This is the End Achievement

  • This is the End



    Complete "Scorched Earth", "Down the Rabbit Hole", and "Dust to Dust" on Veteran difficulty.

    Before you start, make sure the games difficulty is set to Veteran.

    All you need to do here is complete the missions "Scorched Earth", "Down the Rabbit Hole" & "Dust to Dust" on Veteran difficulty.

  • my only friend, the end. - the doors
  • just finished the campaign on veteran, blood, sweat and tears. glad it is over now. on to the intel now.
  • What a shit game - the AI is as bad as the last two IW made...
  • scorched earth is fucking impossible :(
  • Most levels I waited in the back for my team to clear the field but I had to be a bit more mobile for a couple sections of Scorched Earth. In Dust to Dust the juggernaut section is simple if you take is slowly but the second half I got killed so many times I was getting to think I would never get through.
  • Countdown Timer On Dust To Dust Was A B***h , But Just Keep Going, You Will Make It In The End. No Where Near As Hard As The 9 Minute One On Cod 4 On No Fighting In The War Room!
  • Does anyone have a strategy for getting past the second half of Dust to Dust? I can't make any headway whatsoever. Do the enemies ever stop coming or do they just keep spawning in? I've killed like 15 guys and there is always another to take its place.
  • On dust to dust once upstairs move to the room of the left with the pool table, tap the guy that runs in the opening of rt then fire rounds straight down that viewpoint (1 or 2 there)pivot left to bad guy in next rm on left. Enter that room and you have 1 or 2 in front. Immediately enter next room after dropping them, crouch behind first chair - this is key - flashbang the bar area then move immediately forward to the end room. Go to far opening, you have some cover, and fire straight ahead to were they keep respawning. You should only have to drop 3 or 4 and you can move forward - there is one in the bar. After that just move forward, let Yuri lead and the next section is pretty easy - you just have to keep moving forward after you drop 2 to 5 baddies. They keep coming if you don't.
  • Beat the game on Veteran, my game glitches, and erases all of my achievements. Twice. Fuck you, Infinity Ward. I don't understand why this game got such great reviews, it's glitchy as fuck, had to download a patch ON FUCKING RELEASE DAY, and it's directed by Michael Bay. I'd rather play shitty Black Ops, because then at least it doesn't completely fuck up my system.
  • Just finished it :)
  • FINALLY beat it on veteran. What I did on Dust to Dust is I stayed at the giant pile of shit at the end of the hallway and just shot everyone from there. Then when I reached the checkpoint I kept alternating from the grenade launched to my gun and vise versa. Super easy that way.
  • By the way, FUCK scorched earth >=|
  • Just got scorched earth. Kept to the AK 47 holographic as a secondary weapon and made it through. I definitely hated the part where you have the stay up with the tanks though... Sounds like I got past the worst part now :)
  • Dust to Dust is killing me. I didn't have problems with Veteran on COD 4 so why am I having them now?
  • YES!! I suggest you don't move to fast in Dust to Dust, otherwise guys will spawn right behind you. It helped to stay behind the rubble for the first hard part. After that, take cover and shoot the bastards one for one.
  • Yuri just waits for you to make a move, AI is shit in this part. Don't think the time matters but the first checkpoint at the bars seems like 26 miles away.. hate it already
  • Scorched Earth is the only hard mission on the entire game.
  • scorched earth is hard. checkpoints are annoying too!
  • just passed Scorched Earth on veteran, it's pretty easy for me. But Dust to Dust second part is a pain in the ass! died like 20 times at the last part For the last checkpoint before the end. Dont move forward like Price said, just run back to the stairs and kill enemys from that pile of tables, the timer reached 1:30 left and "CHECKPOINT REACHED", just run like hell and Yuri and do the rest.
  • I concur on Dust to Dust, I thought the first half was great and was like "oh wow, after 3 games of suffering we get some stress relief" but then nope, 3 games worth of difficulty crammed into the last 4 minutes (4 minutes on the timer, 4 hours of trying). But it did make killing Makarov that much sweeter.
  • scorched earth and down the rabbit hole were easy dust to dust is fuckin impossible i cant beat the second half the walls provide no cover at all and yuri always gets in ur way causing u to get shot i need help
  • dust to dust FUCK YOU you FUCKING BASTARD the level has made me hate this fucking game
  • how the fuck am i ment to do this been trying about a million times wtf is that fucking timer on for
  • this game was two easy! had no problem at all. but exuctive order on black opps was almost impossible
  • hey #9 my xbox is doing that with nascar 2011.seems like mine glitches and then erases after some online multiplayer! you think its the games or maybe a virus or hacker from online? IDK!
  • Died about ten times on Dust to Dust. Didn't bother me much. Take it slow, let Yuri do alot of the work by moving up to the wall of the next room. He will run in and kill most of the guys. Go in slow and steady and mop up the remaining few. You have plenty of time, so don't rush so much.
  • easy ha dont know how ppl are having trouble with this
  • Dust to Dust is only hard because of the timer. If you ignore the time winding down your chances of success will increase exponentially :) For Scorched Earth, in the section where you have to follow the tanks, stay to the right; there is more cover and the store fronts have smaller groups of enemies. Off to play bigger, better, and somewhat buggier BF3.
  • not a hard game at all campiagn had a spot or 2 that i died at a couple times but you dont have to cry about it i think that the spec ops missions were harder then the campiagn but i still got those done too so stop b*$%#ing about its difficulty and do it ppl
  • dust to dust is a f*ing joke! I died a load of times before I found out that all you have to do is sit back anywhere around the corridor (I took post in the poker room) and shoot off the occasional villain until Yuri says it's time to move up (less than 2 mins on the timer). surprise! no more baddies around and it's almost a straight run to the chopper. lame..
  • This was SO EASY. Only "hard" part was the "Dust to Dust" timed part, but if you just stayed behind the tables, it was piece of cake. And I played on Veteran
  • pretty F'in intense fellas
  • #24 executive order wasnt that hard. SOG was and the tank part on rebirth really was and the light foot part of project nova was too. This game hasnt been as hard but i still have four missions to go.
  • Worked for about an hour on Dust to Dust and finally completed it on Veteran and then the achievement didn't pop! GRRR!
  • On dust to dust the juggernaut suit really does nothing and disables you from proning.
  • Fun & easy haha

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