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  • This Is My Boomstick



    Kill 30 enemies with the XM25 in "Black Tuesday."

    This achievement is cumulative, so if you die the kills you previously got still count towards the total. You start the mission off with the XM25 (High Tech Grenade Launcher) as your secondary weapon, so press  right at the start as you'll be using this for most of the mission.

    Make sure that you keep it on you the whole time, since you won't find another one. Now just make your way through the mission only using this gun to kill the enemies. If you run out of ammo, swap back to your starting weapon, but don't worry as later one you'll come across an ammo crate and auto refill. If you don't have it by the end, simply reload the last checkpoint before you complete the mission and get the remaining kills.

  • haha, evil dead
  • Army of Darkness too, FTW.
  • Here is my Videoguide for this Achievement. Difficulty is Recrut.
  • i just swapped to the MX25 as soon as i could and just keep firing, soon popped up great sweet. ENJOY
  • Don't worry about ammo running out. You can get more once you get into the building you are heading toward. Once you go upstairs to the stock exchange floor, just shoot everyone you see. If you need more ammo, go back down stairs and repeat.
  • Strangely this popped for me on a knife kill, i was keeping the xm25 out even though i was out of ammo because sometimes checkpoints refresh ammo, so i was just running around knifing people, got it before even reaching the ammo box.
  • I've easily killed more than 30 enemies with that thing now but the achievement doesn doesn't it really cumulative?Can I reload checkpoint or die?Does it count on different difficulties?
  • Same question as #7. Killed 60+ guys restarting first checkpoint.
  • Does it have to be in 1 playthrough?
  • I don't get an ammo refill once I enter the building? I've played this level like 15 times trying to get it.
  • just want to confirm just like Loukakis I probably had 15 kills just by shooting groups of enemies and the humvie on the ledge. Then just ran in the building with xm25 out and knifed up to 30.
  • You refill your ammo manually by pressing X on the ammo station before going up the escalators. I got it after getting a random reload after coming out of the store then refilling and killing a few out on the trading floor.
  • here are some tips: 1, try and aim for groups of two or more. At the start, if you run up close to enemy lines, they will sometimes run back. Once they run to a point where there is already an enemy hiding, fire one off and get them all. 2, only shoot if you have a sure shot, don't waste the ammo. Also be careful, as getting shot at as you fire will often send the shot randomly into the air. 3, Keep 2 shots from the first section. Once you clear out the shop, wait on the stars until the group of enemies come in, and get the lot. Pick off any stragglers and rinse wash repeat for the second 'wave' 4, Once you get to the stock exchange, there is ammo caches just before the escalators, so if you still haven't got the achievement, reload and pop the guys upstairs. It isn't cumulative, if
  • working on this one right now.
  • I think knife kills also count when you have the weapon equipped. So just keep on killing and you'll get the achievement.
  • I got this 1st attempt on veteran. Ammo resupplies at one of the checkpoints automatically and there's also the Ammo box when you go inside the building. You'd have to be really poor not to get this easily.
  • Somehow I ended up getting ammo for it before I got to the box and got the achievement. Wwhatever, haha.
  • use your ammo, then just keep it equipped and get stab happy. it'll soon pop up. just don't die.
  • So is there any answer to if this is in one go around, or a cumulative 30 kills? Im trying to figure this achievement out. I have killed so many and still it has not come up...
  • Just so it's clear, checkpoint reloading does NOT work. It has to be in 1-play through.
  • Correct. Checkpoint reloading does not work! I can confirm this, because I've tried it myself and got no achievement. You need to do it right the first time and if you can't do that, just restart the level and try again. I would suggest you don't use any XM25 ammo until you reach the bookshelf place, then commence firing. Make sure you fire at groups - the more you kill, the faster you'll get to the achievement. When you leave the place, you'll be granted more ammo. Again, fire more against groups of enemies and if that still isn't enough, get to the Stock Exchange, load up on ammo from the ammo crate, head upstairs, and kill more enemies with the XM25 until the achievement pops up on your screen. I got this one in three tries. Ain't that hard!
  • FYI Guys knife attacks count towards this when you run out of ammo, just make sure you jave that gun out and it will count, my cheevy just popped and most of mine where melee :)
  • Also the checkpoint reload only happens once and that's when you are told to use it, no point telling you to use it with no ammo ;p
  • The XM25 does wayyyyyy more damage in the campaign than in the multiplayer :/ SAD
  • Note to all, I died twice - both my own stupid fault for not watching out for grenades and in the upstairs building after the escalator the achievement popped so it IS possible to restart check points after all... !!!
  • Confirmed on the knifing using this weapon. Pop it on recruit, use your weapon till you run out of ammo. Then focus on knifing everybody. Pretty easy.
  • I'm ashamed to say that I had trouble with this one the first couple times I tried it... Although I did it without the knifing thing, that makes it significantly easier. You'd think they would patch that. LoL.
  • You can use up all your ammo. There are ammo boxes. When you get into that room where you have to go up an escalator, instead of going up, get ammo from the ammo boxes (this is only if you haven't gotten the achievement by this point).
  • They make such easy achievements now.. I did this not even knowing it was an achievement.
  • I am having such a hard time getting this achievement... could I just knife with the weapon out and still get the achievement?
  • Hey guys, good news. For anyone who is having trouble with this, here are some base facts that can be very handy: -Right when the level starts, take out your XM25 and shoot the groups of soldiers. -This level CAN be done on recruit. (I did it on recruit.) -This achievement can be earned regardless of how much times you die. -If you run out of ammo near the beginning, keep your XM25 equipped and knife people. Kills with the knife WILL go towards the achievement. -When you finish going through the stock exchange and you get out onto the street, you will be given more ammo automatically. -If you are not able to get the achievement here, move into the large building and replenish your ammo, then move upstairs to the computer room and kill the soldiers there. I hope this helped y
  • Using the ammo restock helps a lot on this! It took me a couple of tries, but it wasn't too hard.
  • yes this can be done in more than one death. I played it on veteran and died a few times and still got the achievement
  • It looks like people are saying two different things about checkpoint reloading. If you get some kills and then die/respawn then those kills previous to dying DO count. If you get some kills, save & quite, and reload the previous kills DO NOT count. So you can die/reset to last checkpoint and keep previous kills toward this achievement but it appears you cannot save & quit and then reload and have previous kills count.
  • So do knife kills count when the xm25 is equipped?
  • This is by far the funnest achievement in the game
  • I just knifed 30 people, fairly straight forward doing that way rather than waiting to die. Still works and isn't patched as of the time writing this for those wondering.
  • Knife still works.
  • I can also confirm Knife works and it's also okay to die. I used up my ammo early on, died 2-3 times but made sure to always keep the gun equipped even with no ammo and kept knifing. Just got the achievement.
  • Very Very easy achievement i did it in one try ( After i found out about it)
  • I personally couldn't get after all I dont know when to fire the grenade launcher
  • once you get to the stock exchange, theres an ammo crate in there. so just fire you xm in there, and run back out and get some more ammo once you run out. shouldnt take too long
  • I thought at the start it would be easy! Then after realising I only had 8 shots... meaning you would need to kill an average of 3.75 pet shot... trying to kill groups of 4 with each shot seemed impossible. .. Then I realised the ammo crate... after that... I was back to my first thought... and it is Easy as turning ur xbox on (providing it works!) when I get to the ammo crate
  • Guys, this is bullshit, even though i'm drunk, it's still bullshit. I've been trying to get this for nearly 4 hours now. I've killed at least 5+ people every re-try, and no achievement, so fuck you. 4 hours. Suck my wiener.

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