- Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 18 [760gs.png]
- Online: 6 [240gs.png]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000gs.png: 12-18 hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 for campaign [2 is recommended], 1 for Co-op
- Missable achievements: None
- Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes, you must play on Veteran difficulty for Cutting Heads off Snakes (100G)
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: No
For questions, comments or feedback, please visit the Achievements and Guide Discussion thread.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II drops players into an unprecedented global conflict that features the return of the iconic Operators of Task Force 141. Infinity Ward brings fans state-of-the-art gameplay, with all-new gun handling, advanced AI system, a new Gunsmith and a suite of other gameplay and graphical innovations that elevate the franchise to new heights. Modern Warfare II launches with a globe-trotting single-player campaign, immersive Multiplayer combat and an evolved Special Ops game mode featuring tactical co-op gameplay.” - xbox.com

You play as members of elite Special Forces team Task Force 141 tasked with apprehending terrorist leader Hassan Zyani before he carries out his revenge against the United States. Along the way, you work with Mexican Special Forces Colonel Alejandro Vargas and even the Mexican cartel in hopes to locate Hassan and bring him to justice.

The game also includes a co-op mode, Raids, traditional PvP online multiplayer, and the revamping of the popular battle royale mode, Warzone.

Returning in 2022 with another installment in the Modern Warfare series, Modern Warfare II brought along with it a brand new achievement list to work our way through. While the previous two Call of Duty releases before this, Black Ops Cold War and Vanguard, came packaged with over 40 achievements to unlock, Modern Warfare II takes a leaf out of the book of 2019’s Modern Warfare, reducing the number to a more manageable mid-twenties. This makes getting 1000gs.png in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II a much shorter experience, but not necessarily a less difficult one.

For XBA’s coverage of this game, including a review by Richard Walker, refer to THIS LINK.

There are 17 missions in the campaign. Only two achievements are story-related; Time for Pints (100G), for completing the campaign on any difficulty, and Cutting Heads off Snakes (100G), for completing it on Veteran or Realistic. 14 of the 16 remaining campaign achievements are earned in specific missions with the last two unlockable during a few missions. As with every other Call of Duty game, each mission is available to play again once you complete it.

To get all of the achievements as quickly as possible, it’s best to make sure you play through the campaign on Veteran on your first go, just to avoid having to go through the game a second time on this higher difficulty setting. Veteran difficulty, while not as difficult as some of the earlier Call of Duty games, can be difficult at some points during the story, so if you’re struggling on a mission, you can always reduce the difficulty and come back to it later, but you’ll probably be making more work for yourself than if you just powered through the more challenging difficulty setting. The checkpoint system, while generous, can sometimes trigger at inopportune moments, often leading to frustration and constant reloading. If you are experienced at playing these games, you can start on Veteran difficulty right away, but newcomers might want to start on a lower difficulty to become acclimated to how the game works. Take note that if you are attempting all of the campaign achievements while playing on Veteran difficulty, you may find that a few might be easier on a lower difficulty.

Many of the achievements within each mission are significantly easier to get on a lower difficulty. Because of this, you’ll actually save time by playing through a normal campaign on Veteran, without worrying about most of the achievements, and then picking up the extras in each mission using Mission Select. You don’t even need to complete the majority of the missions on this second run, since once you get the achievement, you can just quit out and move onto the next one. There are still some achievements that aren’t all that much harder to get on a Veteran playthrough, so see below for our suggestions on which ones to try on Veteran, and which ones to save for Recruit.

For completing your first playthrough on Veteran difficulty, you will unlock Time for Pints (100G) and Cutting Heads off Snakes (100G). The remaining 16 campaign achievements are unlocked in these missions:
 Step 2 - Online Co-op:
There are six achievements related to the cooperative mode in this game. This is an online-only mode for two players (although they can be done solo by one person quitting out at the beginning, but it is not recommended).

First, complete any of the three missions (Low Profile, Denied Area or Defender: Mt. Zaya) at your leisure to earn one star and unlock Only the Beginning (40G).

Next, you need to replay each mission and earn three stars in each by meeting certain parameters. This will take practice to learn enemy placement and the best way to tackle each objective, so be prepared to play each mission multiple times. As you earn three stars, you’ll unlock Night Fight (40G), Hellride (40G) and Kings of the Mountain (40G).

Finally, you need to complete the mission Low Profile without raising any alarms. This one is going to take a while because it needs to be done in one go, so you’ll need to keep replaying the mission to learn enemy patterns and find the best route to each objective. Once you’re successful, you’ll unlock Going Dark (40G).

You also need to collect 20 intel fragments from any of the missions or a combination of them for Full SSE (40G). As always, refer to each achievement for tips and strategies.

If you need assistance with these achievements, feel free to post in the Official XBA Friend and Co-op Finder thread.

If you missed any of the mission-specific campaign achievements, now is the time to complete them. Along with Modern Warfare 2019, this is one of the rare Call of Duty games that don’t have any achievements for simply completing a mission, so you may have missed a few specific ones without even realizing it. You can replay any mission needed and it is advised you play on Recruit difficulty. Refer to the achievement(s) that you are missing for more information.

Continuing from Modern Warfare, this entry in the franchise is equally impressive with both its visuals and gameplay mechanics. Compared to the 2019 game, however, the story is somewhat unoriginal with much of it taken from previous installments. Regardless, all of the achievements are pretty straightforward and not too challenging, but you will need to plan ahead or else you can complete the campaign without unlocking any. And although co-op is limited to two players, it won’t take too long to unlock those six achievements with some practice. Good luck!
[XBA would like to thank MattLorrigan and bLaKgRaVy for this Roadmap]

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III

  • Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
  • Offline achievements: 25 (610gs.png) – The campaign achievements are all unlockable offline.
  • Online achievements: 14 (390gs.png) – The MWZ (zombies) achievements are all online-only.
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 60+ hours – The campaign only takes around 7 hours to get all achievements, but the MWZ mode takes a long time, as you need to get 50,000 kills.
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 – play through the campaign, use mission select for any missing achievements, then play MWZ mode.
  • Number of missable achievements: 0 – Mission select is your friend.
  • Glitched achievements: 0
  • Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes, Veteran difficulty is required for the Campaign.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III is a spiritual reboot of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. (Note the change from the number “3” to the Roman numerals.) It is, as you would expect, a brief campaign and another dose of Zombies, Warzone, and all the rest. The achievement list for this game isn’t particularly difficult, but it will take you a long while – over sixty hours. This is because it relies on sheer longevity, on you racking up 50,000 kills, for one thing, and reaching level 55. It’s not a very imaginative list, but that’s fine. There are some mission-specific achievement to go for, but the bulk of your time hunting down the 1000gs.png will be done in Zombies and Multiplayer.


Step 1 – Finish the campaign on Veteran difficulty, and go for the mission-specific achievements

The first thing to do is to finish the campaign on Veteran difficulty. You need to do this, because the campaign completion achievements are tied to that difficulty setting specifically. So do this option first, enjoy the bonkers story, and then get down to some specific achievement hunting.

As you go through the campaign, you will then unlock the ability to replay each mission that you have done, which is great for going after achievements specific to certain campaign missions. If you want to streamline this part of the achievement hunt, then you can insure that you grab the following achievements in the missions as you do them on Veteran difficulty:

Mission 1 – Operation 627: MW3 - Death Row (15G)
Mission 2 – Precious Cargo: MW3 - Floater (15G)
Mission 3 – Reactor: MW3 - Helo Hat Trick (15G), MW3 - That's One Way to Do It... (15G), MW3 - Hey, Catch! (15G), MW3 - Have You Tried Turning it Off and On? (15G), MW3 - I Call Shotgun! (15G), and MW3 - High Wire Act (15G)
Mission 4 – Payload: MW3 - 2-fer (15G)
Mission 5 – Deep Cover: MW3 - Back in the Field (15G)
Mission 8 – Flashpoint: MW3 - Shot Blocked (15G)
Mission 9 – Oligarch: MW3 - Think She'll Notice? (10G)
Mission 10 – Highrise: MW3 - Elevator Out of Order (15G)
Mission 11 – Frozen Tundra: MW3 - Snow Angel (15G)
Mission 12 – Gora Dam: MW3 - Hitchhiker (15G)
Mission 13 – Danger Close: MW3 - Your Tax Dollars at Work (15G)

Step 2 – Focus on the collectibles and the Open Combat Missions
Now you can focus on the Open Combat Missions, which are like miniature sandboxes. There are a number of collectible achievements tied these missions, which involve finding all of the Plate Carrier Upgrades and all of the Armaments. There are also a number of achievements that are tied to specific feats that you can pull off in these missions. There are six Open Combat Missions, and six achievements tied to them.Step 3 – Now put your hours in Modern Warfare Zombies mode, and mop up
The rest of the achievements on the list are tied to MWZ mode, and they involve sinking many hours into it – particularly MW3 - The First Step (100G), which has you reaching Level 55, and MW3 - Slaughterhouse (30G), for which you have to kill 50,000 Enemies in MWZ.

