Out of the Frying Pan… Achievement

  • Out of the Frying Pan…



    Complete "Persona Non Grata", "Turbulence", and "Back on the Grid" on Veteran difficulty.

    Before you start, make sure the games difficulty is set to Veteran.

    All you need to do here is complete the missions "Persona Non Grata", "Turbulence" & "Back on the Grid" on Veteran difficulty.

  • i completed all 3 missions on veteran, but i didn't get the achievement... what should i do?
  • play them again?
  • You obviously did not beat all 3 of them on veteran if it did not pop
  • Freakin technical scene frustrates me, been trying to pass that level on VET and memorized where the enemies are but constantly dying!! ARRRGHH
  • remember the prologue guys
  • For the part when you're using the gun on the truck, just hold the trigger down constantly. I kept dying repeatedly until I discovered the gun doesn't overheat and just held the trigger down the whole time. It went pretty easily after that.
  • OMG how ******* hard is this just got through now, but not got much hair left hope will last the game HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  • You don't actually even have to get on the technical. When they told me to get on, I just got in prone position near the entrance where you popped down. I got up and tried to pick off some guys, but the team does most of the work. After a minute or so, the technical will blow up and you will have to hurry and chase your team.
  • OMG I spent ages trying to do the bit on the technical. I did it, then I saved and exited to play multiplayer for a bit. I resumed my game and had to start the whole level again. :(
  • @8 cheers mate you helped me a lot Like 8 said the technical will blow up don't go on it
  • Is some one willing to help me out. I am struggling with the mortar part. I am on Veteran and I always die... its really annoying. I am also trying for the achievement. Is it easier to just ignore going for the cheevo?
  • @8 I will try that technique. Thanks for the help. We will see if I actually get past that level. This is the ONLY level left for me to complete on VET. Pain in the ass!
  • #11 do the action achievements on Recruit, except for "Nein" in "Scorched Earth" which i did on Normal because ur team kills the enemy too fast on Recruit.
  • Found these 3 level super easy really don't know why
  • in the mission (Back on the Grid) when you have to get on the pick up truck with the 50,cal DON'T just get close and it will say objective complete run back to where you jumped off turn right into the little gap and lay down that way you only got to kill enemy's on the right rooftop and the two trucks that arrive alot easier than using the truck especially on veterian difficulty... hope this helps you all out
  • sorry for the double post but DON'T move untill it says checkpoint reached after you finish this part of the level...
  • too easy
  • Sigh did all 3 on vet but no achievement
  • Persona Non Grata was pretty difficult, Turbulence was easier but still challenging, Back on the Grid was pretty easy.

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