I'm the Juggernaut… Achievement

  • I'm the Juggernaut…



    Kill a Juggernaut in Special Ops.


    Only explosives and high caliber bullets can kill Juggernauts. They appear only in Spec Ops in Snatch and Grab, Estate Takedown, High Explosive, and Armor Piercing.

    The first Special Ops mission you can get this on is Snatch and Grab. You can play on Regular to make this easier. When you first start, you will have the Intervention as your secondary weapon. Switch to this weapon () and then wait for a Juggernaut to appear. There should be a one at the start of the mission but if not, you can either progress through as normal or restart it. Once you see one, shoot it five times and you should kill it. You can also use 4 RPG rockets to kill it or a full LMG clip.

  • one of the hardest achievements i got from this game
  • i like jugz
  • i like jugz
  • its very easy if you use the right weapon. I just use the intervention.
  • i got it easily i kept using a grenade launcher but when he got close i just kept shanking him until he died easy achievement
  • How do they look like. How many shots with Intervention. Srry 4 the bother, I just bought the game 2 days ago. I will try YouTube
  • u can only find them in special ops or museme when u clear da game and maybe 3 shots 2 da head with intervention,good look
  • This was EASY! Did it on my first try, took me literally 15 seconds from the start of the game til' I got it. :D
  • What do juggernauts look like ?
  • Intervention head shots ftw!
  • use barret .50 cal in the special ops mission (to deliver an intel)... I think the special ops mission is in the 3rd set of missions... 5 shots from barret .50 cal sniper rifle are enough for a Juggernaut.
  • boom boom pow
  • barret .50 i find the easiest. just pump them into his head, no worries
  • Divine "Intervention"...
  • Sooooooo Easy!! If you dont get it in the campaign or god forbuid by the time you unlock the echo ops 2/3 of them have a map full of juggernauts. Armor piercing is pretty easy just use the barret 50 cal (arolund 5 shots)and high explosives use the thumper and head shot them (1 shot)and there you go.
  • Lol easy now people have uploaded videos and given hope. I remember when this first came out.. The sound you hear that announces the juggernaut used to shit us up !
  • Damndest thing my son put hundreds of rounds in him while i was down he fell over shot him once with pistol in head boom! Dead and cheevo popped

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