to the building there. Talk to Elvira to give her the spellbook, and after a bit of talking she'll give you a vial that you need to fill with zombie souls. To fill it, you need to get 20 melee kills, and Cleaver kills count for this (note that Crowbar kills DO NOT count for this). You can check its status by pressing button-page.png to see how full it is. Once it's full, interact with Elvira again in her studio. After some dialogue, she'll eventually join you in combat with a gun. What you need to do now is bring her to one of four Pack-A-Punch portal locations. Thankfully, there is one right outside her studio. Head out the door that leads back to spawn, and on the left right behind the car is a faint distortion in the air. Just be near it with Elvira, and she'll interact with it to change it to a Pack-A-Punch portal. Now PaP exists, but be aware that it moves each time you use it. There's a cooldown like all maps, but it'll respawn in one of four locations. To find where it is, look to the sky. Much like how the Magic Wheel has a purple column of light showing where it is, the PaP portal has a blue electric field in the sky with a blue light shooting down to the portal. Use that to guide you to it.
Retribution DLC

This DLC adds a single new Zombies map, Beast From Beyond, and all achievements are related to this map. There is the usual Easter egg, as well as miscellaneous achievements. This map has the hardest Easter egg boss fight of the bunch, but the easiest Easter egg steps. Thankfully, after the previous map(s), this map has the easiest miscellaneous achievements and easiest Skull arcade game, so if you made it through Attack of the Radioactive Thing, you're in the clear here. Since most Zombies maps don't have achievements related to turning on power and activating Pack-A-Punch, but this is still essential information to know for each map, to stay consistent I will explain how to do each in these roadmaps. For progressing through the achievements, make note of the section above the DLC roadmaps where I explain how much easier you can make the miscellaneous achievements by getting all of the Easter eggs done first.
  • Power: This map works different from the others. Instead of zombies spawning, cryptids spawn, and they will spawn until you turn the power on, making early rounds very stressful. Turning the power on here is quite simple but requires opening multiple doors. From where you spawn, open the door to the left near the Oni wall buy and head downstairs into the water area. Go up the stairs in the opposite corner, up the steps past the Blue Bolts perk machine, into the Med Bay with a laser-blocked door. Open the door to the right of it to enter the big open central area of the map. Right when you enter, you'll notice the floor is destroyed and there's a hole in it. You need to look down this hole and drop down to the green-lit ledge down there. Missing means you'll land on spikes and die. Land on that ledge (this is where Tuff Nuff is) and head to the end of this linear path to find NE1L's head at the end on the ground by the window. Pick it up, then drop down into the water area and head back up the steps to spawn (not toward Blue Bolts, the other way). Loop through spawn to the other exit door (one you probably haven't purchased yet) and there's a computer terminal there. Interact with it to place NE1L's head there. This turns on the power, and waves will go back to being zombies rather than cryptids.
  • Pack-A-Punch: This one requires you to pick up three pieces of metal so you can build a bridge to the PaP portal. The first piece is leaning up against crates right next to Blue Bolts, which is between the water area and the Med Bay. The second is in the giant cargo area. Drop all the way down to the lowest part in the middle, and this piece is against the crates right at the base of the stairs to go up from the center. For the third, you need to access the theater. To do this, you may notice a partially visible portal on the upper level of the huge cargo bay room, but it isn't accessible. To open it, head up to where you entered the cargo bay from, and on the left from where you enter is an interactable button on the wall. This engages a machine that blasts open the wall and opens up the portal. Walk into it to be transported to the theater (this actually unlocks Double Feature (15G)). Once in the theater, head to the back behind the chairs and open the doors to get to the front entrance to the theater where there's a portal on the wall opposite that takes you back to the main map. While looking at the portal, the car on the right side of it has the third piece on its hood for you to pick up. With all three pieces, head back through the portal and now you need to get to the outside area of the main map. From the cargo bay, exit and keep to the right to find an expensive door that lets you go outside. Head to the back area outside and you'll see the PaP portal across a bridge. Look down and repair the bridge with your three metal sheets to get access to the portal.

Overall Conclusion:
The single player campaign can be finished very quickly even on the highest difficulty, and most achievements in the campaign are straight-forward. Be ready to invest a lot of time and effort into familiarizing yourself with Zombies in Spaceland as its achievements are not for the faint-hearted, but can offer you immense satisfaction if you manage to do them. Finally, when going for five wins online, enjoy all the different competition modes the game offers and have fun while waiting for the achievement to finally unlock.

[XBA would like to thank ImaginaryRuins for this Roadmap]
[XBA would like to thank Necrophage33 for the DLC Roadmaps]

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Achievement Guide

Printable Guide
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There are 88 achievements with a total of 1750 points

  • Complete Rising Threat.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

  • Complete Black Sky.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

  • Complete Operation Port Armor.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

  • Complete Operation Burn Water.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

  • Complete Operation Dark Quarry.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

  • Complete Operation Black Flag.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

  • Complete Operation Blood Storm.

    Story-related and cannot be missed.

  • Complete all Single Player missions on Veteran.

    Veteran is the highest difficulty in the game. At the start of the campaign make sure to select this difficulty and never change it throughout the playthrough. To survive Veteran difficulty, refrain from charging into a gunfight head-on. Instead, hide behind hard covers to eliminate enemies. Enemies in the game do not respawn so proceed slowly and carefully.

  • Complete Operation Taken Dagger.

    This is a ship-boarding side mission, available during the campaign mission, 'Retribution: Back in the Fights'. Please refer to Targets of Opportunity (30G) for more details.

  • Complete Operation Phoenix.

    This is a ship-boarding side mission, available during the campaign mission, 'Retribution: Back in the Fights'. Please refer to Targets of Opportunity (30G) for more details.

  • Complete Operation D-Con.

    This is a ship-boarding side mission, available during the campaign mission, 'Retribution: Back in the Fights'. Please refer to Targets of Opportunity (30G) for more details.

  • Complete Operation Deep Execute.

    This is a ship-boarding side mission, available during the campaign mission, 'Retribution: Back in the Fights'. Please refer to Targets of Opportunity (30G) for more details.

  • Complete all ship boarding side missions.

    There are four ship boarding side missions, all available during the campaign mission, 'Retribution: Back in the Fights'. They are 'Taken Dagger', 'Phoenix', 'D-Con' and 'Deep Execute'. In each of them you will infiltrate a hostile ship, complete the mission objectives, and escape. While the missions are straight-forward, some of them have mission-specific weapons and upgrades, which you must acquire for Gun Nut (30G) and Fully Equipped (30G).

  • Complete Operation Safe Harbor.

    This is a Jackal-only side mission, available during the campaign mission, 'Retribution: Back in the Fights'. Please refer to Top Gun (30G) for more details.

  • Complete Operation Pure Threat.

    This is a Jackal-only side mission, available during the campaign mission, 'Retribution: Back in the Fights'. Please refer to Top Gun (30G) for more details.

  • Complete Operation Grave Robber.

    This is a Jackal-only side mission, available during the campaign mission, 'Retribution: Back in the Fights'. Please refer to Top Gun (30G) for more details.

  • Complete Operation Sudden Death.

    This is a Jackal-only side mission, available during the campaign mission, 'Retribution: Back in the Fights'. Please refer to Top Gun (30G) for more details.

  • Complete Operation Trace Kill.

    This is a Jackal-only side mission, available during the campaign mission, 'Retribution: Back in the Fights'. Please refer to Top Gun (30G) for more details.

  • Complete all Jackal-only side missions.

    There are five Jackal-only side missions. They are 'Safe Harbor', 'Pure Threat', 'Grave Robber', 'Sudden Death' and 'Trace Kill'. In Jackal missions you fly your space fighter Jackal and engage hostile fighters and battleships.

  • Scan your first weapon!

    Please refer to Gun Nut (30G) for more details.

  • Scan 10 weapons.

    Please refer to Gun Nut (30G) for more details.

  • All weapons scanned.

    There are 22 scanable weapons. New weapons are automatically scanned and added to your inventory by picking them up. If a weapon is new it is highlighted by a yellow hue. Many weapons are found in multiple missions but a few are mission-specific. If all weapons are scanned in their earliest available opportunities, this achievement can be unlocked during 'Operation Dark Quarry'.

    Consult the following video for help. Credit goes to PowerPyx:

  • Listened to all of the death letters of the fallen.

    At the end of the game when the credits roll, the screen will display eight characters who are K.I.A. with a button corresponding to them [,,,,,,,]. Press all buttons to play all their death letters.

  • Load out with a custom weapon.

    Story-related and cannot be missed. Near the end of the campaign mission, 'Retribution: Aftermath', you will go to the armory where you will choose your weapons for the next mission. Accept the recommended loadout and the achievement will unlock.

  • Find your first equipment upgrade.

    Story-related and cannot be missed. Please refer to Fully Equipped (30G) for more details.

  • Earn all equipment upgrades.

    There are 12 equipment upgrades. The first upgrade is story-related and cannot be missed. Upgrades are retrieved from computer panels, often hidden in armories out of the mission progression routes. What you get is random but by interacting with all computer panels you will get all upgrades. If every upgrade is collected, you will unlock the achievement upon finding the final upgrade during 'Operation Black Flag: Prisoner Escort'.

    Consult the following video for help. Credit goes to PowerPyx:

  • Earn your first Jackal item (weapon or upgrade).

    Please refer to Jackal Ace (30G) for more details.

  • Earn all Jackal weapons and upgrades.

    Jackal items are obtained by completing side missions, be they ship-boarding or Jackal-only. By completing all seven side missions available during the campaign mission, 'Retribution: Back in the Fights', all Jackal weapons and upgrades can be earned.

  • Get your first kill on the most-wanted board.

    Story-related and cannot be missed. Please refer to Royal Flush (30G) for more details.

  • Clear half of the most-wanted board.

    Please refer to Royal Flush (30G) for more details.

  • All SDF Aces and Captains killed.

    There are 27 SDF Aces and Captains. Four of them are story-related and must be killed during 'Operation Port Armor' and 'Operation Blood Storm' respectively. The rest are all in side missions, which show how many SDF Aces and Captains are when accepting them. While the side missions can be skipped, killing the SDF Aces and Captains is needed to complete the missions.

  • Kill 15 enemies with a zero G grappling hook.

    During the campaign mission, 'Operation Port Armor: Boarding Party', you will drop onto the hull of an enemy ship in space. When in a suitable distance from an enemy, press to use the grappling hook on him for a one-hit-kill. Do this on 15 enemies to unlock the achievement. The kills need not be in one session; you can die and keep trying to accumulate enough kills.

    Consult the video below if you need help. Credit goes to PowerPyx:

  • Use the computer in the Captain's office.

    After completing the second mission, Black Sky, you will get aboard the battleship Retribution, which serves as the main hub of the game. The computer is marked by an objective marker. Interact with the computer and the achievement will unlock.

    Consult the video below if you need help. Credit goes to PowerPyx:

  • In Spaceland, find all of the quest items and complete the sticker pack.


    The detail in this solution is far too long to be published without cutting out significant portions. To keep the integrity of the solution, a new thread in the game forum has been created solely for this achievement. Please refer to that post.

    "Sticker Collector" Achievement Solution by ImaginaryRuins

  • In Spaceland, recover the piece of the Soul Key.


    Expected scene: 14-18

    This is arguably the hardest achievement of the entire game. The Soul Key is obtained by completing the main easter egg of Spaceland - defeating the Alien boss(es). Doing it solo is strongly recommended because the number of Aliens is tied to the number of players in the game, meaning a full co-op game of four players will spawn four Aliens, such that it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to survive. Furthermore, being completely familiar with the construction method of at least one of the four quest weapons (Head-Cutter, Face-Melter, Dischord, Shredder) is highly recommended, as their outstanding damage output makes them almost a must for the Alien boss fight.