As you can see, this isn't a particularly difficult list. Some of the achievements are creative, and a lot of them aren't. Your main challenge is finishing the campaign on Veteran difficulty, which isn't too bad. Outside of that, you just need longevity, and preferably a taste for Zombies mode! After a little light achievement-hunting, made all the more easy for the mission select option, this 1000gs.png will be yours.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Achievement Guide

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There are 63 achievements with a total of 2000 points

  • Shoot three enemies while underwater in 'Wetwork'.

    Note: For this achievement, it doesn’t matter if you are seen or not, but for Nessie (30G), which is also earned in this mission (same section), you must remain undetected. These can be done separately or together.

    Mission 3, ‘Wetwork’

    Upon starting the mission, you’ll be prompted to go underwater, and then guided towards a guard that you need to kill with a throwing knife. Kill the guard, and grab his pistol from the pier. Now you’ve got everything you need to shoot three enemies from underwater.

    Next, there will be four enemies farther ahead; one in the right and three on the left. There will also be a patrol boat with two enemies. You can kill any of them as long as you kill three, but we will be ignoring the patrol boat for this.

    Swim over to the right side of the waterway and there will be a lone enemy at the end of the pier. Press B to submerge and swim until you are close to the enemy, aim then shoot them from under the water.

    Swim across the waterway and you will see one lone enemy at the end of the pier and two standing close to each other on the same pier. You can take out the lone enemy easily from underwater. For the enemies closer to one another, they sometimes separate so the opportunity to remain undetected is increased. If they do, you can shoot either one from underwater to unlock this achievement.

    For enemy placement, refer to the video in Nessie (30G).
  • Rescue the hostages in 'Countdown' without the enemies firing their weapons.

    Mission 17, ‘Countdown’

    This is unlocked early in the mission. After you start rappelling down the building, there will be three floors where you need to kill enemies before they fire their weapons. You can do this while rappelling inverted (your starting orientation) or you can press button-b.png to change your orientation so you’re right-side up.

    Note: For the purposes of this achievement, I will be referring to left and right as though you are oriented right-side up. Also, your suppressed rifle will be in single-shot mode, but you can press dpad-left.png for full burst if that’s easier, but don’t go guns blazing.

    The enemies won’t spot you until you start shooting, so take as much time as you need to let your unsuspecting foes group as close together as they can, which will make life much easier for you.
    1. There will be two enemies on the first floor (from the roof) on the right side. They will likely be standing next to each other so take them out quickly
    2. On the next floor down, there will be four enemies; two on the right, one on the left in the room closer to the window and one on the left in the hallway at the back. You can go left or right first, but if you go left, take out the enemy near the window first before the one in the hallway
    3. On the third floor down, there will be five enemies; two on the left and three on the right. Maneuver all the way to your left and line up the two enemies so you kill them with one shot (one might be walking at first). From your same position, two of the three enemies on the right should also be lined up so shoot them then shoot the last enemy as quick as possible
    If at any time you aren’t fast enough and an enemy shoots at you, immediately reload your last checkpoint. You get a checkpoint after clearing each floor, so make sure you don’t kill all the enemies on the floor if one shoots at you.
  • Finish 'Alone' without firing a gun.

    Mission 13, ‘Alone’

    “Infuriating” is probably the best way to describe this achievement. In this mission, you play as Soap trying to avoid Graves and Shadow Company. Stealth is the key to surviving this mission as you make your way through Las Almas to rendezvous with Ghost at a church.

    Without firing a single bullet from any weapon, you’ll have to rely on melee kills throughout the entire mission, so it’s best to whack the difficulty right down to Recruit here in order to make you a bit of a bullet sponge, just in case your stealth lets you down and you need to rush any particularly stubborn foes. If you die, it shouldn’t matter, and as long as you haven’t fired your weapon whatsoever, you should be able to restart from the last checkpoint.

    Along the way you will pick up weapons, specifically firearms, but do not fire them at all. They can’t be concealed as in other missions, but keep your finger off of rt.png. If you do happen to shoot, immediately reload your last checkpoint. At one point, you will pick up a knife that you can use to take down enemies. If you do need to eliminate someone, you can melee kill them with it by pressing in analog-right.png.

    WARNING: Using the crossbow (found in the auto shop safe) does count as firing a gun.

    While the more scripted sections of this mission will be easy enough to get through without firing your weapon, the later stages become increasingly more complex. Your natural instinct will likely be to take out as few enemies as possible, but it’s actually much easier to kill every enemy in the area, before moving on. You can do this using melee kills, throwing knives, makeshift proximity mines, and molotov cocktails. Throwing knives in particular are worth their weight in gold here, giving you a ranged option with unlimited ammunition, as long as you go and pick them back up.

    Crafting makes its debut in the series during this mission, with you creating pry tools, mines or smoke bombs, among other things. Pick up any resources you find and craft the tools as you acquire the right resources. Using smoke bombs to evade enemies is most useful if you are seen.

    It’s best not to take on enemies out in the open, and if you do trigger an alarm, draw them into a building with a doorway that you can funnel them through. You’ll know that you’ve taken out all the enemies in an area when you hear the radio operator asking for a response, and not getting one.

    Right near the end of the mission, when you’re nearly at the church, there’s an area that’s clearly designed for combat. Instead, duck into the side buildings and make your way to the church with as little confrontation as possible, until Ghost joins you. Here, Ghost will do most of the hard work for you, as you make your way to a pickup truck. Molotov cocktails are helpful as you make your way to the exfil vehicle. Once you get in the truck, the achievement should unlock, as long as you’ve not fired any weapons.

    Below is a Veteran difficulty walkthrough of the mission. It also shows where the remaining two safes are for Gentleman Thief (60G).

    Thanks to Fuzzy Bearbarian for the video:
  • Drive five vehicle types in 'Violence and Timing'.

    Mission 10, ‘Violence and Timing’

    Note: This needs to be done separate playthrough from Keeping this One (30G). Both this and that one are much easier on Recruit difficulty.

    During the course of the mission, you’ll hit a section that allows you to go full GTA, and take over control of enemy vehicles, jumping from one to another to use the “Hijack” prompt. To get this achievement, you’ll need to jump into five different vehicle TYPES. This means you can’t just jump into five of the same type of truck - you’ll need to make use of all of the different vehicles, even the regular cars parked on either side of the road. If you’re struggling to differentiate which of the vehicles are different, just keep moving from one to another until the achievement unlocks.

    Once you cut yourself from the helicopter, you will land on a cargo truck. From here, you are instructed to jump onto a pickup truck (#1) to your right then hijack it.

    Very soon after that, you will see civilian vehicles parked on the right shoulder. These can either be minivans or cars. Stop your pickup truck and quickly enter one of these vehicles (#2).

    Drive ahead and follow the convoy. Soon you will be drive up to two flatbed trucks; one with enemies and one with cargo. Press button-a.png to climb to the roof, jump over to the cargo flatbed truck (#3) and press button-x.png to hijack it. Immediately in front of the troop flatbed is a cargo truck (similar to the one you originally landed on). Speed up to that one, climb to the roof of your current vehicle then jump and hijack the cargo truck (#4).

