For Whom the Shell Tolls Achievement

  • For Whom the Shell Tolls



    Destroy all targets during the mortar sequence with only 4 shells in "Back on the Grid."

    After taking control of the .50 Cal on the car, you'll be attacked by mortars. Follow Price through the alleys until you come to a small tower with two guys on top. Take them out and this is where the mortar is.

    Your challenge is to take out all the oncoming enemies with just 4 mortars. Just make sure you wait until the groups of enemies have bunched up, so you can get the most out of one hit. Also, make sure you hit the cars fast before the enemies exit the car and spread out. Below is a quick guide on how to do this.

    • Aim your first mortar at the 3 guys right in front of you. Wait for the car to park up, then fire.
    • Look up the slope to your left and fire at the second car.
    • The 3rd car will drive past the second and down to the hut at the bottom of the slope.
    • The last lot again are in the same spot as the first group. Wait for them to bunch up and fire your last mortar.

  • This achievement title and picture rules.
  • Very easy, i get this one at my first game
  • my Guide for this easy Achievement.
  • Inpossible to do this on vet, most you can get is 3 before the group riddle you with bullets. Price and soap don't defend you at all on veteran..
  • Just got it on veteran :D The method i used was to wait for the first truck on the right to stop, quickly snipe the driver and gunner, then snipe all the enemies until there is nobody left, then jump on the mortar, get the group on the right and then the left truck. I only used two shell and it unlocked.
  • Complete luck on Veteran, you get torn to bits by the ground troops
  • thank you Expressbishop again great video keep them up, thank you to every one
  • Got it in 3 shells, when the first truck stops, launch it and you should get both. Givs you an extra shot in case you miss one.
  • I did it on Veteran in about the 4th attempt, The key is to kill all the enemies in the building before climbing up to the mortar. Snipe them all through the fence to clear them. First target should be impossible to miss, Second you can aim for the top of the road when it first appears and that will take that one out. Let the 3rd one drive down the road and stop before firing at it. Then when the mob appears aim to the let of the car they walk by. I tried this 3 times afterwards and worked everytime.
  • Used five but still got it?
  • You don't have to kill all the troops with the mortar. I did something similar to #6 and #10, used sniper to clear out enemies THEN used the mortar. Worked like a charm on Veteran.
  • Sniping everyone until no one else shows up after getting to where I was standing right next to the mortar worked great for me. Got it in 3 shots.
  • Pretty easy. You can take out two vehicles with 1 mortar. Nice vid
  • This is a METTALICA refrence theres a song called "for whom the bell tolls"
  • If you play it on recruit you can't miss it. Jus wait until the targets come to a halt and then fire the mortar.
  • Super Easy, before u use the mortar, go up to where it is, bring out the sniper and kill all the troops on the ground first then when no one is shooting at you, use the mortar and kill the trucks that come in first try to shoot em as they come in, if not just aim good and kill the one on the top road then the one down low then the ones moving in the shack below. i got this using only 3 shots. super simple. just kill em as you would but aim better than usual so u only use 3 shots most 4
  • @ #15: Possibly, but not necessarily. There's an Ernest Hemingway novel with the same title. Could be either. Hell, could be both for all I know. OT, thanks to everyone for the tips. Gonna try this out when I get home from work today =D
  • I did this on Recruit to save a lot of time. I basically waited until the first truck stopped, then I destroyed it with the mortar. I got lucky with my second shot and destroyed the next two trucks. For the fourth and final one, I missed on the third shot, but then nailed him on the fourth shot. Achievement earned! If anyone has a problem getting that achievement, just restart the checkpoint and try again!
  • I did this the first time on Hardened. I got used to that kind of aiming from CODBO.
  • @15 i like how youre the only person to post about it :p rock on
  • Man it took me forever I was doin it wrong but I only needed one shell
  • Easily done by following instructions on video :)
  • Just got this one totally by accident. I used the sniper and got the guy on the first truck and then the other enemies running around, and then the truck he was on just went and crashed into a building. When the others came, I used the mortar on two of the targets and then Price says to get off the mortar, and when I did I had apparently got the achievement. Well, okay then.
  • guy to post about this being a Metallica shit..
  • and its not for whom the bell tolls its "FROM whom the bell tolls" good try though
  • haha... never mind im a douche. my apologies sir.
  • I was lucky, got 3 trucks with 2 shells and had to use 2 more for the final target..
  • This is a pretty easy achievement to be honest. I got this on hardened difficulty you can get the first truck and group of soldiers in the first mortar then the second and third truck with one mortar if timed correctly then you have 2 mortars left to take out the last target comfortably. got this on my 3rd attempt as hitting the second and third truck needs to be timed.
  • Video guide:
  • I like this achievement because If you're good, you can hit all four targets with three shells. That means there is room for error, if you have trouble with that least target.
  • Finally got it on veteran, but it wasn't easy!
  • a heads up it glitch on me more then once. the last target took the mortar and slid across the map. then had hit it again to blow it up. tested and it did it 3 times on reply .

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