    The easter egg involves multiple steps:
    1. Find the three Seti-Com parts (please refer to Sticker Collector (30G)).

    2. Complete the scene in which the three Seti-Com parts are found. Soon after the start of the next scene, the big UFO embedded in the Polar Peak mountain would produce four honking sounds. After that, talk to the DJ, David Hasselhoff, in one of his three DJ booths in Journey Into Space, Polar Peak, or Kepler System. He will give you an assembled Seti-Com from the three parts you collected.

    3. Put the Seti-Com in three of the seven locations around Spaceland and defend it against waves of zombies for 60, 90 and finally 120 seconds in three separate scenes. An unsuccessful defense would immediately spawn a brute. This can be made use of to spawn five brutes and go for The Bigger They Are (15G). Pack-A-Punching the starting pistol, Kandall, is extremely useful for defending the Seti-Com.

    4. Complete two more scenes and then talk to David Hasselhoff to get the Speaker item.

    5. Place the Speaker on all four circular spots around the Pack-A-Punch portal. Once that is done, interact with any one of them to initiate the easter egg itself. You will from this point on be cut off from all four main areas of Spaceland and zombies will perceptually spawn.

    6. The four Speakers on the ground will each emit a beam of a different colour: red, yellow, green, and blue. Soon the UFO embedded in Polar Peak will hover above the Pack-A-Punch portal and flash the four colours in a random order. As soon as it has finished, the colour beams of the Speakers will turn colourless. Your objective is to remember the colour sequence and correctly present it by pressing those four Speakers, and you need to complete such colour sequencing three times. Pressing them in the wrong order or too slowly would spawn a brute each time, but you are not penalized if you do not interact with the Speakers at all as the UFO would keep repeating each colour sequence until you get it right. As the zombies chasing you can box you in during this part if not careful, consider thinning them down a little before pressing the Speakers.

    7. A wave of zombie clowns would spawn afterward. They must all be killed.

    8. After all clowns are dead, the Alien boss(es) would come out of the Pack-A-Punch portal. The Alien shoots energy balls at you as it keeps teleporting around. Your objective is to keep shooting it until it goes down. Its health is indicated by the colour of the amulet it wears, which changes colour from green, yellow and finally red as you damage it. Once it goes down and if it is on the ground, it will emit a yellow hemispherical shield as it kneels down, allowing you to melee it from behind to destroy one of its energy fuses on its backpack. Repeat this two more times and the Alien will die. The wonder weapon Shredder is highly useful for this step.

    9. An Alien Fuse would spawn in front of the Pack-A-Punch portal. Pick up the Fuse, enter the Pack-A-Punch room and use the Fuse to upgrade a wonder weapon (Head-Cutter, Face-Melter, Dischord, or Shredder).

    10. Use the upgraded wonder weapon to shoot the five blue spots on the big Welcome-To-Spaceland ring near the entrace when the UFO is hovering directly above the Pack-A-Punch portal. The portal would shoot up a beam of energy destroying the UFO and the Soul Key will spawn in front of the portal. Pick it up to unlock the achievement.

    Once you have completed this easter egg and ended that game, next time when in the main menu, use the d-pad to quickly input Left, Right, Left, Up, Down, and you will be able to use the avatar of the DJ David Hasselhoff in future games. This will unlock the achievement Hoff The Charts! (15G).

    Consult the video below for a detailed walkthrough of the easter egg. Credit goes to MrRoflWaffles:

  • In Spaceland, defeat 5 Brutes in one game without dying.


    Please refer to Sooooul Key (30G) for more details.

  • In Spaceland, craft a Weapon of Rock.


    Please refer to Sooooul Key (30G) for more details.

  • In Spaceland Pack-A-Punch a weapon.


    Expected scene: 5-8

    Pack-A-Punch is the term for weapon upgrade in Spaceland. Hidden in all four areas of the park are four power switches which power up four portals. After using all four portals at least once, the central portal at the centre of the park will be linked to the Pack-A-Punch room, where you can spend $5000 to upgrade any of your weapon, unlocking the achievement.

    Consult the video below if you need help. Credit goes to PowerPyx:

  • In Spaceland, create an Exquisite Core.


    Please refer to Sticker Collector (30G) for more details.

  • In Spaceland, play every Arcade game at least once.


    Expected scene: 6-8

    You need to open up all four areas of Spaceland, and switch on all four power switches to have access to all arcade machines. There are nine types of arcade machines required for this achievement. Every single one of them, including duplicates, must be played in ONE game. Their names and locations are as follows:

    1. Basketball machines (Astrocade)
    2. Black Hole (Astrocade)
    3. Cryptid Attack (Astrocade)
    4. Zombie Zoom (Astrocade)
    5. Bowling for Planets (Astrocade)
    6. Classic arcade machines (Astrocade)
    7. Roller Coaster (Polar Peak)
    8. Shooting Gallery (Kepler System)
    9. Most but not all of the above games (Afterlife)

    When you are ready to play, leave one to two zombies in each wave and get some distance between you and them, so that you have enough time to play before they come to attack you. Except for the classic arcade machines, which you can simply interact with and immediately quit playing, you will need to earn tickets from all the gaming machines, and fully play them out, for the achievement to count.

    If you attempt this achievement solo, you must buy the perk "Up N' Atoms" from the vending machine near the park entrance so that you can go to the Afterlife and play the arcade machines there upon death.

    Consult the video below if you need help: Credit goes to PowerPyx:

  • In Spaceland, play 30 games and get to scene 10.


    Expected scene: 10

    If attempting this achievement solo, the perk "Up N' Atoms" must be bought from the vending machine near the park entrance. Survive up to scene 10 and let the zombies kill you, after which you will be transported to the Afterlife. There are several classic arcade machines in the Afterlife. Interact with any of them 30 times and the achievement will unlock.

    Consult the video below if you need help. Credit goes to PowerPyx:

  • Win 5 online matches in Multiplayer.

    There are multiple competition modes in Multiplayer, such as Team Deathmatch, Infected, Terminal, etc. No matter which one you choose, your objective is to be on the winning team for five times; you need not come in Top 3 for the achievement to count.

    Note: The achievement tracking is glitchy. There are multiple reports about it not unlocking despite having more than five wins. Currently there is no agreed fix apart from clearing system cache and keeping playing.


Secret achievements

  • Kill Kotch before his speech ends.

    During the campaign mission, 'Operation Black Flag: Trap is Sprung', you will hack into a robot and incapacitate Kotch, the main antagonist of the game and the commander of SDF. Interact with Kotch and you will grab his head as he launches into a speech in his last breath. As soon as he talks, use the melee command on him to immediately kill him. Do not wait too long or Kotch will finish talking and die.

    Consult the following video if you need help. Credit goes to PowerPyx:

  • Watch a news cast.

    You return to Retribution upon the completion of 'Operation Port Armor'. After taking the elevator to the bridge level, instead of taking the left path to the bridge, go forward to the end of the hallway, where a group of soldiers are watching TV. Look at the TV for a short while and the achievement will unlock.

  • Go 2 minutes without double jumping or wall running in a mission where these abilities are available

    The first opportunity is the first campaign mission, 'Rising Threat'. During this mission, only walk, run, or jump by pressing once per time; if you press and then hold the button you will enter double jumping, and if you jump towards a smooth wall surface in an acute angle you will enter wall running.

  • Kick open a door, peek open a door, and throw a grenade while peeking a door.

    This has to be done on three different doors; the rinse-and-repeat method does not work. A door is kicked open by pressing . To peek open a door, slowly push the left analog stick forward. Finally, peek open a door and before the door is fully open, press to throw any type of grenade into the room behind. If every opportunity is utilized, this achievement should unlock during 'Operation Port Armor (Civilian Terminal)'.

  • Kill an enemy while floating in your own anti-gravity grenade.

    Anti-gravity grenades are first available in the first campaign mission, 'Rising Threat'. These grenades create a pocket of force field to make everyone levitate for several seconds. As an enemy is floating, walk into the force field as well and then kill him.

    Consult the following video if you need help. Credit goes to PowerPyx:

  • C12



    Kill 3 C12s all 3 ways in one playthrough (right rodeo, left rodeo, and self destruct)

    The C12 is a big robot having rocket launches on its right arm and a machine gun on its left arm. You need to kill three C12s using three different methods: destroying both of its arms so that it self-detonates, destroying its right arm and then jumping on it for a left rodeo, and finally destroying its left arm and then jumping on it for a right rodeo. You need a heavy weapon, e.g. Spartan SA3 rocket launcher to destroy a C12's arms.

    You will encounter the first C12 in the first mission, 'Rising Threat'. Another C12 is a mandatory target during 'Operation Burn Water'. The final C12 is encountered during 'Operation Black Flag'. You can reload checkpoint or restart missions to accumulate all kills.

    Consult the following video if you need help. Credit goes to PowerPyx:

  • In Spaceland, unlock David Hasselhoff.


    Please refer to Sooooul Key (30G) for more details.

  • In Spaceland, find the MW1 and MW2 songs.


    Expected scene: 6-8

    The MW1 and MW2 songs are two of the many easter eggs in Spaceland.

    MW1 song:
    Located in Spaceland are eight "Employees of the Month" boards. On three of these boards, one of the employee photo is replaced by a teddy photo. Shoot all three teddy photos and the MW1 song will play.

    Consult the following video for the locations of all employee boards. Credit goes to Random Chievos:

    MW2 song:
    Scattered all over Spaceland are five physical teddy bears. There are as many as 100 spawn locations for them, including Afterlife, and currently the exact total number of spawn points is unknown. You need to shoot all five physical teddy bears and the game would play the MW2 song. The following video is a temporary guide on most currently known locations. Credit goes to Myopian:

DLC: Sabotage

There are 10 achievements with a total of 150 points

  • In Rave in the Redwoods, recover the piece of Soul Key.

    This achievement is for completing the main Easter Egg on this map. Like with the base game one, it can be done solo, and is probably easier solo.

    Before you can even start working on the Easter Egg, you need to turn on the power, repair the boat to get to the Pack-A-Punch island, and you're ultimately going to want to repair the projector on that island too since you'll need packed guns without a doubt. Refer to the roadmap for this DLC for how to turn on the power and how to repair the boat and projector.

    Once you get to the PaP island, you can talk to Kevin Smith to start the Easter Egg. He's squatting on the rafters above the projector in the cabin on the PaP island. Talking to him spawns a photo shard on the map. Use the zipline to get back, and now you need to head to the Recreation area where the rave is going on. There's a giant statue in this area. Head around behind it, and right next to the Karma wall buy, there is a photo shard on the platform on the ground. Pick it up to add it to the photo.

    Now you need to head to the bonfire (the big fire with the downed tree right by Bear Lodge spawn). On the other side of the fire from the downed tree, you'll get a prompt right in the center to hold button-x.png to place the item. Doing so enters you into Rave Vision, and you may notice a circle of hands coming out of the ground. Your goal here is to shoot off zombie arms. The zombies don't need to be standing in the circle or anything, so don't worry about that. You need to make sure you aim off to their side so the bullets only hit their arms and not their torsos. If done correctly, when the zombie is killed a blue soul will get sucked into the circle. You have a couple minutes to do this (no timer is displayed, unfortunately). If you fail, you lose a random perk, so be aware of that. After around ten successful arm kills, a bunch of blue souls will move around the circle, so get ready. A Slasher will spawn, which is a big masked enemy with a chainsaw. He will charge you, and if he hits you, he'll instantly red-screen you even with Tuff Nuff, meaning one hit will down you. It is highly recommended that you have a PaP gun ready for this, because Slashers are quite tanky. This area is relatively easy though, because you can kite him around the tents/trees so he can't really get you. Once you kill him, he'll drop a max ammo. Head back to where you placed the photo shard and pick up the shard again. You now need to return to Kevin Smith on the island and talk to him to spawn the second photo shard. One down, two to go. Same general process for the next two.

