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    Complete "Black Tuesday" and "Hunter Killer" on Veteran difficulty.

    Before you start, make sure the games difficulty is set to Veteran.

    All you need to do here is complete the missions "Black Tuesday" & "Hunter Killer" on Veteran difficulty.

  • Veteran is not that hard for this game
  • Will Veteran be available from the start or do we have to complete the missions on a lower difficulty first? Does anybody know?
  • In the first two titles there was always the option from the beginning to choose veteran, so i'm assuming this will be too.
  • how do you know post 1 must be a fake copie you have eh?
  • I doubt it's hard considering how IW have made MW2 easier than CoD4, BO was easier than WaW, so naturally MW3 should be easier or the same as MW2.
  • @#4 there are alot of people who got the game early like woodys gamertag tmartn xjawz and alot of other people i wouldnt doubt it if he had the game early
  • I did these both on Veteran, still did not get the achievement...
  • @#7 I did both of these on Veteran as well....twice and it didn't unlock.
  • @#8 Did you ever repeat them over and still didn't get it? I did it too, still didn't work.
  • I just got it as soon as I should have, it's not glitched, sure you are playing on veteran? I noticed that there was 4 or 5 different difficulties for this game as opposed to I think the 3 I recall from the CoD4 (which was the last one I played)
  • I repeated Veteran mode for this alot, still AM not getting it. I just wish they added a status setting to know which missions you've completed on Veteran.
  • Make sure that you do the prologue on Veteran also. I did both missions and the achievement did not pop. So I started a new game, thinking that was the problem, and once I got through the prologue it came up
  • Just did the prologue and the achievement popped. If it's not unlocking you can go to mission select and choose the prologue, it does do a difficulty check, then quit and carry on.
  • enjoyed ever second of getting shoot, im diving back in for more.
  • glitched
  • I've tried it 4 times now and I still don't have the achievement.
  • To make this one pop you have to watch the prologue on vet difficulty as well for some reason, so select New game (doesn't reset campaign progress) and set difficulty to Vet. Should pop as Black Tuesday loads assuming you've completed the two missions already. Took me a while to figure this out after repeating about 5 times. This will also pop Best of the Best i've you've finished the campain on vet
  • popped up after watchin prologue lol should say complete prologue, black tuesday and hunter killer so people aren't confused lol
  • It's a bit confusing this achievement, you have to do the prologue as well as both missions
  • Really annoyed i did both on veteran but didnt get the achievement
  • ok for you people who are complaining about not getting the achievement after doing the mission several times, go to mission select and do the prolouge. i did both missions about 4 times each before i figured this out. anyways, great game, epic endin g.
  • i did them in reverse an it POPED 4 me..hunter tuesday ...then the prolog.. cant express how important it is to watch the prolog..1 min in it opens up..whos red e for some need for speed the run.
  • Note# You must complete the prologue on veteran to get this achievement
  • the veteren achievements are easy to get you just need good cover where you can shoot anyone
  • I did this twice and i didn;t get it, thanks for the advice about the prolouge (:
  • Follow #12 if the achievement is not popping for you
  • I was dint understand At first so i did it again like 3 times and I still dint get it and I was really mad and when i learn I hade to look at the prologue in veteran dificulty When i got it I was really pisst off
  • How to get Achievement: finish both missions on veteran SIMOLTANIOSLY then select NEW GAME and difficulty VETERAN and it will appear halfway through the Prolouge (beginning Video) !! :)
  • you ppl must be dumb you always have to complete the prologue
  • Hopefully people are still reading this thread. Right... I played Vet (by selecting 'new game' and the achievements worked fine up until Mind the Gap till Iron lady, as I did not get the two achievements for these set of missions. I continued on and the achievements started working again for the rest of the game. So I then went back and did the missions from Mind the Gap to Iron Lady. The achievements popped up this time :S confusing I know... I have all the mission achievements. ALL OF THEM. The one im missing is the main 100G achievement for completing the whole game on Vet... And no its not Prologue im missing because I just ran that several times from the 'New Game' option and the 'Mission Select' option...
  • @ #28. I have nothing useful to add so I'll just say nice job on the word "SIMOLTANIOSLY".
  • That must be: Complete "Prolouge", "Black Tuesday" and "Hunter Killer" on Veteran difficulty.
  • Just this one was difficult, especially with a messed up disc...
  • it would be handy if it said in the description you had to do the prologue as well. liberty taking b*stards
  • ya you have to watch the Prologue on veteran
  • @12 thanks
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  • Veteran mode is a bitch to do
  • comment
  • ok idk why but i beat both levels 2 times on veteran still have not got the achievement do i have to beat the game on veteran to get it or what? i can get all the other achievements that i know of i have 30 out of 76
  • would have never known to select new game first... lol

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