Requiem Achievement

  • Requiem



    Escape the city. Complete "Blood Brothers" on any difficulty.

    This is story related and cannot be missed.

    All you need to do here is complete the mission "Blood Brothers" on any of the 4 difficulties.

  • totally agreed... so shocked.
  • I know right.
  • I pissed myself when it said "Hold X to pick up Soap" :P
  • broke my heart
  • saddest mission of the whole cod franchise
  • LOL, you guys are funny. This game is all about detaching from emotion to do a job (kill other "human beings"), and you guys are being soft about being in love with the characters? This is funny. Maybe I am just a cold-hearted grump!
  • @8 yep you sure are
  • @8, Soap's one of the few who's not trying to kill you ..
  • HIYA
  • I thought the way they killed him was kind of weak. Like they were just trying to match the drama of the previous games anyway they could. If Soap had to die, they could have made it a lot better than that.
  • Damn shame. I was hoping the first person perspective was going to revert back to Soap in the last missions (as it did for MW2). Soap was after all the original hero in MW1. This was like killing Master Chief in Halo 3. Should'a killed Price instead, would've fit better. Could've played as Soap again on a revenge mission.
  • I hated this mission.. and what I don't like is in stronghold.. price is really cheeky to you

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