    The second photo shard is upstairs in the Bear Lodge spawn, in the same room as Tuff Nuff. It's actually on the floor as soon as you enter, on your right. This shard needs to be taken to the Recreation area where the rave is, and placed near the tents and the speakers. For this Rave Vision section, you need to shoot zombie legs instead of arms. Regular guns do a pretty terrible job of counting for this. The best option is definitely just getting a shotgun from the wall and aiming at their legs. Same process: shoot legs, ensuring you see the blue soul go to the circle, and after enough, a Slasher will spawn. Kill him, get the max ammo, and pick up the piece again where the shard went. Return to Kevin and talk to him to spawn the third and final piece.

    The third shard is in the basement of Bear Lodge, in the same room where you turned the power on. It's by the guy on the torture device, on a pile of bones in the corner. Pick it up and take it to the lakefront. Once again, place it to enter Rave Vision. This time, you're going for headshots. They can be a little finicky though, so aim high and just do a shot or two. Once again, the Slasher will spawn, so kill him, get the max ammo, and pick up the skull.

    You're actually now able to initiate the boss fight, but before you do it is highly advised that you get better equipped. You may be thinking that your PaP guns are enough, but they aren't. It is definitely ideal to have an upgraded crossbow for the boss fight, particularly the Whirlwind or Acid Rain. Refer to Scrapbooking (15G) for upgrading a crossbow and getting the one you want. Beyond that, you will definitely want all five perks (Tuff Nuff, Quickies, Up N Atoms, Bang Bangs, and probably Racin Stripes). If you can afford it, and you've completed the Zombies in Spaceland Easter Egg, you could double PaP your main gun to help too.

    Once you're ready, head to the basement of Bear Lodge where you turned on the power. Right at the bottom of the steps from the main floor, there are lights on the wall that you need to hold button-x.png on to activate. All players need to do this simultaneously. A horn will sound when done, and now when you head to the boat to take it to the PaP island, Kevin Smith will be in it waiting for you. Taking the boat initiates the boss fight on PaP island.

    Much like the alien boss in Zombies in Spaceland, this boss fight cycles through three times as well. You start each cycle in Rave Vision, with the boss and a nonstop horde of zombies chasing you. There are least two skulls glowing on each side of the island (and up to four total, if you have four players). What you need to do is get zombie kills near the skulls. Their souls will be absorbed, and the skulls will rise higher. You needed probably 30 or so kills near each to raise it to the top, and you need to do this with both skulls relatively quickly or one will start to fall back down. This is where the upgraded crossbow (Acid Rain and Whirlwind) come in extremely handy, because they are one hit kills on huge groups of zombies. Train the zombies up, bring them toward a skull, then turn and kill them near it. With the crossbows, you can just fire a single shot into the group and kill them all. It's extremely effective. Once all skulls are raised, a blue circle will appear on the ground. You need to lure the boss into it, which can be a little annoying since he doesn't always track you; sometimes he just wanders around. Once he touches the circle, Rave Vision ends, and he'll periodically have a blue ring spawn around a body part. You need to shoot at this weak spot until it's destroyed. Repeat this a few times for each weak spot, and then he'll jump up onto some rocks out of reach. A green circle will appear on the ground, and you need to get inside it immediately or you'll be damaged outside. Skeletons will spawn relatively slowly, and you'll need to kill them while staying inside the green circle. Don't be fooled - these skeleton are extremely tanky. However, a single upgraded crossbow shot will take them out. With them dead, the boss jumps back down and the cycle repeats from Rave Vision.

    So that's how the boss fight goes - train zombies, kill them near skulls, lure the boss, shoot weak spots while training zombies, then defend from skeletons. After the third cycle of weak spots, he'll die, you'll get a cutscene, and then you can grab the Soul Key piece from where he died, unlocking this achievement.
  • In Rave in the Redwoods, earn 100 kills with an upgraded crossbow.

    Refer to Scrapbooking (15G) for how to unlock the crossbow and then upgrade it. Once you have any of the four crossbows, you need to get 100 kills with a single bow in a single game. This isn't cumulative across all bows and all games.

    If you follow my advice for the Easter Egg and bring an upgraded bow with you to the boss fight, you will far surpass 100 kills by the time you finish the fight. If you just want to knock this out quickly, follow Scrapbooking (15G) to get the bow early on, just do a single of the four upgrades (preferably Acid Rain or Whirlwind), and then train up zombies each round before firing a shot into the mob to get huge kills with a single shot (since your ammo is pretty limited with the bows). My favorite place to train up zombies is on PaP island, since there's so much open space there.
  • In Rave in the Redwoods, stay in Rave Vision for 5 minutes after scene 10.

    NOTE: This achievement is notoriously glitchy, especially in co-op. Many people have reported it doesn't unlock in co-op, and the main problem seems to be that the entire co-op party must stay in Rave Vision the entire time for it to count. I also had problems solo, which I discuss at the end.

    Entering Rave Vision requires you to collect a pouch, which zombies will drop at random. Once you have one, you can hold button-x.png near any fire to toss the pouch in, and you'll enter Rave Vision, which turns everything psychedelic. By default, Rave Vision will last around 30 seconds. To extend it, you need to run around the map and find little groups of butterflies. When near a group, you'll see a prompt on the bottom of the screen to hold button-x.png to talk to the fairies. This fills up your Rave Vision meter halfway (adds another 15 seconds). To make it as efficient as possible, let your Rave Vision meter drain at least halfway before you interact with fairies, so you don't waste it. Your Rave Vision meter is the yellow box around the outside of your character's picture in the lower left corner.

    The catch here is that this must be done after scene 10. Why this is more challenging is because, starting at scene 10, a Slasher will spawn every time you enter Rave Vision. These are the big guys with the chainsaws that you fight during the Easter Egg steps, and they are quite the tanks. If you've already completed the Easter Egg, the best thing to do is, down next to the power switch, there is the weapon Smiley that you can pick up. This is the Slasher's saw. Once you have it, you can simply hold lt.png (do NOT use rt.png) and walk up to the Slasher, standing there until he dies. This will kill him in a couple seconds, and make it far easier to run from fairy to fairy to keep Rave Vision going. You can then just kite a single zombie around as you do it.

    As for the fairies, they seem to spawn in the same spots every time, and they reset every scene. There are always around five in the cabin area (one as you enter from the Mess Hall, two or three by the campfire, one by the exit to the mines, and one at the entrance to the uppermost cabin that circles back to the entrance). There are also another four at least in the mine area (one at each upper entrance/exit, one by the minecart in the middle, and one on your way out toward Recreation). Those nine or ten are already enough to last for five minutes, not to mention others you'll likely find, as long as you use them appropriately. This achievement will unlock mid Rave Vision once you cross five minutes. You don't have to let Rave Vision end for the achievement to trigger.

    Alternatively, you can wait this achievement out during the boss fight at the end of the Easter Egg. The boss fight starts out in Rave Vision and stays there permanently until you progress the fight by charging up the skulls. You can simply enter the boss fight (after scene 10, of course) and then just kite the zombies and boss around for five minutes.

    Lastly, I just want to mention that I had many problems getting this achievement to unlock, even solo. Ultimately, what endedup working for me was turning on the power, repairing the boat, and repairing the projector, all before I did this with fairies on scene 11. I did it on scene 11-13 two other times where the achievement didn't unlock (I used a timer that went up to 7-8 minutes before I gave up), and the only thing I did different was ensure I turned on the power and repaired the boat. So, I recommend doing those things before attempting this, if you're going to do it with the fairies. If you're doing it during the boss fight, you have to do all those things anyway.
  • In Rave in the Redwoods, kill the Slasher with his weapon.

    This achievement isn't possible until you've completed the Easter Egg for this map.

    Once you've completed the Easter Egg (doesn't have to be in the same game; can be in any game after too), head down to the power switch in the basement of Bear Lodge, and you'll be able to interact with a weapon called Smiley to pick it up. This is the Slasher's saw. To kill him with it, simply hold lt.png (do NOT use rt.png) and just walk up to him, standing next to him until he dies, unlocking this achievement.

    Spawning a Slasher will either require you to reach the first part of the Easter Egg where one spawns, or enter Rave Vision any time after scene 10. As soon as one spawns, run right up to him with lt.png held down and you'll kill him in a couple seconds, and unlock this achievement.
  • In Rave in the Redwoods, ride every zipline.

    There are only four ziplines to ride, but all four must be rode in a single game. Three of the four are accessed from the top floor of Bear Lodge (the spawn), but you'll need to turn on the power to access the top floor, and you'll need to open up the areas that the ziplines take you to (one goes to the cabins, one goes to Recreation, and one goes to the lake).

    The fourth zipline is the one you have to take to get from PaP island back to the main map. Refer to the roadmap for accessing the island.

    Once you've ridden all four in a single game, you'll unlock this achievement.
  • In Rave in the Redwoods, complete your photo collection and mementos.

    This achievement requires you to collect and complete all four photos, and collect and complete all 12 charms. This will take a bit of work, and be aware that you'll need to complete all steps of the Easter Egg for this achievement except for actually beating the boss. If you collect all 12 charms and do everything with the photos, this achievement will unlock on your boat ride to the boss fight.

    There are four photos. The boat photo is completed by repairing the boat to go to PaP island, and the projector photo is completed by opening up the PaP portal Both of these are described in the roadmap. That's the first and third photos done. The fourth photo is specific to the main Easter egg, and is described in Locksmith (15G). The photo will be completed when you take the boat to the boss fight at the end of the Easter egg. The second photo is therefore the only one left that needs explaining, and it's for upgrading all four crossbows. It would be quite challenging to explain this photo and its requirements in text, so please use the following video. Full credit to the creator, Dalek. 

    The charms would be very difficult to describe in words, and there are three possible spawn locations for all 12 of the charms. Instead, use the video below to locate them all. Note that two of the charms, the Pacifier and the Shovel, require you to complete an additional mini "challenge" to activate them. The rest just require you to find them and then place them in a set spot. Full credit to Dalek for the video. 

    Once you have all 12 completed (i.e. colored) charms and all four photos have a bloody thumbprint on them, you'll unlock this achievement. Ideally, you'd get all 12 charms, and then do all four crossbows for the second photo to give it its bloody thumbprint. The thumbprint on the boat and projector photos will happen naturally as you start the Easter egg, and the final photo is required for the Easter egg. If all is done properly, this achievement will unlock after you finish the boat ride to the boss fight (that's when the bloody thumbprint appears on the Easter egg photo).
  • In Rave in the Redwoods, Pack-a-Punch a weapon.

    Refer to the roadmap for how to turn on the power and reach PaP island, as well as repairing the PaP machine.

    Once you've done that, simply head into the portal with any gun and $5000, and Pack your gun, unlocking this achievement.
  • In Rave in the Redwoods, earn all camp badges.

