Strike! Achievement

  • Strike!



    Kill 5 enemies with a single grenade in Single Player or Special Ops.


    Below are the 3 best spots to get this achievement. The video shows you #1 but just after the place I mention.

    #1: Right at the start of the third mission "Persona Non Grata." Right at the start of the mission, Price will tell you to get on the balcony to the right. Do so, and look down onto the courtyard and look at the big double doors at the back.

    As soon as your guy down on the ground fires a rocket at the helicopter, cook your grenade and aim for the doors. A second or 2 before it explodes, throw it. Just as it gets near the target, 5+ enemies will breach through the double doors and your grenade will welcome them.

    #2: The second place to try this on is "Back on the Grid." As you make you way up to the church, don't climb the last set of steps. Cook a grenade and then walk up. As you do, the double doors will swing open and you'll be greeted by half a dozen guys. With your cooked grenade, chuck it at them and you should kill them all in one go!

    #3: Finally the third spot is on the next mission "Mind the Gap." Just play through the level until you open the truck doors. You'll now be ambushed. Deal with the onslaught, and make your way through the small warehouse and out the back. You should now go through a wired gate and need to head left.

    Keep to the right side and get down to where you get blocked off by a brick wall and 2 portable toilets. From here start to cook your grenade and now look across to the left corner and you'll see loads of guys run out and all group up in one place. Quickly through your grenade into the group to unlock the achievement. If you're not fast enough, the helicopter will do a strafing run and kill them all.

    If by chance you miss or the grenade explodes too early, simply restart from the last checkpoint and try again.