    A few trucks ahead is an armored APC. You will be told by Nikoli that there is an LMG ahead and it will begin shooting at you. Note that the shooter is armored so you first need to remove their helmet before you can kill them, which can be quick or a pain due to the moving vehicle. Once you do, drive up next to the APC, climb on the roof then jump and hijack it (#5) and the achievement will unlock.

    Note that there are civilian vehicles all over the left and right shoulders so you can hijack one later than what is written above, but make sure you do it when you can because eventually there won’t be civilian vehicles anymore.
  • Reach the penthouse in 'El Sin Nombre' without killing anyone or triggering the alarm.

    Mission 11, ‘El Sin Nombre’

    Although it is not a requirement for the achievement, while you are being interrogated, your answers should be:
    1. Mexican Special Forces
    2. American PMCs; Shadow Company
    3. Philip Graves
    4. Any answer is fine
    In this mission, you go undercover at the mansion of a Las Almas cartel lieutenant, and, following a lot of exposition, you’ll finally take control of Soap and be given the opportunity to walk around the mansion. You’ll need to avoid several guards in this stealth section in order to get the achievement. 

    There’s two options to progress, but finding Diego’s keycard is out of the question here, since that almost always involves killing him. You’ll want to head to the roof instead.

    You can use bottles to distract enemies and draw them away from their current locations (how very The Last of Us) which will be essential for avoiding some of the guards. If you raise the alarm or kill anyone, restart the mission.

    After your interrogation, you exit the elevator and meet back up with Alejandro. He will frisk you and hand you a throwing knife and a mask. When you have control, walk forward and take the first left into a lounge area and walk through a door diagonally right from where you entered. Here will be a curved staircase with a guard at the bottom. Wait for them to walk off then climb the stairs, picking up the bottle at the top. There is an alternate path shown in Fuzzy Bearbarian’s video below; either path works and both end up in the same place. At the top of the stairs, there are two paths you can take; left or right.

    Note: If you follow Fuzzy Bearbarian’s video below, it shows you how you can open the safe in Diego’s room (for Gentleman Thief (60G)) and reach the penthouse undetected on Veteran difficulty. If you feel it will be too much trouble, separate playthroughs will be required.

    If taking the left path, you will have to be careful to avoid a guard who has their back turned to you. Keep to the left of the pool table and climb over the railing while sticking to the wall on the right (you can easily drop to the ground floor so be careful). Walk along the ledge, turn the corner and climb the trellis ladder to the roof. From behind the short wall, throw the bottle towards the other end of the roof so the guards walk away. When they do, mantle over the wall and crouch walk left along the short wall. Continue forward into an alcove where you see a ladder, so climb it to the roof to meet up with Alejandro.

    Thanks to Lordacris for the video:

    If you decide to go right, walk down the hallway (make sure the patrolling enemy isn’t there) and enter the first room to your right. Climb through the window onto the veranda roof, turn right and climb the trellis ladder to the roof. The elevator is to your far right from where you are.

    Once on the roof, crouch walk to the right, following the roof line. At the corner, continue to crouch walk but stop behind the short wall. Poke your head up quickly and throw the bottle far enough away so the guards walk to investigate the noise. With their backs turned, quickly mantle over the wall and hug the right half-wall. Turn the corner into an alcove and you will see a ladder, so climb it to the roof to meet up with Alejandro.

    Note that the video below shows an alternate way of getting around the guards on the rooftop.

    Thanks to Fuzzy Bearbarian for the video (on Veteran difficulty with Diego’s safe [for Gentleman Thief (60G)]):

    Enter the doorway to your right and drop down so you are on top of the elevator. Press the “Down” button and once you see the door, press the “Stop” button. Above the door is an emergency release, so press that to open the door. Once you start walking down the hallway, the achievement will unlock.

    If at any point you are seen or think you have been seen, reload your last checkpoint.
  • In 'Dark Water' advance 90 meters towards the front of the ship without touching the deck.

    Mission 12, ‘Dark Water’

    Note: This can be done in the same playthrough as A Crappy Way to Die (20G).

    How do you feel about platforming sections in a first-person shooter? Well, if you’re reading this, I hope you like them, because you’re about to do one! Once you arrive *cough* crash *cough* on the deck of the ship in Dark Water, you’ll have to quickly jump onto the nearest shipping container. All of these containers are slipping and sliding around the deck, and you’ll need to jump from one to the next, until you’ve gone 90 metres towards the bow of the ship.

    The “deck” is the actual floor where the containers are shifting around. You need to advance 90 consecutive meters ahead so you can touch the deck at the start of the section to jump onto your first container. Also, walking along the pipes on the sides, the elevated areas with railings or the second floor on either side at the end of the section does not void the achievement.

    All the while, enemies will be popping up and shooting you as well, so like many of the other achievements, this is easier to do on a lower difficulty setting, if you’re having trouble with it.

    The key is to take your time. If you do miss a jump and land on the deck of the ship, immediately load from the last checkpoint. Even if you mistime a jump and find yourself hanging from a container, it’s best to reload, since there’s a chance you might have touched the ground and messed it up. One big thing here to remember is that you can sprint even faster by double clicking the left analogue stick, which massively increases your jumping reach, and makes this achievement much easier. Otherwise, keep jumping across the ship like you’re Super Mario, waiting for the containers to slide into a useful spot, until it unlocks.

    Author’s Note: I did this on Veteran difficulty and died a lot so you might want to replay the mission on Recruit difficulty. What I did is from the crashed boat, I stepped on the deck and immediately climbed onto the red container to the right. I then jumped onto the pipes on the right side of the ship and then onto the square blue container just ahead. It shifted forward to the railed platform, so I jumped on it and basically made my way to the front of the ship sticking mainly to the right side of the ship and walking along the sides and railed platforms when I could. At the end, I climbed up to the second floor on the right and once I made it to the structure at the front and started climbing the stairs, the achievement unlocked.
  • Reach Price using the first vehicle you hijack.

    Mission 10, ‘Violence and Timing’

    Note: This needs to be done separate playthrough from Test Drive (20G).

    For this achievement, you need to stay in the same vehicle that you first hijack. Once you cut yourself from the helicopter, you will land on a cargo truck. From here, you are instructed to jump onto a pickup truck to your right then hijack it. For this achievement, you need to remain in this truck until you reach Cpt. Price and jump onto his truck.

    Since your vehicle takes damage, and the mission encourages you to switch vehicles, this is the harder of the two 'Violence and Timing' achievements, so definitely play this one on Recruit difficulty. 

    The trick here is that your vehicle will only take damage if you’re driving it, but if you lean out to fire your gun, you’ll take damage from gunfire, and your vehicle won’t. Because of this, you’ll only want to be driving in the third-person view when you’re catching up to the next combat encounter in the convoy. As soon as you start to be shot at, lean out, and quickly take out the enemies on the vehicle ahead of you, only leaning back in if you need to catch up.

    There’s a moment half-way through the drive where you’ll need to drive through a roadblock. You’ll want to be at around 3/4 health by the time you reach this roadblock, as you’ll take a decent amount of damage on the way through. The next test for your struggling vehicle are the mines being left on the road. To avoid these, stick to the dirt to the left of the road, catching up with a smaller truck also on the left, with two soldiers you’ll need to take out. Then, when approaching the larger truck throwing out mines, stick to the dirt next to the road on the far right, and quickly shoot the guys throwing mines before they throw them in front of you.

    If your vehicle gets below quarter health, it will begin deteriorating by itself, before exploding. If this keeps happening, even after you try multiple times, you might need to restart the whole mission, keeping your vehicle health up in the early stages.
  • Open three safes in the Campaign.

    This achievement spans across two missions; 11, ‘El Sin Nombre’ and 13, ‘Alone’.

    Note: For the first safe in ‘El Sin Nombre’, you can open it while attempting Ghost-in-Training (60G) if you distract the guard who is watching the hallway with a bottle when you reach the second floor. Refer to the video below.

    These can be opened out of order. For instance, if you missed opening the one in ‘El Sin Nombre’ but opened the two in ‘Alone’, you can go back via mission select and open the one you missed and the achievement will still unlock.

    Each safe requires a six-digit combination that is found somewhere in the vicinity of the safe. However, the combinations are provided in this guide so you don’t have to search.

