Jack the Ripper Achievement

  • Jack the Ripper



    Melee 5 enemies in a row in Single Player or Special Ops.


    To melee, make sure you're within lunging distance or right up close and press down on  (or if you've changed the controls ) to preform a stab.

    Unless you're on a lower difficulty, the best mission to get this on is "Stronghold". Play through until you get down to the prison. At this point Price will switch the lights off, leaving half a dozen guards in total darkness. From here, you can simply walk right up to them and get a free kill. Seeing as you have your night vision and they don't, none of them will see you unless you physically touch them.

    If getting this in the campaign is proving difficult, load up the first map in the Spec Ops Survival mode and you can gain 5 quick kills on the first wave.

  • Amazing title, except he murdered 5 prostitute women ;)
  • Love this one, title and picture. :)
  • It would have made more sense if this was only unlockable in a London mission. ;)
  • sounds sweet!!
  • it should have been murder 5 prozzies from (any london mission) using a knife... then chop up their organs and send them to the police
  • sweet, loved it something a bit different in the game.
  • Got this at the start of 'Stronghold', once you land you follow price and wait for a patrol to pass, when he heads off left just knife the 4 that are there (they don't react to any of the kills), then once you drop down the wall run up to the nearest guy and stab him, job done.
  • Easy to get on the very first chapter. As your climbing up to the roof to disable the jammer, two guys start coming down the stairs, melee them while only taking one shot, then climb the stairs. Immediately turn to your right and get two guys who will be standing there. One guy will be on a platform behind you, turn around and get him before he fires too many shots into you. That is 4, then there are some guys in the distance you can easily get to. Have fun!
  • I meleed 6 in a row in Stronghold and this didn't unlock - Guess I'll have to try again (but not while I'm playing on veteran)
  • Dead easy, when they cut the lights in 'stronghold' just switch to your secondary weapon and stab all the guards in the dark, they dont shoot back because they cant see you, there are at least 8 guards before they start using flares to see you
  • Provided you are on recruit difficulty another easy place to do this one is when you are supposed to "Secure the President's daughter", once you go down the stairs run up and knife the guy hiding to the left then head into the swarm of enemies and go to town on them
  • the counter for this persists through death which makes it even easier.
  • I got this in Spec Ops playing survival. easiest way to get it
  • Veteran mode, "Bag and Tag" camp level. I'll let you guys figure it out. Took about a dozen tries to get it but got it. Top that!
  • Got this doing a Spec Op mission on Solo (the 4th one I think, where you rescue the group of three hostages). I just put it on easy, got out of the starting building and as soon as the guys started running out into the open I knifed my 5 and moved on...
  • This is just easy on any mission on recruit difficulty. It's not like you die fast when they are shooting at you, just run around and slice everyone up instead of shooting them, EASIEST is any mission where you got a tac knife though, but you dont need it really, run at a group of soldiers like your pants are on fire and knife everyone, THAT SIMPLE! Got to love these easy gamer points ^^ my 2 cents
  • Very easy to do on recruit or regular. Here is a good vid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBpGqpBodo8&feature=related
  • this one is too easy on recruit.. just pick any level and start knifeing.
  • Got this one by accident trying to get the This-Is-My-Boomstick achievement and ran out of ammo.
  • #18 exactly what i did i got the boomstick achievement and this right after
  • haha love the picture and title for this one!
  • Easy to obtain, start a solo survival on any of the first four maps. On the first wave just go knifing the first 5 enemies you see.
  • I did this on the level Stronghold. Once Captain Price knocks out the lights in the prison area, this is your chance to do what the achievement asks you to do. So quickly roam around the area and you'll find five or six guys. Quickly kill them with your knfe, in rapid succession, and the achievement is yours. Very simple!
  • Lol I did this on veteran for some reason. One of the last levels too. Meh I def earned this one.
  • Easily achieved, nice picture for this one
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOmDE0DButk Best video guide for this achievement!
  • I did this one not even knowing it was an achievement, knifing is just my thing. Got it on "Black Tuesday" at the VERY beginning.
  • This was easy.. Not even worthy of an achievement, simple stuff.
  • This is so easy. Just do this at the very start of a survival game. Got it about 30 seconds after spawning.
  • first achievement i got haha. i was exicted so i did a survival match right away to see how it was and got Jack The Ripper right away then Birdie Birdie right after that haha.
  • I enjoyed doing this one on survival when they had c4 strapped to them
  • anywhere on recruit can get this done.
  • Love the title, Jack the Ripper. LOL
  • #17..easiest way..1st try..thanks

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