    There are five camp badges to earn on this map, and camp badges here take the place of challenges that NE1L could give you in Zombies in Spaceland. There are five signposts, and interacting with one gives you a challenge. You have as long as you want to complete this challenge. You need to complete all five challenges to unlock this achievement. The five challenge posts, their locations, and the challenges are as follows:
    1. Repulsor Post - Rebuild 45 window barriers - at the lake area, tucked back by the wooden structure the buildings are on
    2. Transponder Post - 25 kills from a distance (enemies will be outlined in white when they're far enough away to count) - this is located in the Cabins area. As you exit the Mines into the Cabins area, make a left at the fork and go uphill. The post is on the left between the second and third cabins, and it's the hardest to see of the five because it's not well lit
    3. Armageddon Post - 25 kills of crawling zombies - from spawn in the Bear Lodge, leave from the side door (not the exit next to the fireplace) and the post is on your left right after you go down the steps from the wooden patio
    4. Black Hole Grenade Post - 10 multikills - this is found in the Cabins area. If you enter from the Mess Hall wooden walkway, this post is at the first cabin on your left as you reach the area
    5. Rewind Post - 15 melee kills - located right outside spawn. Leave out the exit next to the fireplace, and it's right at the bottom of the stairs by the Banshee wall buy
    Obviously your first priority should be Rewind for the melee kills, since those are much easier on early waves than in later waves. The rest are pretty straightforward, with the only exception being crawling zombie kills. Worst case, use your grenades to make zombies crawlers and then kill them, but ideally you'd get a launcher from the Magic Wheel, or PaP the Kendalls.

    Complete all five in the same game to unlock this achievement.

Secret achievements

  • In Rave in the Redwoods, unlock Kevin Smith.

    This achievement first requires you to complete the Easter Egg in this map. Refer to Locksmith (15G) for doing so. Once you've picked up the piece of Soul Key and unlocked that achievement, you can unlock Kevin Smith.

    To do this, from the Zombies menu, choose a game (solo, custom, etc.), and from that menu, before starting a game, you need to input the following code on the directional pad, and you need to do it quite quickly:

    dpad-right.png dpad-left.png dpad-left.png dpad-down.png dpad-down.png dpad-right.png

    If done correctly (and fast enough), a picture of Kevin Smith will appear in the bottom center of the screen. You'll now play as him in your next Zombies game. Start up the match and this achievement will unlock right after you start.
  • In Rave in the Redwoods, find the hidden song.

    Like with Zombies in Spaceland, the hidden song involves finding collectibles, but unlike the chaos of the collectibles in that map, the symbols here are in the same spots every time, and all are in the spawn area (Bear Lodge). There are ten symbols you need to activate, and this is done by entering Rave Vision and then aiming down sights at them (you do NOT need to shoot them). All ten are always in the same place, so you just need to run to reach and ADS at it to get it to count. Note that this can be done over multiple instances of Rave Vision, and if playing in a group, all of you contribute toward the same ten (meaning if one person gets five, the other person can get the other five and you'll both get the achievement). Entering Rave Vision will first require you to get a pouch drop from a zombie randomly, so you might need to play a few waves to get one. You'll also need to turn on the power so you have access to the upstairs of Bear Lodge for most symbols.

    The catch here is that if you enter Bear Lodge with Rave Vision, a Slasher will spawn. In my experience, this Slasher is invincible, as I've unloaded an absurd amount of PaP guns into him and have never been able to kill him. You're therefore stuck getting these symbols with a Slasher chasing you, which is pretty annoying. I recommend playing it safe and just going for a few symbols each time, so you don't risk dying, and then come back in a later scene when you have another pouch to do more symbols. This one is definitely easier in co-op with multiple people working on the symbols together.

    For the locations of the symbols, refer to the following video. Full credit to the creator, Dalek. 

DLC: Continuum

There are 10 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • In Shaolin Shuffle, find and collect all bios for AJ, Andre, Poindexter and Sally.

    This achievement requires four separate playthroughs with each of the four characters. The process is virtually identical regardless of who you play as, aside from one minor item. Unfortunately, you can't choose who to play as (it's random at the start of every game), and you also can't track in-game which characters you've unlocked bios for; you need to keep a mental note or make a note somewhere.

    The process is relatively simple once you watch a video and know what you're doing. You'll first need to open up the whole map, from the spawn all the way over to Pink Cat, and turn on the power everywhere so the whole map is open. You'll then need to reach scene 5 so that you can talk to Pam Grier in the dojo by spawn and get a Chi style (any will do). Use your Chi melee attacks to open up the two Chi barriers on the rooftop of Inferno (head up to the roof, and there will be one barrier at the edge of the roof looking over toward the Pink Cat, and another barrier in the middle of the roof blocking off an open skylight window in the middle). On top of that, you need to use your Chi melee to break open four portal doors:
    1. One is right next to Blue Bolts, which is the left corner of the Pink Cat
    2. One is at the base of the left stairs going into the Subway by the Pink Cat (loop around to your left when you get to the base of the stairs)
    3. One is right next to Racing Stripes on the roof above Heebie Jeebies
    4. One is in the alley next to Heebie Jeebies, in the little loading dock area
    Melee each open to create portals. Now the only other thing you absolutely need is Racing Stripes perk, so make sure you buy that if you don't have it.

    NOTE: This isn't required for any steps but it makes one much easier. I highly recommend crafting the Boombox on the roof by Racing Stripes. It's really quick and easy to do (refer to Some Assembly Required (15G) if you don't know how), and it takes all the difficulty out of a later step in this process.

    As for the bios, there are three independent sets of collectibles you need to get in a certain amount of time. I will explain briefly in words below, but you absolutely want to watch a video below, because I was able to do it first try after watching a video. There are three little clocks around the map. For each one, you need to hold button-x.png on it to activate it. You'll go into a tunel vision to know it's active. Once done, you need to run to two separate items and melee them to collect them before time runs out. Their locations are:
    1. One clock is on the front desk of the Inferno, on ground floor looking out toward the Pink Cat. Activate this one, then you need to punch an object on the pallet right next to Blue Bolts, head through the portal door right next to you, then do a 180 to your left to find another object on the ledge of the rooftop.
    2. One clock is on the roof of the Inferno, right by the Magic Wheel. Hit it, then run to the open skylight in the middle of the roof, drop down, do a 180, and find the object on your right at the end of the catwalk. You'll automatically rewind after a set time. Immediately head right to the edge of the rooftop to find the second item
    3. One clock is in the subway nearest Pink Cat. Head down the left stairs and it's near the bottom of the stairs against the wall. Hit it, run through the nearby portal door to exit in the alley by Heebie Jeebies. Run down toward Bombstoppers and find an item on the dumpster to the left of it. You'll again rewind back automatically, back to the subway. Jump across the tracks and go left to find the second item on the ground near the perk machine
    As noted, these are all independent of each other and can be done in any order. Just be aware that if you fail one, you need to wait until the next wave to do any of them. If you're successful, you can do all three in the same wave.

    Once all three clocks and pairs of objects are completed, you now need to go to your character's TV. There are four on the map, one per character:
    1. AJ - Right by Blue Bolts, outside the Pink Cat
    2. Sally - Inside the train in the subway room you spawn in
    3. Poindexter - On the rooftops, go up the steps by Racing Stripes and it's around the corner
    4. Andre - Enter Heebie Jeebies from the dojo and it's on your left
    When you get to the TV specific for your character, hold button-x.png on it to change its channel. Repeat this until the TV shows a picture of your character. Once it does, Ninja Zombies will spawn. They can be quite challenging to deal with if you aren't prepared. This is where the Boombox you crafted earlier comes in handy. As soon as your picture pops up on the TV, place the Boombox down. All Ninja Zombies will just stand around it, and you can freely kill them all without worrying about dying.

    With the Ninja Zombies dead, there is one last step, but it's pretty easy: you need to punch all three clocks from above in a set amount of time. This is most easily done by going onto the roof of Inferno and starting with that clock. Melee it, then drop off the side of the roof that you opened with your Chi earlier, and run to the front desk of the Inferno. Melee that clock, then turn around back outside and make a left to go down to the subway. Stay left, and melee the final clock at the base of the steps. If done fast enough (this seemed way more lenient than the steps above), you'll automatically trigger a Fire Sale. Head back up the stairs to your left and use the Magic Wheel to get the Nunchucks. Using the Magic Wheel is what triggers the completion of this step for a single character.

    With that all done, you now need to repeat it all for the other three characters. If you start a game and you're not the right character, you'll need to leave and start a new game until you spawn as the correct character. Do this for all four characters to unlock this achievement.

    Here is a video guide showing everything I've detailed above, courtesy of Buzzsaw Gaming. 
  • In Shaolin Shuffle, complete Skullbuster.

    This achievement requires you to acquire six skulls on the map to activate the Skullbuster arcade game, then complete the arcade game. The arcade cabinet is located on the second floor of the Inferno, right by the entrance to the side room that leads to the alley. Note that the first skull has an item that could potentially spawn in a spot only accessible by completing part of the main Easter egg. I recommend checking that first and if it isn't in its two other potential locations, just start a new game unless you want to progress the main Easter egg too.

    Here are the six skulls:
    1. The first skull is activated by cleaning the arcade machine, and doing so requires you to find a spray bottle and a cloth. Each of these can spawn in three different locations. As noted above, the cloth has a spawn that is only accessible by completing a bunch of steps of the main Easter egg. I therefore recommend immediately checking the two other cloth locations, and if it isn't there and you don't want to waste time on Easter egg steps, just start a new game to change the spawn. The other two cloth spawns are either: on a box in the Rat King's lair. Go up to the "throne" and look on the box to the left of it. The other spawn is on the roof of Inferno. Head to the corner where the Magic Wheel is, and look on the pallet just to the left. The spray bottle can either be on the floor in Heebie Jeebies, by a stripper poll on the second floor of the Inferno near the DJ booth, or in the second subway (the one with the train tracks) on a stack of newspapers by the lockers
    2. The second skull requires you to collect some Mahjong tiles. On the roof of the Inferno, there is now a little set of Mahjong tiles standing up by the skylight. You need to find three or four more files to first complete the set. Refer to the video below for their locations. Once you have them, fill in all the empty spots with the tiles. With them all filled in, use THIS SOLVER to find the solution. What you want to do is open that link, and then input all of your tiles into it, in any order. It will take your tiles and spit out the solution that gives you the highest points (the top option for "calculated hands"). You need to just rearrange your tiles on the roof to put them in the order the solver shows. Once they're in the correct order, fireworks will go off.
    3. The third skull requires shooting some windows to write 1972. This step is way too complex to describe in words. Use the video below. What I will say is that I used the UDM for this step with great success. It's available to buy on the hood of the car outside the dojo, has no recoil, and a big enough clip for all four numbers. If you mess up any numbers, you need to wait until the next scene to try again
    4. The fourth skull requires some potentially annoying platforming. You'll need to wait until at least scene 5 so you can get Chi from Pam in the dojo. Then, head up to the rooftops, go through the door up the steps next to Racing Stripes, and turn around the roof to the left to find a Chi barrier you can open, opposite the stairs leading down to the back garden. Open that Chi barrier and you'll see a small while circle that you need to jump to. What you need to do is jump to it, and then jump across the randomized white circles without falling, reaching the skull all the way at the end. Easier said than done though, as this can be quite frustrating. If you fall, you have to wait until the next scene to try again. My advice is to do a sprint jump to the first platform by jumping early. From the first platform, you don't need to sprint to reach any other white platforms. Just gauge your jump and try to land in the center. Be quick, because the platforms will disappear if you take too long. This step can be really frustrating but keep at it and you'll get better
    5. The fifth skull requires someone to sacrifice themselves. If you're solo, you'll need Up N Atoms. If in co-op, it isn't a concern. Head to the second subway (not the one you spawn in, but the one with the train by Pink Cat). The fifth skull is on the front of the train, meaning you're going to get killed by the train to get it. The easiest way is to stand on the train tracks and wait for the lights to turn green signaling the train is coming. When it comes, just jump up right before it hits you, and you'll get the skull as you die/get downed
    6. The sixth skull requires you to use any of the payphones in either subway area. Head to any of the pay phones and hold button-x.png to use them. Enter the phone number 555-0152 and stay still. Listen to the short recording until it hangs up. The machine is now active. If you fail the game, you need to do the phone number again
    With the machine on, you now need to beat it. In my opinion, this skull game is incredibly easy. It's a puzzle game this time around, where you need to hit the white question marks with the correct color cubes to match three colors of a kind to eliminate them from the board. There is only one correct solution to each randomized puzzle. How I solve these is to first identify any obvious correct sets of three by looking for pairs of the same colored skulls. For example, if you see two red skulls with a white one in between (either vertically or horizontally), it's basically a guarantee that the white question between them needs to be red, so hit it with a red cube to eliminate those three. Once you take care of those, I start with any corner and work my way across. Sets of three can be in a L shape too, not just horizontal or vertical. Maybe you'll get the corner one wrong, but it should only be wrong once, because you're matching it to either adjacent colored skull. Once you get a corner, it becomes pretty easy to use logic and process of elimination to work your way across a board and clear it out. Each of the three waves gets progressively bigger, but don't be intimidated. The process is the same for each one. Here's an example and how to solve it:

    ?  B  ?  Y
    B  ?  R  ?
    ?  G  ?  R

    B is blue, R is red, Y is yellow, and G is green.