    Safe #1 - Mission 11, ‘El Sin Nombre’ (Diego’s Room)
    Combination: 02-02-19
    • After exiting an elevator and meeting back up with Alejandro after your interrogation, you are tasked with reaching the penthouse. When you have control, walk straight and take the first left into the lounge. Walk to the back right through a door and you will see a curved staircase. When the guard walks away, go up the stairs and pick up the bottle at the top of the stairs.
    • Go through the left door and then left around the corner and you will see a guard facing right. Walk to the next break in the wall on the right then throw the bottle towards the pool table. Immediately turn right and make your way through the pink-colored room but stop behind the table so aren’t spotted by the second guard patrolling the hallway ahead. When he turns around and walks off, exit the room, turn left then turn right. Diego’s room is the first door on the left. Open the door and walk through the room then turn right and right again and you will see a closet. The safe is inside.
    Safe #2 - Mission 13, ‘Alone’ (Coffee Shop)
    Combination: 10-10-80
    • After disabling the shotgun trap, head upstairs and down the hallway. You will hear banging at the end, so open the door and a person will be lying there bleeding out. Continue through the next door and once you are in the coffee shop, turn left and there will be a locked door on your left. Pry it open and you will see the safe inside the room.
    Safe #3 - Mission 13, ‘Alone’ (Auto Shop)
    Combination: 37-60-80
    • From the previous safe, drop down through the broken railing. You will hear Shadow Company searching for you, so you need to be quick to avoid being seen. Immediately turn left then left again and run to the back of the room and out the door on your right. Continue straight and in the next building there will be an open window on your right. Once in the auto shop, stick to the left and continue forward until you see an office on your left. The safe is inside.
    Thanks to Fuzzy Bearbarian for the video:
  • Kill three Enemies with the Riot Shield in the Campaign or in Co-op.

    In the campaign, this can be earned in Mission 14, ‘Prison Break’ or Mission 16, ‘Ghost Team’. This is much easier to do in Mission 14 because the riot shield is more readily available with better opportunities for un-armored enemies.

    It is also highly recommended that you attempt this on Recruit difficulty. This can be done in the co-op mode as well, but it’s easier to do in campaign. This also does not have to be done in one area; you can do this throughout the mission after you have acquired a shield but in one life.

    Mission 14, ‘Prison Break’
    After you free Alejandro, continue forward up the stairs and when you turn a corner, there will be enemies with riot shields advancing towards you. Throw a couple of grenades or Molotov cocktails at them and when they are dead, pick up one of their shields. Continue ahead and free the rest of the prisoners then follow Alejandro.

    Note: You can refill your backpack in the room before the corridor if needed.

    There are two sections ahead where you can unlock this; in the mess hall and outside.
    1. In the mess hall, enemies will first enter the room from the left and above. Switch to your riot shield and make your way to that side of the room. When you are close, throw a flashbang or tear gas to disorient them, run up to them and keep pressing rt.png or analog-right.png to pummel them with your shield. Eventually, enemies will enter the room from the right. Repeat this with other enemies in the room until the achievement unlocks.
    2. From the mess hall, follow Alejandro through a door and down some stairs and you will eventually be outside. In this alleyway, there will be a few enemies who you can shield kill. Again, throw a non-lethal to disorient them then run up and kill them with your shield. There are also some enemies in the areas ahead of your location where you can attempt this as well.
    Mission 16, ‘Ghost Team’
    There is only one section where you can find a riot shield. Using the helicopter to destroy the radio tower, advance to that area and the first main building (that the tower topples onto) will be labeled ‘Fuerza Especiales Cuarteles No1’. You can enter it from the front or the west side. However, for the riot shield enemy to spawn, you must enter the building from the west side.

    Referring to the image below, enter the doorway on the right into a long hallway. The shield enemy and 1-2 other enemies will spawn at the end of the hallway and advance towards you. Throw a flashbang to disorient them then unload your weapon on them. Chances are you will not kill the shield enemy so regroup back outside. Allow them to advance and by now some of your teammates should be helping you. Sweep to the front of the building and try to take out the shield enemy from behind through the windows. Once they’re dead, take the shield.

    Walking down the hallway (towards the front entrance where the enemies spawned) you will see a staircase. Up here will be at least five enemies (if your teammates haven’t killed them yet). A few of them are armored so you will need to hit them a couple of times with the shield.
  • While affected by one Flashbang, kill two enemies in the Campaign or in Co-op.

    This can be earned in any mission where you have flashbangs in your loadout. The first opportunity is in Mission 2, ‘Kill or Capture’.

    At the start of the mission, keep moving forward and you will be ordered to clear a building. Switch to your SMG then walk up to the door (behind the door is two enemies standing next to each other). Before your teammate bashes it in, press and hold lb.png, then when the door is open, throw one or two flashbangs at the ground. This will temporarily blind you so blind fire into the room and you should kill both enemies. If you haven’t by the time the effect wears off, quickly reload the checkpoint.
  • Shoot all the targets in the training area in 'Ghost Team'.

    Mission 16, ‘Ghost Town’

    You might be in the middle of a firefight with a massive tank in the mission, but that shouldn’t stop you from wandering off and testing your skills on a nearby target range, right? There are a total of 33 targets located in the training area, and you’ll need to get them all in one life in order to make it count. Frustratingly, you can’t take out the tank before doing the target range, so best to do this one on Recruit difficulty so that you can sponge a ton more damage while hunting for targets.

    In the final part of Mission 16, you follow Graves into the Los Vaqueros training area. Here, he has commandeered a tank and it is your task to blow it up with C4 found in orange crates all around the mock-up village. There are 33 wooden targets spread throughout the area, some in not-so-obvious positions. The best weapon to use is the M4 with a thermal scope as with this scope, the targets are colored orange, making them very easy to identify. Refer to the video below for its location.

    Circle around the arena, avoiding the tank’s shots, and shooting targets. Plenty of them are within the training zone’s fake buildings, which also provide good cover from the tank, and if you head to the building’s roofs, you can get a good view of the targets around the edge of the training area. If you’re struggling to find them all, make sure to use that thermal scope, or restart the mission to go find it.

    Thanks to 360GameTV for the video:
  • Kill the enemy in the porta-potty.

    Mission 12, ‘Dark Water’

    Note: This can be done in the same playthrough as Don’t touch the deck! (30G).

    In this mission, there’s a fella taking a bathroom break in a nearby portaloo. At the start of the mission, you’ll climb up several flights of steps to reach the main deck of the oil rig. Once you reach the main deck, if you’re not paying attention, one of your teammates will shoot the portaloo on your left, and the enemy soldier will come tumbling out.

    To get this achievement, you’ll need to shoot that portaloo before your A.I. teammate does. The best way to do this is to shoot it repeatedly from the steps on the exterior of the oil rig, once you reach the top, ignoring the other enemies that are shooting at you at the time.
  • Nessie



    Reach the barge without being seen in 'Wetwork'.

    Mission 3, ‘Wetwork’

    Note: You can unlock Crocodile (30G) and this achievement in the same playthrough, but you need to remain undetected throughout.

    There are 15 enemies in this mission before the barge; five on the piers near the beginning, four in two patrol boats, two on a pier on the right closer to the dock and four patrolling the dock near the barge. The radar can turn yellow and even orange, but if it turns red, you’ve been seen so you need to reload your checkpoint. If is suggested that once you take out an enemy, you immediately submerge, but keep an eye on your radar.

    At the start of the mission, stay on the left side of the waterway and quietly swim forward and you will see a lone enemy at the end of a pier. Line them up and press rb.png to throw a knife to kill them. They will fall in the water but will leave a suppressed pistol on the dock. Swim to its edge and pick it up. The pistol has limited ammo, but you also have 8 (well, 7 now) throwing knives to start, so use them as needed.

    Next, there will be four enemies ahead; one on the right and three on the left. There will also be two patrol boats with two enemies each. We are going to ignore the boat enemies until the end.

    Swim over to the right side of the waterway and there will be a lone enemy at the end of the pier. Press button-b.png to submerge, swim closer to them, aim and shoot them from under the water.

