Informant Achievement

  • Informant



    Collect 22 Intel Items.


    This achievement is cumulative, so if you die the kills you previously got still count towards the total. You start the mission off with the XM25 (High Tech Grenade Launcher) as your secondary weapon, so press right on the D-pad at the start as you'll be using this for most of the mission.

    Make sure that you keep it on you the whole time, since you won't find another one. Now just make your way through the mission only using this gun to kill the enemies. If you run out of ammo, swap back to your starting weapon, but don't worry as later one you'll come across an ammo crate and auto refill. If you don't have it by the end, simply reload the last checkpoint before you complete the mission and get the remaining kills.

  • Here is my Guide for all Intels! Timesheet for each Intel in Description
  • why 22? is this a special number
  • ive been able to find 24 by diamond in the rough, but thank you Predni that video will be great for the rest thank you
  • Found 22 on last mission in first playthrough :)
  • #1's vid helped a ton for the two intel achievements; thanks Predni.
  • nice one Predni your videos really useful, cheers.
  • The only one that was difficult to find and would only be found with a help youtube video was the one upstairs on Hunter Killer, Completely back asswards out of the way.
  • does anyone know how to keep track of which intel tehy have and wht they missed?
  • Go here an'd you will be awesome
  • these will drive you crazy like the bsaa emblems in resident evil. but fun to hunt
  • Why is the XM25 video on this achievement?
  • easy lmao i found 25 first play through of it and now im going through and getting the rest im at 36 right now and i just got the game 4 days ago :P

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