    To solve it, you don't have any pairs of colors across from a question mark either horizontally or vertically, so no easy ones. Next step is to check the corners. The upper left corner ? has to be the same color as one of the adjacent skulls. Both are blue, meaning the upper left ? has to be blue. Hit it with a blue cube to be left with:

            ?  Y
        ?  R  ?
    ?  G  ?  R

    Next, look at the upper right corner. There's a yellow skull there by itself. The only possible way it's going to match with two other yellows is if both question marks it's touching are also yellow. So, hit the top ? with a yellow cube and hit the rightmost ? with a yellow cube, eliminating the three yellows and you're left with:

        ?  R
    ?  G  ?  R

    From here it's pretty easy to see where the reds need to connect: bottom middle question mark. That leaves the remaining two question marks that need to be green.

    This is the process I use to solve each puzzle, and I've never failed this arcade game. You get three strikes, so don't worry too much about making a mistake. Once you finish all three waves, you'll unlock this achievement.

    Here's a video, courtesy of GregFPS, that shows all of the skulls detailed above. 
  • In Shaolin Shuffle, Pack-A-Punch the final Weapon.

    The "final Weapon" is the katana on the wall inside the dojo (on the right wall when facing Pam). It is only available after you've completed the main Easter egg (refer to Pest Control (35G) for doing so). In the same game where you completed the Easter egg, it'll be free to pick up. In all subsequent games, you can buy it off the wall for $10,000. Once you have it, head to Pack-A-Punch and pay the $5000 to pack it, unlocking this achievement.
  • In Shaolin Shuffle, recover one piece of the Soul Key.

    This achievement is for completing this map's main Easter egg and beating the boss fight. This Easter egg is notably more involved than Spaceland and Rave, which were both pretty simple and didn't require a whole lot of thought. Activating power and opening the Pack-A-Punch portal are both necessities that can be read about in the roadmap, but I'm not even going to attempt to described all of the steps in text form, with how many different objects you need to find and different locations and rationale and ciphers and morse code and whatnot. The below video, made by Dalek, a well known COD Zombies player, does a great job of walking through the steps for this Easter egg.

    One other thing worth noting is that a very notorious "god mode" glitch exists on this map. It essentially kills all enemies that come near you, making you virtually invincible. Just be aware that the train can still kill you, as can the Rat King boss with his staff attacks if you aren't careful. Here is a very good tutorial video describing how to activate this glitch. Full credit to the content creator.

    Here is the video from Dalek showing all of the Easter egg steps.
  • In Shaolin Shuffle, max all Chi abilities in a single game.

    This achievement requires you to level up all four Chi abilities to max level (level 3) in a single game. To do this, you'll first need to advance to scene 5 and talk to Pam in the dojo, since that enables to use of Chi abilities. There are four Chi abilities, but leveling them up is identical for each one:
    1. First level - get melee kills with Chi active
    2. Second level - get Shuriken kills with rb.png while Chi is active
    3. Third level - get kills with the lb.png special ability while Chi is active
    My favorite place to train zombies to level up Chi abilities is in the Rat King's lair (turn on power, and then enter it from either subway station. It's a giant round open room, perfect for training zombies.

    It's important to note that you Chi runs out after a certain number of attacks. There are two ways to refill your Chi:
    • Finish the current scene, and the Chi jugs will respawn as soon as the next scene starts
    • Wait five minutes of ingame time, and the Chi jugs will respawn
    • To reduce how far into the scenes you need to get for this achievement, even though it's longer and more tedious, I recommend using the latter method. For example, you get a bunch of Shuriken kills but still need 10 more, and you're out of Chi, but there are many zombies left. Killing them all to advance to the next scene would be faster, but it's a waste of all those zombies. Instead, you can just train them around for five minutes until the jugs respawn.
    Speaking of jugs respawning, note that only your currently equipped Chi will respawn in those jugs around the map (one of which is handily right in the Rat King's lair). If you want to change to a different Chi style, you need to return to the dojo and pick a different color.

    Because you can switch Chi styles, and because each Chi style requires melee kills, it would be very risky to do each Chi style to max level one at a time. The reason for this is because by the time you get to your fourth Chi style, and need to get melee kills with it for its first level, you'll already likely be at scene 15 or later, making it very dangerous to try for melee kills with a ton of zombies coming after you. As a result, I highly recommend doing all four Chi melee kills one after another first. Once they're done, the Shuriken kills and special ability kills are all easy to do on a train of zombies. For the Shuriken kills, it's worth noting that you can hold rb.png to charge up the Shuriken, and then if you jump and throw it, it'll auto target three zombies. This is the fastest way to get Shuriken kills.

    Once all four Chi abilities are maxed out, which will likely take you to scene 20-25 somewhere, you'll unlock this achievement.
  • In Shaolin Shuffle, collect all the newspaper clippings.

    The newspaper clippings in this map are for activating Pack-A-Punch and completing the main Easter egg. Doing these two things will unavoidably unlock this achievement. Refer to the roadmap for activating Pack-A-Punch, and refer to Pest Control (35G) for the Easter egg clippings.
  • In Shaolin Shuffle, build all the craftable items in a game.

    There are five craftable items in this map, and none require anything special or any drops from zombies. You simply need to find three Mahjong tiles for each of the five tables, place the tiles, and the item will be crafted. The following video shows all locations, since it would be a ton of text to try to describe them all. Note that you actually need to pick up each craftable item, not just craft it. Pick up all five to unlock this achievement. Full credit for the video below to its creator, Buzzsaw Gaming.

Secret achievements

  • In Shaolin Shuffle, find the hidden song.

    This map's hidden song requires you to find and interact with six boomboxes by holding button-x.png on them. There are around 13 different spawn locations, so it isn't bad to track them down. Only one requires you to advance the scenes to at least scene 5, because it is in a location only accessible by opening a Chi barrier. Describing the locations in text would be quite challenging, so refer to the following video for all spawn locations. Full credit to the creator.
  • In Shaolin Shuffle, defeat the final boss with the special guest.

    This achievement requires you to first complete the main Easter egg (see Pest Control (35G)), which allows you to unlock Pam Grier as a playable character. To play as her, enter the following code on the Zombies menu with Shaolin Shuffle selected as your film. Note that it needs to be done quickly.

    dpad-up.png dpad-up.png dpad-right.png dpad-left.png dpad-down.png dpad-left.png

    Once you're playing as her, you now need to complete the main Easter egg again, defeating the Rat King. The steps in Pest Control (35G) are identical, so repeat it again while playing as Pam to unlock this achievement.
  • The end of the longest journey is a single step.

    This achievement unlocks partway through the main Easter egg, and is therefore unavoidabl while completing it. Refer to Pest Control (35G) for the Shaolin Shuffle Easter egg.

DLC: Absolution

There are 8 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • In Attack of the Radioactive Thing, recover the piece of the Soul Key.

    This achievement is for completing this map's main Easter egg and beating the boss fight. This Easter egg is, by far, the most complex and involved one in the entire game. Activating power and opening the Pack-A-Punch portal are both necessities that can be read about in the roadmap, but I'm not even going to attempt to described all of the steps in text form, with how many different objects you need to find and different locations and rationale and changing colors and whatnot. The following video, made by Dalek, a well known COD Zombies player, does a great job of walking through the steps for this Easter egg. Two things I will note:
    • Make sure you have a Mana Up card equipped in your loadout. It can be used to bypass the final step of the boss fight
    • You can make the second phase of the boss fight much easier by crafting the mind control device at the motel pool before you head into the boss fight.
    It's worth noting that there is a missable achievement at the very end of this Easter egg for putting in the bomb code(s) first try. Definitely refer to Belly of the Beast (40G) before the boss fight so you can try for it on your Easter egg attempt. Also be aware that there is an achievement, Dear Diary (15G), that can only be unlocked in a game where you've already completed the Easter egg. So, once you do successfully complete it, make sure to refer to that achievement to listen to all of Willard's recording before quitting.

    As for the boss fight itself, I find it quite easy despite the complex and convoluted steps leading up to it. You first need to escort the bomb along its path, but don't worry, you don't need to protect it. Just kill zombies that are coming from the beach, and watch out for the yellow balls the boss launches into the air. If done properly, you can actually jump on top of the bomb near the start of its path with a proper crouch jump. This not only means no zombies can reach you, but the boss even stops shooting its yellow balls at you when you're up there.

    Once the bomb gets to the beach, it'll launch into the boss. Now you need to get on one of the many mounted guns (there's one on the little hill in the center, and one off to each side on the cliffs) and shoot at the green weak spot on the boss's chest. This is where the mind control device comes in very handy. Place it on the path leading to the gun you're using, and no zombies will bother you. It lasts for quite a while too, giving you plenty of time to finish this step. If the boss shoots a laser at you, don't worry, it can't kill you. If the boss lifts up its claws, run. It's going to smash the ground where you are, and this instantly downs you. After three shots to its weak spot, this phase is done.