    Next, swim left across the waterway and you will see one lone enemy at the end of the pier and two standing close to one other at the other end of the same pier. You can take out the lone enemy easily from underwater, but make sure the patrol boat doesn’t see you. For the enemies closer to one another, they sometimes separate so the opportunity to remain undetected is increased. If they do, attempt to shoot at least one of them from underwater to unlock Crocodile (30G) then kill the other one however you see fit.

    You can either swim back to the right side to kill the two enemies on the pier farther ahead or kill the four enemies on the dock first then circle back to them. However you do it, you must not been seen. Remember that enemies can discover dead bodies but that will not alert them to you.

    Finally, you have the two boats to contend with. Each patrols one half of the waterway, so watch their pattern, and when they drive away from each other, this will be the opportune time to take one of them out. As one boat passes you, line up the enemies from behind and take them both out quickly, preferably with headshots. Your radar may turn red but if you kill them both, you are still unseen. If you are far enough away from the other boat, climb up on the disabled boat and take their suppressed SMG then immediately jump back into the water.

    Watch the second boat from a safe spot and when they drive away from you, swim behind them and shoot them both quickly. Again, the radar may turn red but you should still be undetected. Once you’ve killed all the enemies unseen and start swimming towards the barge, the achievement will unlock.

    Thanks to Lordacris for the video:
  • Complete the CCTV sequence in four minutes.

    Mission 14, ‘Prison Break’

    Note: This can be done in the same playthrough as Backpack Guy (30G).

    This sequence takes place near the beginning of the mission. Once you gain access to the control room, you need to guide Ghost while looking at a CCTV monitor as he plants four explosives on vehicles outside the prison.

    There’s almost no way you’ll be able to do this on your first go, but once you get a feel for the optimal route, you can quickly direct your ally from place to place, killing the right enemies, and avoiding others. This is a tough challenge, but it’s a case of practice makes perfect, and with each go you should be able to shave a little more time off of your total, in order to bring it to under four minutes. There are some tips which should help you out, however.
    • Always switch to the next CCTV camera while Ghost moves cover to cover, shaving off valuable seconds.
    • Never leave Ghost stationary. Once you know the series of commands you need to pull off, you’ll need to basically have them memorised.
    • If you forget what you’re meant to be doing next, pause the game before Ghost stops moving. This will buy you basically unlimited time to remember what you need to do next.
    Ghost must remain undetected the entire sequence. His path will take him to all four vehicles to plant the explosives. Use button-x.png to instruct him to plant them. If he successfully plants the fourth explosive in less than four minutes, the achievement will unlock. Pausing the game stops the timer. Also, if you need to reload your checkpoint, the time reverts back to when you first reached that checkpoint. If you make it to the end and the achievement doesn’t unlock, you must restart the mission; don’t be discouraged if you don’t get this on your first attempt.

    Frustratingly, if you mess up, you’ll have to start the entire mission from scratch, as there are multiple checkpoints within the CCTV section itself. Persevere, and the achievement will be yours. Instead of writing a detailed walkthrough on how to earn this achievement, please refer to the video below for tips.

    Thanks to Lordacris for the video:
  • Kill gassed or blinded enemies using a Molotov, Semtex and Frag in 'Prison Break'.

    Mission 14, ‘Prison Break’

    Note: This can be done in the same playthrough as No Time to Lose (30G).

    This mission sees you kitted out with tons of grenades and equipment, and you’ll need to put them to good use to nab this achievement. Following the CCTV section needed for No Time to Lose (30G), you'll make your way into the prison. Before the door is breached, open your backpack and make sure either non-lethal tear gas or flashbangs are equipped for lb.png and a frag grenade, semtex or a Molotov cocktail is equipped for rb.png.

    Once you enter the building, you’ll come across multiple groups of enemies that’ll you’ll need to take down. You can use either non-lethal grenade to incapacitate the enemies, although the gas is much more effective for this achievement. Then, once an enemy is gassed or blinded, chuck one of the lethal grenades (Molotov, Semtex, or Frag) to finish them off. 

    You’ll just need to do this three times, once with each of the lethal grenade types, to get the achievement. Like so many other achievements on this list, it’s easier done on a lower difficulty setting, if you’re having trouble, but you can get it on a Veteran playthrough.
  • Finish all Campaign missions on Veteran or Realism difficulty.

    Note: This achievement does not unlock until the final cutscene and credits have completed (or have been skipped).

    Veteran difficulty is available from the start. Realism is unlocked upon completing the game on any other difficulty, but let’s be honest, there is absolutely no need to play the campaign on Realism unless you want to test your sanity; it’s not impossible, but very difficult. Veteran difficulty is not as difficult compared to the same difficulty in earlier Call of Duty games, but there are sections that can be quite frustrating. For skilled Call of Duty players, to avoid two playthroughs, you can start on Veteran difficulty right away if you so desire. However, if you don’t have much experience with the games, a lower difficulty might be the way to go.

    Here are some things to remember:
    • When not in combat, always remember to reload your weapon
    • Play smartly and don’t run and gun. This will surely get you killed
    • If you are injured, use cover or go prone if necessary until you are fully recovered
    • Take your time. This game doesn’t have unlimited enemy spawns, but there may be a few areas where you simply can’t advance. Make sure you clear out the majority of the enemies before moving up
    • Don’t forget about your grenades; they can clear enemies that are in close quarters. Also, using your non-lethal equipment on enemies will give you the advantage in tough situations
  • Finish the Campaign on any difficulty.

    This is story related and cannot be missed. This is unlocked by completing all 17 missions of the campaign on any difficulty.
  • Never trigger the alarm in 'Recon by Fire'.

    Mission 9, ‘Recon by Fire’

    Welcome to 'Recon by Fire', the spiritual successor to the iconic Modern Warfare mission 'All Ghillied Up'. This achievement spans over the majority of the mission. To unlock it, you cannot trigger the alarm in either of the two sniping sections, but enemies can be alerted while you are in close combat. The good news here is that you’re following the orders of Captain Price, with the aim of staying undetected. So, if you follow his instructions perfectly, you’ll probably automatically unlock this achievement anyway.

    The key here is that you only need to remain undetected during the two long-distance sniping sections. Getting seen by the soldiers walking through the grass, or by the enemies in the warehouses, won’t stop you from getting this achievement.

    When you reach the first sniping section, take a prone position next to Captain Price. He will call out how many notches on your scope you need to compensate for bullet drop to make a successful kill, so if he says three notches, the third notch below the crosshairs needs to be a body or head shot (these are one-hit kills, so a body shot will suffice).

    Most of the enemies are either alone or in pairs (there are 16), so Captain Price will eliminate the second enemy if they’re together. Take note that there are three groups of three enemies. For one of them, you and Captain Price can kill them from your current position if you kill two with one bullet. For the other two groups, you need to relocate in order to take out two with one bullet; moving to the closest windmill to your immediate left should allow you to take out both groups. The total number of enemies in this first section is 25.

    On your way down to the base, a patrol will show up so you are instructed to go prone and not move at all until Captain Price gives the all clear. Proceed to clear out the warehouses then meet back up with Captain Price then carry on to the second sniping position.

    In the second section, many of the enemies are wearing armor, so you need to perform headshots. There are 17 enemies total and you will need to reposition once or twice to take out two with one bullet. Take your time and listen to Captain Price’s instruction. The achievement will unlock upon your final kill.

    If you happen to miss the shot and you’re not quick enough for a second shot, Price will attempt to kill them for you. Make sure you listen to him. Also, if at any point the alarm is triggered, immediately reload your last checkpoint.
  • Earn three Stars in 'Low Profile'.


    To grab three stars, you’ll need to complete the mission ‘Low Profile’ in under fifteen minutes. In order to complete these in the quickest time possible, you’ll want to focus on collecting the radioactive items at the objectives, which you can locate using your geiger counter, only taking out enemies when absolutely necessary. This includes any air support called in by the A.I., which you can shoot down using rockets.

    This mission is played in co-op, so either team up with a friend or jump into online matchmaking. It’s quicker to split up and head to separate objectives, before joining back up to head to the extraction point.

