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    Kill 9 enemies with A-10 strafing runs in "Scorched Earth."

    About a quarter of the way into the "Scorched Earth" mission, you'll be given the chance to deploy some A-10 strafing runs. Simply select where you want it to start then place the next marker where you want it to end. This is pretty easy achievement because you pretty much need to kill all the ground units and there are plenty more than 9.

    When you see a group, watch where they're running to or grouping. Then quickly place your first marker ahead of them and then make your strafing run line as long as it'll go and then place the 2nd marker. Once the attack is launched, you should get some kills but it'll take a few runs to get a total of 9. For some reason, a few guys seem to survive even though it looked like they were right in the middle of the attack.

  • Here is my Videoguide. No need 1 "run" :)
  • Thanks Predni. I thought I had killed 9+ when I first attempted this. So then I was trying to kill 9 with just one run, getting really frustrated because they kept splitting up.
  • there is one tank in the road with troups aim for the troups first and then the tank, as two more tanks come but no more troups from what i could see, got it on my second attempt. good luck lads.
  • argh!!! so annoying they keep either spliting up or your allies kill em so there is less the 9 :/
  • Wow I am shocked at how easy it was to get this..MW3 is really fun.. enjoyed the first 2 and this one doesnt disappoint!
  • Wow I am shocked at how easy it was to get this..MW3 is really fun.. enjoyed the first 2 and this one doesnt disappoint!
  • Thanks Predni, I thought you had to do it on one pass over :p NOW I get it ^^
  • I can see why this can be confusing as the attack is actually called a strafing run!
  • I swear this is glitched for me, it won't unlock anytime I do it. All the other mission ones unlocked with no trouble.
  • i couldn't do this on recruit, my guys kept killing too many lol.
  • #7's is the best video for this as that's how the soldiers actually move. They seemed to be nicely bunched up on the other vid but that never seems to actually happen. @ #5 (and 6 double post). Wow I am shocked how stupid you are to say it's easy when people are having problems getting this. Hopefully it's boosted you low self esteem.
  • #7's Vid was pretty good. Did it on recruit, but took me several tries, so #11 may be right. It may he easier on a harder setting.
  • I agree with #12. Had been trying for about 30 mins with #1's video (although all his other ones are very helpful) and then got it first time after watching #7's. Try and hit the big group as they run out of the building, then take out a couple more and it should pop. If not, try taking out one or two more, one at a time, just in case you hit 10.
  • #10 - i think mine is glitched ! i have tried even on vetren and it still doesn't work !!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • To be on the safe side, I did this on Regular difficulty, but this can also be done on Recruit difficulty. I don't know if it was a glitched copy or not, but I saw a friend of mine get it on Recruit, so it's possible on ANY difficulty. All you have to do is just kill nine enemies in a strafing run with the air support. You don't need to do it in one strike. I did it within three strikes from air support and the Nein achievement popped on my screen. Took me three tries to get it done on Regular difficulty. No problem!
  • I didn't realize I could combine all the A-10 passes for my kills. I did manage to do it in one run on recruit. I waited for the next group of enemies to exit behind the first tank and had to time it so that they were with the 3 or 4 guys behind the car in front of the tank. It took several tries. Would have been much easier to just miss the tank and keep hitting the guys...
  • Spent 30 minutes trying to get it in one run on recuit. Can confirm multiple runs works, just get the 4/5 by the cars in front of the tank with the first run and then 6 more appear out of the building after you destroy the first tank if you still don't get it just leave the tanks and pick off the last few guys.
  • @#17 thanks was a big help
  • This achievement is garbage. I watch #1 and #7, but those vids have WAY more enemies than I do. I tried it on Veteran AND recruit. Veteran gives you 10 enemies and Recruit gives you only 5. What am I missing? Neither videos helped one bit.
  • its a pain in the a**. just keep trying if you dont get it the first time. you can do it on any difficulty.
  • Just so everyone knows you dont have to get all of them with one run, didnt and i get the Buh-dink
  • It gliched my first time. I shut off the Xbox then restarted the mission so it worked after that.
  • The best way I found to do it is wait about a minute or two.....A few of the tanks will eventually group together an lit it rip.....I did it on the recruit difficulty.
  • Finally got this one :)
  • tried a few times took a break and tried again did it first try
  • ooh my effin god, this was annoying, can not be done on Veteran because the russians dont spawn as much, take your time is all i can say, be patient lol
  • #16 All of the campaign achievements, aside from the hardened or veteran specific achievements, can be unlocked on recruit. There are no glitched copys in that regard, lol.
  • This is the hardest achievement in Single player for me. =_=" Those jerks that I have to protect keep killing my targets.
  • this achievement was a pain.. still havnt finishd it yet
  • I had the hardest time on veteran but then I switched to recruit and got it first try..
  • This achievement, you don't have to get it in one run, you can use multiple strafe runs. Just make sure you don't destroy the tanks and you're not wasting time or else you'll move to the next objective or the tanks will kill you're team in the other building.
  • This was my last misc achievement :D It really isn't too hard, just follow the video in the achievement guide; I got it on my second strafing run. I'm also done with all story related achievements (I played on Veteran right ahead), the only campaign related achievements I'm still missing are the intel ones.
  • This achievement is kind of odd because sometimes a guy will be right in the middle of the strafe run but won't die. I did this on my first try on veteran, not too difficult.

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