    The third phase requires you to run to the bomb carriage and hold button-x.png on it (the whole team needs to do this simultaneously). Now you need to get back all the way to where you entered the arena. The boss will slowly fill up the arena with radioactive waste all over the ground, preventing you from moving around much. Stay in the back, shoot zombies, and try to shoot the green balls out of the air before they land and spawn crogs. Here is where the Mana Up card can come in handy. Once the boss covers the entire area (this will be obvious, because he covers it a third at a time, so once it's green all the way up to you, you know it's covered), he will shoot three sets of green crog eggs into the air. After the third set of eggs, lasers will cover the arena. Your goal is to dodge these lasers to reach the bomb carriage before time runs out. However, with Mana Up, you can bypass the laser step. Instead of waiting for the third volley of green crog eggs, after the second volley, pop Mana Up and sprint up to the bomb carriage. Go right up against it, and turn and fire to kill any enemies chasing you. Mana Up recovers health as fast as the radioactive waste drains it, so you're safe. Then, the lasers will spawn but you'll already be past them, and you can simply hold button-x.png on the carriage to enter the boss's stomach. You only get to do this once though, since it'll use up your only Mana Up card. If you fail or don't have that card equipped, don't fret, as the laser step isn't as hard as people make it seem. It's easy to follow the path to the right side of the hill, but here's what you need to do:
    1. As soon as the lasers spawn, crouch and walk under the first laser, then immediately sprint forward and jump over the second laser
    2. Sprint to the second pair of lasers, and jump over the first one, and immediately when you land from your jump, hold button-b.png to slide under the second one
    3. Get up and immediately start sprinting (hopefully to the right on the rightmost path around the central hill) toward the three high lasers. Slide under them, and make sure you're all the way through before you stand back up
    4. Immediately sprint towards the final three lasers, and jump at the last moment to jump over all three
    Easier said than done, but it only took me one or two attempts to be able to do it every time, so you'll get the hang of it. Everyone in the group needs to do this at the same time, and everyone needs to hold button-x.png on the carriage at the same time to be teleported into the boss's stomach

    Once inside the stomach, it's time to enter the bomb code(s). There will be a spot for each member of the group to enter a code, but it's the same code for everyone. This is where Belly of the Beast (40G) is unlocked. Everyone in the group needs to enter the code first time inside the stomach and without getting three strikes. This is very challenging, as the light moves incredibly fast over the numbers that you need to choose. If someone is good at this (and you have a "good" bomb code, such as one without any ones or twos in it), they can actually put in their code, then hop over to your spot and put yours in for you. If they can do it, it'll successfully complete the Easter egg, and if it's first try, you'll unlock Belly of the Beast (40G) too even if they put in your code for you. If you fail, you start back at the beginning of phase three (holding button-x.png on the carriage and then the boss slowly fills the arena with radioactive waste) and have to do all those steps over again. Once you enter the bomb codes, the boss is defeated and this achievement unlocks during the cutscene.

    Here is a video courtesy of Dalek that explains all the Easter egg steps. Full credit to him.

    Here is a video showing how to make the boss fight as easy as possible. It shows the mind control device being utilized, and the Mana Up card being used to skip the laser step. Full credit to the creator of this video.
  • In Attack of the Radioactive Thing, complete Skullhop.

    NOTE 1: There is a bug on this map where, if you fail the Skullhop arcade game, the machine shuts off and you can't attempt it again. On other maps, you got unlimited tries, you just had to redo the sixth skull step. Not so here, thanks to a bug. However, there is a workaround for this, but it requires you (or someone on your team) to have a Skullhacker card available. This arcade game is very difficult, so it is highly recommended to do this workaround. There is pretty much no way you will beat this game first try. How the workaround works is that you are going to get the first five skulls like normal, as described below. After getting the fifth skull, use the Skullhacker card. This will activate the arcade machine. Enter it and purposely fail the game (the Skullhacker card disables this achievement). You'll be back outside with five skulls. Now, you can do the sixth skull, and if you fail, you can keep reactivating the machine as described below, without worrying about it turning off.

    NOTE 2: This arcade game is by far the hardest of all the maps. I'm not convinced it's even possible solo. It is highly recommended to get together a group of at least three people before attempting the arcade game, or your chances of success are very slim.

    Before getting the skulls, make sure you turn on power (see roadmap). I also highly recommend buying the TF-141 from the motel by the pool. It is practically required for the first skull, and makes it much easier to see for the fourth skull.
    1. The first skull requires you to shoot five skulls around the map. They can spawn in ten different locations, a few of which are only visible with a sniper rifle scope. See the video below for all the spawn locations
    2. The second skull is a simple one too. Head to the gas station on the main street, and there is a little yellow device on the ground by the pumps. Hold button-x.png on it to pick it up. Now head to the ice cream shop (next to the power station. From the ice cream shop, as you walk toward the power station, look to your right to see a little radioactive crater on the ground, in the radioactive area. You need to run up to it, hold button-x.png to place the device, then run back, all before the radioactive damage downs you. Tuff Nuff is practically a must here. With the device placed there, you need to wait around five minutes for it to charge up. You'll hear it beep around once every minute. Once time is up, you'll hear it continually beep over and over. This means it's time to pick it up. Run in, grab it, and get out. That's the second skull done
    3. The third skull requires you to take that device, which is now a usable trap with dpad-left.png, and place it in the pool at the motel. What you need to do now is get exactly 16 zombie kills in the pool trap with the device placed in the pool. You'll first need to repair the pool trap, which requires you to grab the gas can from the truck back toward Elvira's studio. Now you need to group up exactly 16 zombies. This can be a huge pain to try to count, but thankfully there is nothing random about the number of zombies that spawn per round, so you can calculate how many you have. For example, if playing solo, scene 4 spawns 18 zombies. This means you can kill two as the scene is starting, then let all of the rest spawn, train them up, and take them to the trap. Use THIS CALCULATOR to determine how many zombies you have. What you need to do is make sure the game mode is set to NORMAL (this is the applicable mode for Infinite Warfare zombies. Then, simply enter the number of players in your group, and then the scene, and it'll tell you how many zombies spawn in that scene. It is way too risky to attempt this at the start of a scene, because while zombies are dying in the trap, more could spawn and enter the trap and ruin your 16 kills. You therefore want to see how many zombies spawn in a scene, subtract 16 from the total, and kill that many zombies to ensure that only 16 are left at the end. Then, train them up (it's really easy to do in the street between the pool and the trailer park), head to the pool, run through it and activate the trap. Once all 16 zombies die (and it must be exactly 16), you'll have your third skull
    4. The fourth skull is the most complex step. It involves going to the ice cream shop first, where the Skullhop arcade game is, and look at the wall facing the power station. There will be a word written on the wall in white text, such as "chlorination," or "ethyl," or typically something chemical related. You'll need to note down this word. Now head to the playground right next to the shop. There are two swingsets, and each swingset has two red symbols in a circle glowing in front of each swing. The symbol farthest from the ice cream shop is symbol 1, and the one closest to the ice cream shop is number 4. Rather than try to explain this entire step in words, watch THIS VIDEO for an excellent explanation. Don't be intiminated by this step. It takes some time, but there's nothing challenging about it. Use the spreadsheet in the above video's description. What you do with the spreadsheet is enter your word from the ice cream shop wall, one letter at a time, in the sheet. Now you'll see sections for 1, 11, 111, 1111, etc., on the sheet. What you want to do is first note all of the symbols by the swingsets, and use THIS IMAGE to translate each symbol to a letter. Enter the symbol farthest from the ice cream shop, symbol 1, in the field next to "1" in the sheet. Do the same for symbols "2" "3" and "4." Now it's time to start populating the sheet with 11, 111, 1111, etc. This is again where the TF-141 comes in handy, since it makes it much easier to see the letters you're creating on the big white screen. Start filling in your sheet with what letter the combinations create, and you'll see solutions start populating under the letters of your word. As soon as each letter of your word has a solution under it, you're done filling out the sheet. You should rarely, if ever, need to fill it out all the way to 4444 at the end. Now that you have a solution for each letter, the solution shows which order of symbols to input to get that letter. Input that combination by the swingsets, and then shoot the correct letter up higher on the screen to confirm it. You'll get a skull sound for each correct letter confirmed. Once you've fulled spelled out your code word, the fourth and most convoluted skull in the game is finally done
    5. The fifth skull can be pretty annoying, especially solo. While it's possible with regular guns, it relies on some luck and great aim/reflexes. You can make this skull much easier by upgrading your Kendall at the Pack-A-Punch so it shoots explosives. Refer to the roadmap for opening PaP. What you need to do for this step is return to the motel pool and interact with the yellow device you placed there, and it'll equip it as a trap with dpad-left.png. You need to go to four different portraits of Willard Wyler around the map, hold button-x.png on one to activate a time warp bubble around it, place the yellow device on the ground inside the bubble, then melee the yellow device. This will trigger little black ghost things to spawn in the air in the bubble. They will dart around. Your goal is to shoot enough of them before the bubble goes away. My experience with this is that 5 ghosts are required if solo, but more depending on co-op. You'll hear a noise to indicate you've hit one successfully. This is where the PaP Kendalls come in. These black things dart around quickly and often, making them a real pain to hit. With the PaP Kendalls (or any explosive gun), you can just shoot in the general area and the explosive damage will hit them. This makes this step far easier, especially solo. Just be aware that some locations have multiple rooms that you'll need to look around in to find these black ghosts. Whether you fail or succeed, you need to return to the pool each time to collect the yellow device again. If you fail, you can keep attempting as much times as you want without needing to advance to the next scene. Once you've successfully done all four locations, the fifth skull is done. Refer to the video below for the locations of each portrait
    6. NOTE: it is at this time, after completing the fifth skull but before doing the sixth, that you should employ the workaround detailed above for keeping the skull machine active. Use a Skullhacker card to activate the machine (which is in the ice cream shop), enter it, fail the game on purpose, and now proceed with the sixth skull below to have unlimited attempts at the game
    7. The sixth skull is simple but requires some luck. You need to get the MAD from the Mystery Wheel, fully upgrade it, and then shoot the skull arcade machine with a fully charged MAD shot. Refer to MAD Proto (25G) for getting the MAD and upgrading it, which is a pretty simple process. Once done, return to the skull arcade machine, hold lt.png until the gun is charged, then blast the machine to turn it on. If/when you fail, you can reactivate the machine by shooting it with another charged MAD shot (assuming you did the workaround above). If/when you run out of MAD ammo, you can refill your MAD by going to any of those clusters of huge green bubbles and holding button-x.png on them to fully refill your ammo. There are enough of these bubbles to refill your MAD at least 6-8 times, so you have many, many attempts before even needing to advance scenes.
    Now it's time for the hard part - the actual Skullhop game. As noted at the start, this game is brutal, and virtually impossible solo. If you did the above skulls solo, it's time to invite some people to your game to help out, or you'll likely be very frustrated.

    How this game works is that you'll get a pattern of white skulls in the distance. On the left and right sides of the skull pattern will be colored bars (red, blue, yellow, or green). These bars indicate what color you need to hit a skull with to eliminate it. All of the cubes in the area are colorless. You need to be standing on the correct colored platform, and the cube you entangle will change to that color. Then, shoot the correct colored cube at a skull to eliminate it. The colored bars on the side will stay one color for a few seconds, then blink a few times, then change color. At that point, you need to jump to the correct colored platform and repeat the process. The problems arise firstly from the fact that if you miss a platform when jumping from one to another, this turns a skull red and causes it to leave the screen, resulting in a strike. If you hit a skull with the wrong color cube because the bars changed colors and you didn't notice, the same thing will happen. In both of these cases, if you're fast enough, you can grab a cube with the correct color and shoot the leaving red skull before it escapes, and you'll cancel out the strike. This is virtually impossible to do solo, but with a group make sure you call it out if someone creates a strike. Someone else might be able to save it.

    The other problem is that you barely have any time at all. Each wave moves forward quicker than the previous one, and you'll find it incredibly difficult to finish the second and third waves in time before they reach you. This is why you need a team. Speaking on behalf of my own experience trying this solo over 10 times and then with a group of three, I didn't notice any difference in the amount of time we had. You'd think you'd have more time solo since there's only one of you, but it certainly didn't feel that way for me. The more people the better. Just be careful not to bump into each other when jumping and accidentally knock someone off.

    The timing is very tight. What I would always do with my group was minimize strikes and cancel them if possible, and then when we get down to one or two skulls left and we've about to lose, have everyone jump off the platforms into the pit. The reason for this is because if even a single skull reaches you, even if you have no strikes, you lose. But if there are only two skulls left and you have zero strikes, just jump in the pit rather than trying to shoot them. They'll turn into strikes so you can't lose from them, and you're in the clear. It sounds like a desperate last ditch effort, but you'll be surprised at how often it comes in handy, when you're just about to lose and you're down to only a couple skulls.