    Complete in under fifteen minutes to grab the achievement.
  • Earn three Stars in 'Denied Area'.


    To grab three stars, you’ll need to complete the mission ‘Denied Area’ in under sixteen minutes. In order to complete these in the quickest time possible, you’ll want to focus on planting the explosives at the objectives, only taking out enemies when absolutely necessary. This includes any air support called in by the A.I., which you can shoot down using rockets.

    This mission is played in co-op, so either team up with a friend or jump into online matchmaking. It’s quicker to split up and head to separate objectives, before joining back up to head to the extraction point.

    Complete in under sixteen minutes to grab the achievement.
  • Earn three Stars in 'Defender: Mt. Zaya'.


    Unlike the previous two co-op missions, getting three stars in 'Defender: Mt. Zaya' doesn’t require you to get a good time. Instead, you’ll have to limit the A.I. enemies to planting a maximum of three bombs throughout the course of the mission, which is tough because they’re going to be trying to plant a hell of a lot more than that.

    There are three objectives on the map - A, B, and C - and you’ll need to protect each. Sentry turrets are really useful here, able to take out enemies planting bombs that you may have missed. Each of the six waves of enemies come with their own challenges, but as long as you and your teammate concentrate on killing the guys who are planting the explosives, the rest is just about surviving until the end. If more than three bombs are planted, you’ll have to restart the mission.

    Note: The first bomb placed at Objective A does not count towards the three.

    This mission is played in co-op, so either team up with a friend or jump into online matchmaking. It’s better to split up and defend separate objectives, making sure that you're communicating in case someone goes down.
  • Complete 'Low Profile' without triggering any alarms.


    As in Night Fight (40G), there are three radioactive items, one at each objective. Silenced weapons are your best friend for this particular achievement, but they still won’t make it easy.

    A widely reported method for cheesing this achievement has since been patched, which means you’ll need to actually be sneaky to make it through. The silenced sniper rifle that you start with is perfect for taking out guards on rooftops and patrolling on the ground, but it’s the guards inside each objective that will cause you a problem. You are allowed to kill enemies with silenced weapons, but this can trigger more troops to come to you, or set off the alarm.

    Whichever order you choose to take on the objectives, it’s best to end on B, since it’s the easiest to get into, but not too easy to leave. The location of the radioactive items is randomised, so use your geiger counter to locate it. Don’t be afraid to sneak past any enemies not looking your way, and if you do get spotted and raise the alarm, let you and your teammate die, and retry from the last checkpoint.

    The achievement should unlock once you’ve collected all three items, so you don’t have to stealthily exfil. Play with a friend, take your time, and be stealthy.
  • Earn at least one Star in Co-op.


    For this achievement, just successfully complete any of the three co-op missions; Low Profile, Denied Area or Defender: Mt. Zaya. You can take as much time as you need, just as long as you complete the mission.

    If you need assistance with the six co-op achievements, feel free to post in the Official XBA Friend and Co-op Finder thread.
  • Find 20 intel fragments in Co-op.


    As of this publication, there are 60 intel fragments dispersed throughout the four co-op missions. You can retrieve any 20 from the 60 available to unlock this achievement. They come in the form of crates, USB drives, hard drives and file folders.

    The easiest ones to find are located on Low Profile since the map is smaller and they are in the same location every time. Note that to get one you will need to find a desk key in an upstairs room found at Objective C (shown at [5:37] in the video below).

    Low Profile - 20 fragments
    Denied Area - 20 fragments
    Defender: Mt. Zaya - 10 fragments
    High Ground - 10 fragments

    Thanks to samosh for the video (does not show High Ground):

Secret achievements

    DLC: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III (Store Link)

    There are 39 achievements with a total of 1000 points

    • Reach Level 55

      Your level in Modern Warfare III is earned by kills, damage, and match success. And it’s shared across Zombies mode and the Multiplayer modes. While you are trying to unlock MW3 - Slaughterhouse (30G) (which has you killing 50,000 zombies), you will reach Level 55 in doing that. You don’t really need to think about this one.
    • Successfully Exfil in MWZ

      In MWZ (Zombies mode), you will see an exfiltration icon on your map – press button-page.png to access the map, and, if you want to mark out the exfiltration icon, press dpad-up.png. Next, you need to get to the exfiltration point and fend off enemies until a helicopter arrives. Jump into the chopper, and you will escape, and this achievement will unlock.
    • Kill 500 Enemies using an Insured Weapon in MWZ

      Before a MWZ match, head to the Gear tab on the loadout screen. If you look at your weapon slots, you’ll see “Insured Slot 1” at the top. Select a weapon in here and equip it to the slot. Now, you will see that the "Contraband" designation has disappeared from underneath the weapon; that’s how you know you correctly equipped the insured weapon. Now all you have to do is go out and kill 500 zombies with it.

    • Have 9 perks active at the same time in MWZ

      There are nine perks in MWZ. They are as follows:
      • Deadshot Daiquiri
      • Death Perception
      • Elemental Pop
      • Jugger-Nog
      • Phd Flopper
      • Quick Revive
      • Speed Cola
      • Stamin-Up
      • Tombstone Soda
      To unlock this achievement, you need to have all nine of these active at the same time. What you want to do is get stockpiling. Get one of each of these through the random Perk-a-Cola drops. You can buy Perk-a-Cola from the vending machines while in a match; they're marked on the map (button-page.png).

      Then, when you have some, exfil from the map with them in your Rucksack. Back in the main menu, go to the Gear screen, then into the Rucksack, and unequip the Perk-a-Cola. This puts it into your stash. Get all nine perks into the stash, then you're ready to take them all out, enter a match, and pop them all. When you do, this achievement will unlock.
    • Kill 100 Zombies with a vehicle in a single deployment in MWZ

      In MWZ mode, find a vehicle, such as a truck or Jeep or whatever, and simply drive it into 100 zombies. Mowing them down like this is fast and easy. You just need to keep an eye on the health of the vehicle. If it starts smoking, then take it to a fuel station and it will start to repair. Fend off any approaching zombies while your vehicle repairs and refuels, then get back to the zombie-mowing. This shouldn't take too long; once you've run over your hundredth zombie, this achievement will unlock.
    • Reclaim your gear from a Tombstone in MWZ

      In a match of MWZ, spend 2000 points on the Tombstone Soda Perk. Check your map, by pressing button-page.png, to see where it's been marked. Now you need to get yourself killed, and leave the match. The perk will mean that there's a gravestone marking the spot at which you died. Then, in your next match, go to that spot and interact with the gravestone, and you will get your gear back. This achievement will then unlock.
    • Revive a player from a different Squad in MWZ

      In a match of MWZ, keep close to one or two other players, and wait for one of them to get downed. Then, revive the player by holding button-b.png. This achievement will then unlock. You can check your map with button-page.png, and you’ll see other players as blue arrows – this will help you play as a roving doctor, in order to unlock this achievement!
    • Complete 20 Contracts in MWZ

      In MWZ, you can spot the contracts on the map is blue icons. Open the map, by pressing button-page.png, and mark a contract with dpad-up.png. Now you just need to get on over to it and complete that contract. There are a few Contract types that repeat across the map, and you need to complete 20 of them to unlock this achievement.
    • Complete 5 Contracts in the High Threat Zone in a single deployment in MWZ

      This achievement is one of the tougher ones. The High Threat Zone is the Tier III difficulty area in MWZ, in the inner city, and it can be brutal. You need to take on on 5 contracts in this area to unlock this achievement. Open the map, by pressing button-page.png, and mark a contract with dpad-up.png. You have to finish all five within one match, so if you die or the match finishes, it's back to square one. One thing that makes this a little easier is to focus on the Vehicle Delivery missions, which are the easiest kind and which respawn once they are complete.

      You can make this easier on yourself by completing Contracts in earlier Tiers and accruing points, then purchasing a legendary weapon in Tier III. Plus, make sure that you are packing an armour vest with three plates, to give yourself the best fighting chance. One you have pulled off five Contracts in this zone, the achievement will unlock.
    • Complete Act III in MWZ

      MWZ mode has a story, and it's broken up into acts. Acts I, II, and III, are what you need to work your way through. In the menu for MWZ, you will see "Story Missions," and it will give you a completion percentage. Click the Story Missions option, in the bottom-right corner, and you can see your progress through these – they are goals such as "kill 50 zombies with X weapon."