  • Same as 'Frag Master' from Black ops.
  • My Videoguide
  • VERY GOOD #1!!
  • here's a guide i made for this achievement
  • READ: I got it on...Persona whatever (3rd mission), right when they were coming into the Courtyard. Pretty easy.
  • got this in africa when they were ready to light someone up with gasoline. total accident
  • @6 Thats what I tried but they all freaked out as soon as I threw it..
  • easiest place to get this is a little ways into mission 3 after the drone flies over and you kill some enemies then head down an alleyway and come to a gate with a LARGE group of enemies behind it just lob a frag over it.... bang pow boom easy 20 gs
  • got it without even knowing
  • Got it with a spam grenade :-/
  • Ditto #5 it's right at the start of the mission just cook a Granade when the chopper gets hit and ther you go
  • thank you, thank you, Predni, your videos have done it again, Persona Non Grata on veteran too, thank you again keep up the great work. enjoy the game
  • @ 8 I tried @ that same spot quite a few times but couldn't get it there. Looks like easiest way is gona be comment #4 way
  • @ 4 - hero
  • hey guys i couldnt get comment #4's method to work so if youre still struggling to get all 5 at once try this guide just found it whilst going through youtube got it first time could have been luck but whatever it worked
  • I agree with #15. This method seems much easier. If you don't get it the first time, start cooking your grenade a little earlier and you should be able to get it easy.
  • #2 Thank you so much
  • @ 15 Gotta love the marter grenade method... I'll be trying that as soon as I boot up the campaign today....
  • Awesome, thanks for the vids!!
  • got it took me 3 tries not too difficult
  • Got lucky with my first survival attempt :D
  • None of these ways were working so the easiest way is to do how i found in this video. (got it first attempt) P.S. The video made me laugh my ass off at the end.
  • It took me a few tries to get the timing right and not to get knifed, but blowing myself up did the trick.
  • Cheers mates
  • Huge help. Thank you!
  • I got this first time on the 3rd misson run to the balcony as soon as he says do what this man says, and start cooking a grenade and throw them at the gate doors as soon as the bad guys bust through i think i threw 3 cooked grenades..
  • I ran up with grenade cooked in hand towards the door at the end of the courtyard.... EASY... o_O
  • @7 you just cook it for as long as you can then they don't have enough time to freak out. That's how I got it
  • Tried these methods yet no luck -.- was trying for about 45 minutes and gave up on this shit
  • Persona non grata. Aim for the door. As soon as the helicopter gets hit, start cooking a frag grenade. Release when the door explodes and there you have it.
  • @15...worked like a charm! Thank you much!
  • did mine on Eye of the Storm. After you take out the 2 snipers on the roof and Soap takes out the guard and dog, three guards walk by and stop next to other guards. boom and if u dont get it, restart the check point and your right there
  • i got it in "Down the Rabbit Hole" -- fluke!!!
  • Easiest way is at the very start of ACT I Mission 3 (4th in the list) Persona Non Grata. When you are told to go and watch the courtyard run to the balcony and watch the gate. Price will tell you to keep an eye on the court yard, just after this a guy will fire a rocket at the helicopter. As he does this, throw a grenade at the gate (don't cook it). It will roll to the gate and blow up just as they come through the gates.
  • #15 has it
  • Thanks @34, it tooks a few go's but I got it =D
  • If you want this achievement go to the mission (Persona non grata) and hold a frag the arc :)
  • Used #4's vid (beginning of mission 3 "Persona Non Grata"). Took about 4-5 tries, but it was at the very start of the mission, so it went fast.
  • Used #4 vid also. I can't believe it was that easy lol
  • Very simple. When Price tells you to get through the courtyard, run through it, but right before entering that closed gate, make sure to arm yourself with a grenade and hold it. Then run closer to the gate and it will burst wide open, with five or six guys coming in. Don't worry about them shooting at you, just stand in the middle and let them shoot you down. Eventually, your grenade will go off and destroy that circle of idiots around you and the achievement should pop up. Before I forget, I did this on Recruit. Very easy!
  • #34 did it for me, thanks. Try and time the throw just before the rocket it fired at the chopper. Aim for the courtyard doors.
  • #15 is by far the best. It didn't work the first time, but the third seemed to be the charm. Thanks man
  • look to #4 if you need help. hes a genius. best way to get this one.
  • @ #4 cheers mate worked a treat
  • Got mine on Iron Lady. On the bridge at the end when you first get to the barricade, lob a couple 'nades at them. If it doesn't pop, then load last checkpoint. I say lob a couple, cause 1 didn't seam to work for me, needed to soften them up. They are REALLY bunched up but spread out quickly.
  • I got this achievement with a random grenade lol.
  • thanks for the tips
  • easy to do this on Back on the Grid. When you come to the part when they are going to light a guy on fire, throw a grenade at the guy dumping the gas and boom! achievement
  • #5 is so easy took me 10 seconds first try
  • hahhaha #15 thanks mate, that suicide mission got it done LOL.
  • ive tried so many times and its not working? any other place to do it?
  • Tanner I had no luck doing it your way. Does anyone have anyother locations that are good, I can't get the guys to group long enough for me to get the achivement
  • There is an incredible video for this on Youtube. (which i can't actually find at this second) But it is SOOOO EASY! Don't mess around with person non grata etc. I tried hundred of times and NO DEAL! 1) go to survival mode. 2) Interchange map. (the one with the mashed up overpass etc) 3) on wave two keep legging it around till they are all behind you. Then lead them through the tunnel next to the GUNS box. 4) throw some flash bangs to keep them all together and let them pile up. 5) prime a grenade and BOOM!!! did it first time, 8 kills!!!
  • I did this one not even knowing it was an achievement.
  • Thanks #34 finally after many attempts
  • The method in #34 works fine - thanks!
  • #4 great method
  • load up personda non grata and run to the courtyard cooking your grenade by holding RB then run to the arch and the grenade will kill you and five dudes like that.
  • #5 worked like a charm. Thanks
  • i got this with a throw back ^.^
  • For some reason this is impossible for me to get...
  • Can easily be achieved on the mission were you are Yuri for the first time. When you run outside after injecting Soap, cook a grenade and dont let go, run to the gate at the end of the courtyard, a few soldiers will start to pour out. When you splode, you should take 5+ soldiers with you. Pop.
  • iam looking for a good team for domination or demolition hit me up my GT is R Dogg Big Boy
  • I did mine in the opening scene of Persona Grata. It'll take a few tries to get the timing right for when the courtyard gate blows open. Basically, wind up a grenade and just as the courtyard door is about to blow, chuck the grenade at the door. There are at least 6 six guys that storm the courtyard initially so this is pretty easier to get here.
  • cook grenade on persona non grata and throw it in the center before they light the guy on fire
  • I did this on survival on the first map. Just wait until you see a bunch on the radar and cook.
  • Persona Non Grata worked great for me. After you jump in the courtyard cook a grenade but don't throw it. Just run into the center of the group and you should make it long enough of recruit difficulty. You'll die to the sound of the achievement ping.
  • Thanks for the excellent tips on this one. I played through the entire campaign as well as maxing out rank in survival without managing to pick this up incidentally. Checked out these tips and had it in five minutes. Much appreciated!
  • Easy achievement
  • #5 thank you!! first try :)
  • Video guide:
  • i tried #2 over and over but never happened... went straight to the Africa and tossed it at the gas party a few checkpoints in. Popped 1st try!
  • got it on the third mission
  • On the survival mission Dome, there are 2 latters going up to a cat walk under the big dome. The A.I. will stupidly group aroung those latters and since only one can go up at a time its easy pickens for a second player to lob a grenade over there. Might wanna run around and get a bunch of guys in that area before you try so there are enough.Its hilarious,i was in cover and turned the corner to see a shitload of em just standing there.
  • #75 = money
  • can i get this in survival
  • To Bluemonkey619 yes you can but easiest way is to do it on the 2nd mission of campaign while controlling the car thing.
  • Yay! Tried to get this achievement at survival but it didnt worked, till i saw the post of Predni (#2) with his videoguide!
  • thanks for the video guide, i'm trying like hell to get this one!
  • just cook a grenade and throw it at the guys that are covering the guy in gasoline in africa. easy as, i did it first try
  • Thanks #22..
  • Did this in Survival mode on Resistance. Camped the house and cooked the grenade and threw it out the back door. Wasn't even trying to earn the achievement. I love getting those
  • @15 Boom .......Thanks
  • @15 haha - funny but true
  • You can get this achievement very easy in Chaos mode in Spec Ops
  • I got this achievement in Persona Non Grata, I was playing through on recruit to collect intel and right before you get into the AGR (robot thing) you are attacked by a helicopter and a bunch of guys from behind a fence. At that point, I just tossed grenades and the achievement popped after like 8-9 tries.I think this way is easier that cooking the grenade in the courtyard.
  • Just throw a baked grenade at the gate after he finish saying "courtyard".
  • I finally got this after about 30 attempts of the first suggested method. Found it a bit infuriating!

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