Wet Work Achievement

  • Wet Work



    Take back New York Harbor. Complete "Hunter Killer" on any difficulty.

    This is story related and cannot be missed.

    All you need to do here is complete the mission "Hunter Killer" on any of the 4 difficulties.

  • I can guarantee this is a helicopter mission for two reasons. I've seen game play where they're in New York in helicopters, one blows up or something and you fall out like usual in a CoD game, and the other reason is that "Hunter Killer" is a military training exercise in which one person calls out targets in a helicopter and the other takes them out.
  • i have already played through the entire campain, and this is a submarine mission
  • CoD 4 Reference. Wet Work was a multiplayer map.
  • that's what she said
  • @1 LOLZ FAIL
  • Veteran is the only way to go
  • Again really!? =/
  • another campaign mission

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