      When you have completed enough of these, you will unlock a proper Story Mission, which will progress you through the plot. Act III is the final act of MWZ, and when you finish it you will unlock this achievement.
    • Kill 50,000 total Enemies in MWZ

      This achievement isn't difficult to unlock, but it does take a long time to unlock. Once you've worked your way through MWZ, which you will need to do for MW3 - The End? (30G) and MW3 - One Against All (90G), you should have racked up over 20,000 kills without really thinking trying. So this should give you an idea of how long you'll have to go farming for kills. For a 45-minute match, you should get between 500-600 kills.

      A tip to unlock this one faster through farming: call the exfiltration helicopter (which you need to do to unlock MW3 - And So It Begins (10G)), triggering intense waves of enemies to come your way, kill the all, but don't leave on the chopper. Then call it back again and repeat the process. Once you reach 50,000 kills, this achievement will unlock.
    • Defeat a Warlord in MWZ

      There are a few steps you need to do to unlock this achievement. It isn't all that hard, you just need a couple of items from a couple of different places.
      • Get a Mercenary Stronghold Keycard, from a Mercenary Camp or by buying one from a Buy Station
      • Go to any Mercenary Stronghold – these are on the map, so press button-page.png and then dpad-up.png to mark one.
      • Kill all foes here, then find and interact with the safe, kill waves of enemies while you wait for the safe to open. You will then get the Fortress Keycard – Legacy from inside the safe.
      • Now go to the Legacy Fortress, which tends to appear in the Tier II area on the map.
      • Defeat the enemies here and use the Fortress Keycard on the door. You will face another wave of enemies, and then, once all are cleared out, the Warlord will appear. Kill him, or even just score damage on him, assisting your teammates, and this achievement will unlock.
    • Kill Orcus while in a 6 person squad in MWZ

      Orcus is a giant worm boss, and you face him at the end of Act III, the final act in the MWZ story. What you need to do to get into a 6-person squad is to go enar another squad – by default, you're in a 3-person squad. When you're near another squad, hold dpad-up.png, and you will invite them to join yours, forming a 6-person squad. Now you just have to kill that big old worm, and this achievement will unlock.
    • Find and use all Armaments in Open Combat Missions

      To unlock this achievement, you need to find all twelve armaments in the Open Combat Missions. These are spread out across the game, and they're useful in combat scenarios, too. Once you've found all twelve, this achievement will unlock.

      Check out our Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III All Armament Locations guide.
    • Customize your loadout in every Open Combat Mission

      ​​​​​​There are six Open Combat missions in the campaign. These are the ones that are kind of sanboxy – a bit like the missions of Battlefield, wherein you have objectives spread across a larger and less linear map. To unlock this achievement, you need customise your loadout, which is just choosing the weapons and gear that you will use in the mission.

      The Open Combat missions are as follows:
      • Mission 2: Precious Cargo
      • Mission 3: Reactor
      • Mission 7: Crash Site
      • Mission 9: Oligarch
      • Mission 10: Highrise
      • Mission 12: Gora Dam
      When you begin these missions, press button-page.png to check your map. You'll see the white crate icons on your map,and these are where you need to go to access your loadout. Do this in each of the missions above, and this achievement will unlock.
    • Collect all Weapons and Field Upgrades from Supply Boxes in Open Combat Missions

      To unlock this achievement, you need to find all the weapons and field upgrades in the six Open Combat missions. You find them inside the orange boxes, and these are marked on the map when you get near enough to them. During these missions, you can see a progress tracker for how many you have discovered; you can check this on either the mission select screen or during a mission, by pressing button-page.png and bringing up the map.
    • Use 5 different Armaments in Open Combat Missions

    • Drive a vehicle with a Sentry Gun on the back and have it kill 5 enemies

      The easiest mission in which to unlock this achievement is the third mission, Reactor. First, find and collect a Sentry Gun armament. You can find one here:


      The door to the cabin is stuck, so you will need to go round the side, shoot the chair that's blocking the door, and then go in and grab the sentry gun.



      Once you have found the sentry gun, you can then get to a vehicle – these are also marked on the map – and press dpad-right.png to mount the sentry gun on vehicle. Now just kill five enemies with said gun, and this achievement will unlock.
    • Use the Spotter Scope to tag 60 enemies or items in Open Combat Missions

      When you're in one of the six Open Combat Missions in the campaign (see MW3 - Dialed In (15G)) press dpad-up.png to access your Spotter Scope. When you aim it at enemies and items, they will be tagged. Once you have tagged 60 enemies or items – that's only really ten things per mission – this achievement will unlock.

      The Open Combat missions are as follows:
      • Mission 2: Precious Cargo
      • Mission 3: Reactor
      • Mission 7: Crash Site
      • Mission 9: Oligarch
      • Mission 10: Highrise
      • Mission 12: Gora Dam
    • Find all Plate Carrier Upgrades in Open Combat Missions

      There are twelve Plate Carrier Upgrades in Modern Warfare III, and you need to pick up all of them to unlock this achievement. You find them in the Open Combat Missions, of which there are six in total, and they look like bulletproof vests. Each time you find one, they increase your armour slots by one. There are two of these in each of the Open Combat Missions.

      Check out our Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III Plate Carrier Upgrades Locations guide.
    • Use a Shock Stick to disable an enemy Sentry Gun

      To unlock this achievement, the third mission, Reactor, is ideal. First, you can find the Shock Sticks by going here on the map:


      You'll see them laid out on top the crate ahead:


      Now you just need to throw one at an enemy sentry turret. You will find those dotted around the map in this mission, and they pop up and automatically fire at you, just for fun. Throw one of these bad boys at the turret, and the thing will get zapped, and this achievement will unlock.
    • Destroy an airborne enemy helicopter with a Mortar Strike

      Part of the Reactor mission is to take out the three helicopters that are parked in the area. (In MW3 - Helo Hat Trick (15G), you will have to take each one out using a different armamen.) Once you've done this, a flying chopper will spawn and start to give you some grief. You need to pick up a mortar, which you will find here on the map:



      Now you just press dpad-right.png, wait for that pesky chopper to rear into view, aim at the sucker, and press rt.png. The only annoying thing with this one is that the helicopter does move about an awful lot – being, you know, a helicopter. If you fail to hit it with a Mortar Strike, then retry the checkpoint until you do. Once it goes down, this achievement will unlock. 
    • Throw and hit an enemy directly with a Flammable Cannister then blow them up with it

      Again, the best way to do this is in the Reactor mission, the third mission of the campaign. First, get yourself a Flammable Cannister. You can find one of those on the map here:



      Once you've picked up these Flammable Cannisters, you can then hold lt.png and throw it with rt.png. Lob it at an enemy, and hit them right in the body – it can't just explode near them; it's got to be a direct hit – then they will blow up, and this achievement will unlock.
    • BASE jump and travel more than 150 m with your parachute

      This achievement is one of the easy ones to unlock. In the twelfth campaign mission, Gora Dam, you will start off at the top of the dam, GoldenEye-style. Leap off here and immediately deploy your parachute, by pressing button-a.png while you're in the air. Now, push 1LSUp.gif to glide as much as you can. Once you've gone for 150m, this achievement will unlock. Note: if you are getting near to the mission boundary, circle back around in mid-air to keep the glide going.
    • Kill 10 enemies while using a zipline

      In the third mission, Reactor, you will be dropped into an open are via parachute, which you can steer. If you land on the roof next to the helicopter, you'll see a zipline that whisks you over the chopper. There is also an ascender here, which is the gizmo you need to whisk you across them. Pick it up, zoom across the line, and shoot the enemies below – there are a number of them waiting around near the chopper. You probably wont get 10 in one trip, so zip back and forth until you do, and this achievement will unlock.
    • Complete the campaign

    • Complete the campaign on Veteran

      This achievement is pretty straightforward. You don’t exactly need to be a super Call of Duty player; you just to press on through the (relatively short) campagin. Veteran is the hardest difficulty, but as long as you’re careful, this is still very achievable. It isn't as though you're embarking into Soulslike territory here. It’s Call of Duty – mind your corners, don't rush in as much as you would on higher difficulties, and keep an eye out for armour plates. These items, which you stuff into your vest with button-y.png, offer added protection from enemies – who hit harder and more accurately on Veteran.