    There's not much else to say other than keep at it and practice. This can be a very frustrating experience, and in my opinion, this is one of the hardest achievements in the entire game. It took me 12 solo attempts before I gave up, and the found two people to join me. It took us another ~20 attempts to finally beat it. I later helped a friend with another group of three, and it took us around 10 attempts to beat it. Your mileage may vary depending on how good each player is, but be prepared to put some time and effort into this one.

    Lastly, here is an excellend video showing all skulls and how to collect them. Full credit to the creator.
  • In Attack of the Radioactive Thing, restore and use all traps.

    This achievement requires you to use all five traps in the map, regardless of whether you get kills with them or not. Four of the traps need to be restored, and the fifth one - the spike trap at either doorway to Elvira's studio - just needs to be activated to count. Refer to the following video for finding each trap's missing part to restore it so it can be used. Like all traps, each one costs $750 to activate. Kills aren't necessary, so just activate each one to unlock this achievement. Full credit to the creator of the video below.
  • In Attack of the Radioactive Thing, assemble the M.A.D. (Modular Atomic Disintegrator).

    This achievement is surprising easy to do, you just need some luck with getting the MAD. The MAD is this map's Wonder Weapon, and it can only be obtained from the Magic Wheel. So, spin the Wheel until you get lucky enough to get the MAD. My experience was that this weapon wasn't uncommon at all, and I routinely got it once or twice per game.

    Once you have it, you now need to collect/attach three pieces from around the map. Before you can access any of them, you need the crowbar. The crowbar is located at the motel where the pool is. Bombstoppers perk machine is in the corner by the steps. Go up these steps into the room right behind Bombstoppers, and the crowbar is opposite the door, on the ground, leaning up against the wall. Interact with it to make it become your melee weapon.

    You now need to find three junction boxes and melee them open with the crowbar. They can be done in any order:
    • One is attached to the outside of Elvira's studio. Exit out the door headed toward spawn, and it's on the wall to the left
    • One is on the bathroom in the trailer park area, right across the street from the motel. Head to the bathroom on the left side of this area, and the box is on the left wall
    • One is back by the dumpsters in the back left corner of the main street where the shops are, in the corner behind the gas station
    Melee open each box, have your MAD equipped, and hold button-x.png on each piece to attach it to your gun. Once all three pieces are attached, this achievement will unlock. You can now hold lt.png to charge up your MAD for a really powerful shot.

    Here is a video in case you prefer that. Full credit to the creator of the video. 
  • In Attack of the Radioactive Thing, listen to all of Willard’s personal recordings.

    This achievement requires two things first:
    1. Complete the main Easter egg in the current game
    2. Be playing as one of the four main characters (NOT Elvira)
    Once you've beaten the Crog Boss in your current game, head to the motel where the pool is. On one of the tables right next to the pool, opposite the generator, there is a black book. You need to look at the black book and hold button-x.png to interact with it, and one of Willard's personal recordings will play. This is all you need to do - keep interacting with this book to listen to all of his recordings. Just make sure it's after the Easter egg is completed, so all recordings are available, and make sure you aren't playing as Elvira. You can do this as a single character (no need to repeat this process with all four characters). Personally, it took me around eight recordings for this achievement to unlock.

Secret achievements

  • In Attack of the Radioactive Thing, collect the piece of Soul Key as Elvira.

    You'll first need to complete the main Easter egg once. Then, use the code in Mistress of the Dark (25G) to unlock Elvira. Finally, you need to complete the main Easter egg a second time while playing as Elvira to unlock this achievement. The steps are identical to those described in Soul-Less (30G).
  • In Attack of the Radioactive Thing, unlock Elvira.

    This achievement requires you to complete the main Easter egg. After doing so, from the Zombies pregame lobby, make sure Attack of the Radioactive Thing is the film selected. Then, using the directional pad, enter the following code relatively quickly:

    dpad-down.png dpad-right.png dpad-down.png dpad-left.png dpad-up.png dpad-right.png

    If done correctly (and fast enough), a picture of Elvira will pop up in the bottom center of the screen. Start the game and you'll be playing as her. This achievement will unlock as soon as the game starts.
  • In Attack of the Radioactive Thing, enter the Bomb Codes in the Crog Boss stomach on first try.


    This achievement is tied to the final step of the main Easter egg, described in Soul-Less (30G). What needs to happen is that, at the very end of the boss fight when you go into the boss's stomach, the bomb code(s) all need to be entered on the bomb first try (i.e. not only first time inside the boss's stomach, but also without getting three strikes on any of the codes). This means you have one shot at this per Easter egg attempt, and if you or a teammate screws up, you need to do the entire thing over again, making this a very frustrating achievement. On top of that, entering the code is quite challenging, especially if you don't have much practice.

    The ​​​​Soul-Less (30G) solution has more information on entering the codes, but for this achievement solution I just want to clarify that, if playing in co-op, each person has to enter the same bomb code. If there are three people, the same bomb code needs to be entered three times in each of the three spots. However, if one person is fast enough and accurate enough, they can enter the same bomb code in everyone's spots on the bomb in the stomach, and if that one person does them all first try, all people in the group will unlock this achievement, even if you don't touch the bomb. As a result, if you're really struggling with this, finding someone to carry you is a very viable option. As noted in the roadmap, creating a Looking For Group post is a great way to find an experienced person to carry you not only through this map's Easter egg but also to get you this achievement. I would highly recommend that you do this with as few people as possible though, because you only have 30 seconds in the stomach, and no matter how good someone is, putting in four bomb codes that quickly will be pretty rough. Having just a pair of players is much more realistic with only two bomb codes. 

DLC: Retribution

There are 10 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • In The Beast From Beyond, collect the final piece of the Soul Key.

    This achievement is for completing the main Easter egg of this map. This Easter egg is actually quite short and simple, especially compared to how involved Attack of the Radioactive Thing was. There aren't many steps to this one, but the boss fight is the hardest of all the Easter eggs. First the steps, then preparing for the boss fight.
    1. First, turn on the power and collect the Pack-A-Punch pieces
    2. Second, complete the first two skulls of the skull game Easter egg to get the Entangler 
    3. Refer to the video below for finding four floppy disks and how to use the symbols on them to compare to symbol spawns around the map. You then need to input the four floppy disks in the correct places at NE1L in spawn. This will activate NE1L and make him randomly activate traps and close doors, so be careful from now on
    4. Now you need to grab the Entangler and entangle a button outside the map at the theater, and send it through a poster nearby. Again refer to the video below rather than trying to describe where this button is located. Now return to the med bay and you can press the button, activating a switch panel puzzle near the cryptid on the tablet nearby
    5. For this panel puzzle, you need to take note of the starting orientation of each switch, and you need to switch them all so they're horizontal. This can be done with some basic trial and error
    6. As soon as that's done and the panel becomes inactive, a timer starts. Run back to spawn where NE1L is, and use the Entangler on his head to pick it up. Walk with it to the Pack-A-Punch portal and head inside. Place his head on the terminal to your right. This restores NE1L and unlocks Friends Forever (20G)
    7. To initiate the boss fight, all players need to enter the PaP portal and interact with NE1L's head at the same time. Before doing that, make sure you're prepared for the fight with guns. See below
    This boss fight is pretty long and very challenging, because there are a ton of enemies to kill before you even get to the very hard bosses. Thankfully, there is an ammo crate in the arena that allows you to fill your ammo as much as you want, but it's a little precarious to get out from where it is. For this fight, you want to make sure you can deal as much damage as possible. You should absolutely double pack your guns. Ideal guns for this fight are the VPR, Mahler, Kendalls, or any other LMG, all double packed, of course. There's nothing to spend money on in the fight, so use everything you have to maximize your weapon damage before entering the fight. 

    This boss fight has four phases.
    1. The first phase, a laser will open up a crate and release a rhino, and this will happen four times. Unload on each rhino's face and you should be able to kill each one before the next one spawns. The third crate that the laser opens is open at the other end, allowing you to escape the little arena you're in
    2. After the four rhinos are dead, portals will activate around the edge of the arena and cryptids will spawn like crazy. Rhinos will also spawn periodically. It's best, if you have a team, to camp in a corner and just fire at everything coming at you
    3. The third phase is where things get really hectic. Too many enemies spawn to be able to keep up with killing them, so it's time to run. There are three computer terminals that need to be interacted with in quick succession. If in a group, you essentially need to interact with them all at the same time. This is where a Hide And Seek card comes in very handy. Once you interact with all of them, a countdown starts from 99 seconds, and you just need to survive. Continue running a route and/or killing enemies to last this long. Once time is up, you need to interact with the terminal in the center of the arena. This kills off all enemies and starts the actual boss fight
    4. The fourth and final phase has Mammoths (blue rhinos) spawn, one per player. They have massive health, and when you shoot them, they release flames onto the ground that are permanent and damage you. Basically, the longer this fight takes, the more flames on the ground and the harder it's going to be to dodge the bosses without taking too much damage. Like with rhinos, unload on their faces for a very long time until you finally kill them. Focus on one at a time, since it's far more manageable with fewer Mammoths. 
    As soon as the second Mammoth is dead, the cutscene will play of you obtaining the soul key, and this achievement will unlock. 

    Here is a video showing all of the Easter egg steps. Full credit to the creator of the video. 
  • In The Beast From Beyond, kill zombies with every trap.

    There are five traps on this map, and for this achievement, you just need a single kill with each of the five traps. They are:
    1. The electricity trap in the water room from one of the exits from spawn
    2. The freezer trap in the breakroom from the other exit from spawn
    3. The laser trap in the narrow hallway off of the containment room. You'll spawn in this hallway if you leave the theater via the portal in the back
    4. The acid gas trap in the outside area where the PaP portal is
    5. The movie screen trap at the front of the theater, right next to where you enter the theater from the portal
    Simply get a kill with each of these five traps to unlock this achievement. Like all traps in the game, each one costs $750 to use.
  • In The Beast From Beyond, complete Skullbreaker.

