Who Dares Wins Achievement

  • Who Dares Wins



    Complete the campaign on any difficulty.


    You'll obtain this achievement once you've completed the final mission "Dust to Dust" on any difficulty.

    Please refer to 'The Best of the Best' for more information.

  • Hopefully this campaign will be better than battlefield 3.. can't believe that game had so much hype
  • don't waste time doing this on easy or normal, when you have to do it on hardened or veteran difficulty ^_^
  • He who dares wins :)
  • Snake eyes, roll again. :D
  • just complete the game now on to veteran wish me luck, great game enjoying every minute of it.
  • Justice at last :)
  • beat this on veteran first day i had it
  • no one cares if you beat it on first day big woop stop bragging you no life
  • I've had it 2 days after release, I'm only first prestige and I am 70% Campaign. Campaign is cool and all, but the attraction is for the multi-player. I'm beating it on Veteran first, but wow first day? NICE.
  • Got this today i did it in 5 hours 35 mintures and 10 seconds
  • I beat this the second day after I got it...I have no life, yet I didn't beat the other guy. FML
  • Play through on veteran, even tho it takes longer in the end u end up with heaps more gamerscore for it
  • is this a reference to 'only fools and horses'
  • This should be worth 100 G, not 40.
  • This seemed so much easier than the other Cods... still a quality game tho
  • I agree with others... If it's your first playthrough, go straight to Veteran. It takes longer but saves you going back to do it all again for 1 achievement. I also got around 80% of the Intel in the campaign without really searching hard on my first Veteran playthrough.

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