      Once you've made your way through the campaign, this achievement will unlock, as well as the other campaign-specific achievements.
    • Kill 12 enemies while descending in the panopticon in 'Operation 627'

      In the opening mission, you have to spring someone from prison. At one point in the mission, you repel down a panopticon – a circular guard tower, surrounded on all sides by cells. This is where you need to get popping. Repel nice and slowly, and don't be afraid to stop for a few moments to make sure that you rack up enough kills. You need to kill 12 enemy guards to unlock this achievement, and that's more than doable as long as you don’t rush.
    • Parachute off a Gantry Crane onto the roof of the Harbormaster's Building in 'Precious Cargo'

      This is simple enough. You’ll find this during the first Open Combat Mission in which you play as Farah. Climb the ladders to scale one of the big yellow gantry cranes (the ones moving along the rails), then jump off the top, being sure to deploy your parachute quickly. The roof of the Harbormaster’s Building is pretty hard to miss - it’s the biggest building in the area, and it’s right by the Gantry Cranes in the yard. Take the nearest crane, and getting to the roof should prove to be an easy short hop with a parachute. This achievement will then unlock.
    • Destroy each objective helicopter in 'Reactor' with a different Armament

      This achievement is tied directly to the mission’s objective – to destroy three choppers – and the only twist is that you need to use different armaments to do so. The choppers are parked, by the way, so this one involves little marksmanship. All you really need to do is find three different armaments. This, too, isn't that tough.

      Right near where you land there is a Mortar Strike, over by some crates. You can find a Precision Airstrike just to the left of the south-east helicopter. (Check you map, with button-page.png, to see where the helicopters are marked.) And you can also grab a Cruise Missile just near the last chopper, just near the supply drop – look for the smoke and the parachute. After all three choppers have been destroyed in different ways, this achievement will unlock.
    • Using the EBR-14, kill 2 enemies with 1 bullet 5 times in 'Payload' without sounding the alarm

      In the fourth campaign mission, Payload, the game does a bit of an All Ghillied Up – tall grass, silenced rifles, and general sneaky violence. You actually begin this mission with the EBR-14, so you don't need to worry about acquiring it. If you take the path on the left, you will come across multiple pairs of enemies. The game wants you to unlock this one, and this sequence is pretty curated. Don't immediately shoot them; wait a moment, and they will walk into a position from which you can fell them both with one shot. Just line it up, and squeeze the trigger. Do a double kill on each of these pairs before you reach the main courtyard, and this achievement will unlock.
    • Acquire the Major's keycard in 'Deep Cover' within 90 seconds without being detected

      During the fifth campaign mission, Deep Cover, you are tasked with picking up a keycard from an enemy Major. You need to first run to the Admin Building, which is marked on your map as a main objective. You will see a group of enemies ahead, and one of them will be dressed differently to the rest. You will then see him peel away from the group and go up the nearby stairs to the building. Wait for him to reach the top of the stairs, and quickly perform a takedown on him, with analog-right.png, before he opens the door and enters the building. He will drop a keycard – hold button-x.png to swipe it, and this achievement will unlock. This should take around 80 seconds, so it's a bit tight.
    • Shoot the gun out of the air in 'Flashpoint' before a terrorist catches it

      In the eighth mission, Flashpoint, you will reach a room full of terrorists who are posing as paramedics. Wait in here for the dialogue to run its course; do not interact with the guy on the right, asking for help. The two men at the back of the room are where you need to keep your focus – and your aim. Once the men decide to drop the act and attack you, the guy on the right in the background will toss a rifle to his comrade on the left. Keep your aim trained between them before this happens, and take the shot just after he throws it. You will knock the gun out of the air, and this achievement will unlock. If you fail, then you can retry the checkpoint.
    • Destroy all of the cars in the mansion garage in 'Oligarch'

      This is by far the easiest campaign achievement, as you need only blow up the cars parked outside the mansion at the end of the mission. To take care of the cars in the garage (off to the left when you’re facing the mansion), chuck a grenade in the middle of the row of cars, then finish them off with some machine gun fire through the front grill. Do the same with the ones at the back, and then polish off the cars outside, and this achievement will unlock.
    • Reach the roof in 'Highrise' under 45 seconds

      This one is easy enough, but you need to find the Ascender, which is that gizmo that lets you zip up ropes like Batman. You'll find it on the eleventh floor of the building, and you'll know that you're on the eleventh floor because Gaz says,“Moving to the 11th floor.” Once you're there, you'll find the Ascender in a box in the stairwell. Pick it up, and then restart the mission.

      Now you will actually begin the mission with the Ascender. To unlock this achievement, you need to reach Price on the roof in under 45 seconds. Zip up the rope in the first lift shaft; pop the two foes in the corridor, then zip up the rope at the end; turn left, climb out the window and ascend the two ziplines here. You should easily make it under 45 seconds – when you do, this achievement will unlock.
    • Execute the forest sniper in 'Frozen Tundra' with a takedown

      In the eleventh mission, Frozen Tundra, you will come across an enemy sniper in the snowy woods. This is a scripted thing and is unmissable, so don't fret. In order to unlock this achievement, you have to kill this guy with a melee takedown. To do this, you can either sprint up to him and press analog-right.png to smack him once or twice until the takedown prompt appears; or you can use a flashbang. Throw one his way, and he'll get disoriented. Then run up to him and perform a takedown (analog-right.png), and this achievement will unlock.
    • Defuse the bomb on the truck in 'Gora Dam' while it is in motion

      At the start of Gora Dam, you will leap from the top of the dam and deploy your parachute (button-a.png). What you need to do is parachute onto the back of the moving truck on the right side of the map. If you check the map (button-page.png), you will see it marked in white as your main objective. You have to land on the truck unseen, and while parachuting; if you are spotted, then they will stop the truck. Once you have made the landing, just hold button-x.png to defuse the bomb, and this achievement will unlock.
    • Use a missile to take out a single enemy in 'Danger Close'

      In the thirteenth campaign mission, Danger Close, you start in a gunship, raining down all manner of destruction from above. in the bottom-left of the screen, you will see a number of enemies – it's technically to the northwest. Switch to your missles, with button-y.png, shoot the missile, and then guide it to a single enemy, away from any groups. Once that enemy has been blown up, this achievement will unlock.

    Secret achievements

    • Pet a Hellhound in MWZ

      This achievement is easy, but it depends on a couple of random variables. In MWZ, you’ll see Doghouses across the map – or, rather, you won’t see them until you get near enough to them, and then they appear on your map. Now, the first slightly random element of unlocking this achievement is getting the Chunk of Flesh, which is a blue-rarity item. This you will just need to wait for, as it will drop from a random zombie.

      Once you have it, though, you can then use this item on one of the Doghouses. This then spawns a Hellhound that will eb friendly towards you. The second random variable for this achievement is that sometimes – not all the time – you will have the option to pet the Hellhound, by pressing button-x.png, and this achievement will unlock.

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    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Achievement GUIDE FAQ

    • What is the estimated achievement difficulty for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II?
      The estimated achievement difficulty for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II is 6/10.
    • How many offline achievements are there in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II?
      There are 18 offline achievements in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II.
    • How many online achievements are there in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II?
      There are 6 online achievements in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II.
    • How long does it take to get 100% in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II?
      The estimated time to get 100% in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II is 12-18 hours.
    • How many playthroughs is needed to get 100% in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II?
      1 for campaign [2 is recommended], 1 for Co-op.
    • How many missable achievements are there in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II?
      There are no missable achievements in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II.
    • Does difficulty affect achievements in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II?
      Yes, you must play on Veteran difficulty for Cutting Heads off Snakes (100G).
    • Are there any unobtainable/glitched achievements in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II?
      There are no unobtainable/glitched achievements in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II.

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