    This is this map's skull arcade game, and if you've played the others already in the other DLCs, know that this one has the easiest steps to activate the machine and the easiest skull game itself. Turn on the power first, and then you can collect the following skulls in this order:
    1. The first skull is inside a fuse box, and this fuse box can spawn up on a beam in one of three locations. Once you see it, cook a grenade and throw it at the box so it explodes in mid air near the box, blasting it open. The skull will come out, and you just need to shoot it to collect it. Here are the locations:
      1. In the water room, look up on the wall above the steps leading away from spawn, to the med bay
      2. In the containment room (room with the hole in the floor), head over to Bombstoppers. Looking at the perk machine, turn left 90 degrees and look up on the wall
      3. In the cargo bay, look up above the steps that lead down from the entrance
    2. The second skull takes place in the cargo bay. A tiny red X will be present in set locations on the floor, and each member of the group needs to stand on one at the same time. When everyone is standing on one, a green circle will appear on the floor inside, and you need to defend yourself to stay inside this circle. In the center of the cargo bay, a skull will slowly rise, and you need to stay in your green circle until it reaches the top. Zombies will spawn around you, and you need to kill them so they don't knock you out of the circle. If you can do this on an early round, it isn't so bad. Solo can be a little challenging because you need to look all around. In co-op, you can watch out for each other. As soon as the skull reaches the top, it will reappear in a random location in the air. You need to immediately locate it, and sprint to its location, jumping out into the air from the stairs or catwalks to grab it before it disappears. The timing is pretty tight, and if you fail, you need to wait until the next scene to try again. This is the hardest skull of the group though
    3. The third skull is an easy one. There are 8 spawn locations that four symbols will spawn in. The symbols that spawn will be from THIS PICTURE. The symbol will either be from the group in the top row or the group in the bottom row. Of the four symbols that spawn, three will be from one row and one will be the odd man out. You need to identify the odd one out and aim down sights at the symbol. Logic actually makes this quite easy to do: you don't need to find all four symbols necessarily. You can solve this with only three. If two are in one row and the third is in the other row, you've already found the odd one out and can ADS at it to finish this skull. See the video below for all eight potential locations of the symbols
    4. The fourth skull is one that I consider quite easy, and am surprised to hear people have struggled with it. If you haven't already, you definitely only want one zombie left (or a co-op partner to keep their attention) while you do this step so you don't mess it up. Head back to spawn, go up onto the catwalk, and take it to the dead end in the center of the room up top. There will be a tiny red X on the floor in this little end room. Stand on it, and either a green or purple skull will appear in front of you. Walk into it, and a path of skulls will form on the ground. What you need to do is follow the skulls that match the color of the main one. So, if it was a purple skull that popped up, you're avoiding green skulls and only touching purple ones. Don't sprint at all during this step. Just walk and never stop moving, weaving a bit to ensure you touch every correctly colored skull. The path will lead to the containment bay where you'll collect the fourth skull at the end of the path. If you mess up, you need to wait until the next scene to attempt again
    5. The fifth skull is a chess puzzle. A chess board with a queen on it will spawn in the breakroom next to spawn. You need to find seven other queen chess pieces around the map, and they spawn in 13 different locations. Refer to the video below for finding them all. Once you have all seven, return to the chessboard in the breakroom, and you now need to play all seven (by looking at the board, seeing the red outline, and pressing button-x.png when it's where you want) in the correct squares on the board to complete this puzzle. Fortunately, there are only eight possible solutions to this, and they are depicted in THIS IMAGE. Be aware that if you're standing at the end of the table in the breakroom looking at the chessboard, you're standing on the right side of the board in the above images. The easiest way to compensate for this is, if you're viewing the above images on your phone, turn off auto rotation of your screen and then rotate your phone 90 degrees clockwise. Now look at the eight pictures in the above link, and find the one where a queen is in the same position as your board in your game. That's your solution, so place the remaining seven queens in the spots in the picture. Fireworks will go off if done correctly, and you'll get your fifth skull
    6. The sixth skull requires you to discover the correct string of 8 directional inputs to turn the machine on. There are three scraps of paper you need to find, and six possible spawn locations for them. Refer to the video below for the locations. Before doing this, I recommend picking up the Proteus from right by the entrance to the cargo bay. Being able to scope in one the scraps of paper makes it much easier to see the arrows. Have something handy to write down the inputs. Also worth noting is that some people have struggled to identify which order the scraps go in, but there are actually a few criteria that not many people are aware of that make it very easy to determine which piece you're currently looking at:
      1. 'Left' on the directional pad is never a required input. If you're looking at a scrap of paper with an arrow pointing left, that scrap is upside down
      2. Two scraps of paper will have three arrows, and one will have two arrows. The scrap with two arrows is always the last one in the string of inputs
      3. The first scrap of paper in the string of inputs will have a red line on it, parallel to the arrows, just like a normal piece of notebook paper. Use this to determine which three-arrow scrap is the first one
      4. Also helping to determine the order are the edges of the scraps. The middle scrap will be ripped on both ends, whereas the first and third scraps are only ripped on one end. This can sometimes be hard to see clearly, so use the above steps first to help determine order
    Once you have the correct string of eight inputs written down in the correct order, head to the skull arcade game in the arcade just outside the theater. Walk up to the machine, hold lt.png to aim at it, and then use the directional pad to enter the eight directions quite quickly. Doing so correctly will give you the sixth skull and power on the machine. Keep that string of eight inputs handy, because if you fail the skull game, you need to redo the inputs to reactivate the machine to try again.

    In my opinion, this skull game is one of the easier ones. All of the skulls start white, and all different colored cubes are floating around, as well as different colored nukes. What you need to do is turn skulls any color by hitting them with a cube, and then hit them with the same colored nuke to eliminate them. To speed this up, you want to do combos. How combos work is that if adjacent skulls are the same color, you'll see them connect. Hitting one will a nuke will destroy all connected skulls. As a result, it is therefore most efficient to only use a single color cube the entire time you play this game. Pick any color (I always chose green) and have everyone in the group only use that color cube. Turn tons of skulls green, for example, then find a green nuke and get a huge combo. This is how you unlock Super Duper Combo (25G). On the first wave of skulls, there are four rows of 10 skulls. Turn an entire row the same color to connect the entire row, then hit it with its color nuke to clear a whole row and unlock that achievement. For each wave, just spam cubes of the same color on as many skulls as you can, and then grab that color nuke and combo them all away. You need to be a little quick on the third wave, but it's not bad at all, especially after the nightmare that was Skullhop in the previous map.

    The following video gives a create step by step tutorial for all six skulls. Full credit to the creator.

Secret achievements

  • In The Beast From Beyond, equip the Venom-X.

    NOTE: Playing with someone (or yourself) with Director's Cut enabled means that the Venom-X can be obtained from the Mystery Wheel. Unfortunately, Director's Cut automatically makes all Wheel weapons packed once already. This means that you're getting the Venom-Y (packed Venom-X) from the Mystery Wheel, and you cannot unlock this achievement that way. The only way to unlock this achievement is by following the steps below to do it "legit."

    Before you can do the steps for the Venom-X, you'll need to turn on the power and access the Pack-A-Punch portal. Refer to the roadmap for doing so. You now need to do the following steps:
    1. Enter the Pack-A-Punch portal and then exit. Doing this for the first time will spawn a blue cryptid enemy (called a Phantom) a few seconds after you leave PaP. You need to bring this Phantom enemy to the water room by spawn. Once you have it in the water, sprint to the electricity trap on either staircase and activate it. As long as the electricity trap damages the Phantom, this step is completed. It won't kill it, and that's fine. Check the next step, and if it's active, go ahead and kill the Phantom
    2. Head up the steps from the water room into the containment bay (the big open room with the hole in the middle leading to Tuff Nuff). On the other side of the hole from where you enter, there should be a now-open fuse box on the wall with colored buttons inside. If this is open, step one was successful and you can kill the Phantom. You now need to press the correct button in this fuse box. The method for determining the correct button can be quite complex upon initial review. However, the video below, which shows all steps, has an incredibly useful simplified version in the video description. Open the video link below in YouTube and the expand the description, where he has listed out the conditions for determining which button to press but has reworded the conditions to make them extremely easy to understand. If you press the wrong button, you need to do Step 1 over again to try again. 
    3. With the correct button pressed, if you haven't already, get down to one zombie left so this step is easier. In the same room with the hole in the floor, you need to trap a zombie in the containment unit. Lure the remaining zombie to the gray circle on the ground, and when it's standing there, hold button-x.png on the nearby computer terminal to interact with it, lowering a containment tube and trapping the zombie. This starts the ticking clock (visible above the containment tube) for the next and final step
    4. Head up the stairs next to Bombstoppers, and there will be three terminals against the wall looking out over the room. Interact with the center console to activate mazes on the left and right terminals. You now need to solve four mazes before time runs out. Thankfully, the mazes you get are randomized, but the solutions never are. You can therefore use THIS IMAGE to quickly find which solution is yours. The box and red endpoint only spawn in set locations. So, check your terminal for where the box and red point are, compare it to the image linked, and then use the directional pad to move the box along the red line in the solution to get to the red end point. Just note that you need to actually be looking at the screen and box to get the box to move with the directional pad, so if the box doesn't seem to want to move with your inputs, make sure you're looking at the box. You can actually solve three of the mazes on a single terminal, but then you need to hop to the other terminal for the fourth and final maze. There was plenty of time for me when I did it solo, and I also did it in co-op with two people and did all four mazes myself with no issues. I think the only time that time will be a factor is if you're in a four player game. Then, you'll likely need a person on each terminal solving the mazes simultaneously
    Once the four mazes are complete, a door will open next to the fuse box from step (2) and the Venom-X will be there to pick up. Do so to unlock this achievement.

    Here is a video guide showing all of the steps described above. Full credit to the creator.
  • In The Beast From Beyond, unlock the hidden song.

    This map's hidden song requires you to shoot 15 astronaut dolls(?) around the map. Thankfully, they are all in set locations. Unfortunately, there are a few that are virtually impossible to see. You definitely want to get the Proteus (wall buy is right by the entrance to the cargo bay) to make it easier to shoot some in the distance. You also want to turn up your volume to listen for the sound effect that plays when you successfully shoot one, because that's the only way you'll know for sure that you hit some of these.

    It would be impossible (and very inefficient) to describe these locations in text, so refer to the following excellent video showing all astronauts. Full credit to the creator.
  • In The Beast From Beyond, send the Turnstile back to the past.

    This is a miscellaneous achievement not related to any Easter eggs, but it's quite simple to get. The only real requirement is that you need to complete the first two skulls from Skullbreaker (refer to Cracking Skulls (20G)) because you need the Entangler, and it spawns in the center of the cargo bay upon completing the second skull. Pick up the Entangler (hold button-x.png on it and it becomes usable by pressing dpad-left.png), and make sure you've opened the portal to the theater in the same room (as well as a path through the theater to the portal to return to the map). Head outside where the PaP portal is, and there is a computer terminal on the left if you're facing the bridge to PaP. Interact with it to change the year displayed on the screen. You need to hold button-x.png on the screen to keep changing the year until it displays a year in the 1970s. Once done, a wormhole will open in the air off to your left. Now you're ready.

    Head to the cargo bay, through the portal and into the theater. Head straight up the back, through the arcade, to the back street where the exit portal is. There is a dumpster just left of the exit portal from the theater. Go around the other side and use the Entangler on the top of the dumpster. You'll entangle the turnstile. Keep rt.png held. Go through the nearby portal and make your way back outside to the wormhold you opened. Point the entangled turnstile at the wormhole and release rt.png to throw it through, unlocking this achievement.
  • In The Beast From Beyond, return to the theater.

    The roadmap explains how to activate/reach Pack-A-Punch in this map, which includes unlocking this achievement. However, you can unlock this achievement just by opening up the map. Head to the cargo bay (huge open room with three levels) and go left as soon as you enter. There is an interactable switch on the wall on the left side. This activates a device on the ceiling that blasts open the wall opposite where you entered, revealing a portal. Simply walk into this portal to be taken to the theater part of this map, unlocking this achievement. 
  • In The Beast From Beyond, fully restore N31L.

    This achievement is part of the steps for the main Easter egg. Refer to The End? (30G) for completing the main Easter egg, and you'll unavoidably unlock this achievement along the way. 
  • In The Beast From Beyond, Pack-a-Punch the Venom-X twice.

    Refer to Egg Slayer (20G) for obtaining the Venom X. Refer to the roadmap for reaching the Pack-A-Punch portal. From there, you just need to amass $15000 to be able to pack this gun twice. 

    Alternatively, if you have Director's Cut or can play with someone hosting who has it, you can not only get the Venom X from the Magic Wheel but it will also be packed once already, meaning you only need $10000 for the second pack. 

    As another option to help on the cost, if you have a Coupon Clipper card, you can use it to make the second pack free, saving you $10000.
  • When playing Skullbreaker, build a combo of size 10 or larger.

    This is quite easy to do as long as your team coordinates (or do it solo). Refer to Cracking Skulls (20G) for activating the Skullbreaker machine and how to play it. On the first wave, simply pick any color and only use that color cube on a single row of skulls. There are four rows of ten. Once a whole row of ten skulls is the same color and linked together, find a nuke of that color and hit the row of skulls with it. Destroying a whole row of ten with one nuke will unlock this achievement. 

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