50/50 Achievement

  • 50/50



    Complete a Special Ops Mission Mode game with the same number of kills as your partner.


    You can do this over XBL, on your own with two controllers in Splitscreen or in a Private Match with another friend. Play the first Spec Ops Mission "Stay Sharp". Once 2 people are in the game there will be a total of 34 (17 each) enemy targets to hit.

    Once you've sorted out your guns (pistols work best) start the course. The best tactic here is for player 1 to go through the map killing all targets that pop up until he has 17 total (number of kills are on the right side). With player 2 following behind. As soon as player 1 has 17 kills, let the 2nd player take over and kill the rest.

    By the end of the course and once all the targets have been shot down in the last room, both players will be on a total of 17 kills each and the achievement will unlock.

  • 50/50--------- lol nevermind :)
  • I got it by luck.
  • @ 3 Uh.. yeah sure you got it. Game isn't out yet.
  • Hey need someone to help with this, once the game releases. Send invite. GT: ooWoody
  • there's a thread to help with achievements. Post your comment in that
  • Just take turns killing enemies lol. This isn't hard, just pick an elimination mission, you kill one guy, your partner kills another, and just keep doing that until you get even and hopefully there is an even number of enemies, if not, pick a different mission.
  • @5 Actually some people do have it legaly because wallmart accedentaly sold like 50 copies.
  • Well probally more but they stopped pretty soon.
  • two controllers, split screen, kill the same amount of enemies, ply it on regular lol
  • @5 dont get mad cuz u didnt get it lol http://live.xbox.com/en-US/MyXbox/Profile?gamertag=SGT%20ESPINDOLA
  • Easily done on the first mission the assault course
  • First spec ops missions there is an even # of enemies. You should get it by luck if you're trying for 3 stars
  • Very first spec ops mission with the training compound is the easiest place. Got it by accident
  • Do this on the first spec mission. There are 34 enemies which means you and your partner should end up with 17 kills each. Bing, achievement unlocked!
  • I did it on "Stay Sharp" mission. Get 17 kills each... easy
  • My friend and I just got this by accident on the training course. So I'm sure planning it out ahead of time would make it super easy, because you don't have to worry about finishing in a certain time, just take turns and keep count....
  • Yeah easiest is to do it on stay sharp. just keep count
  • easiest place to complete this is on the gun range. That way you can count how many each player has
  • #11 thats what I did lol
  • hmm... i'm wondering if this is easiest to do on the first spec ops mission at the gun range... naahhh...
  • i have just done this on split screen and on the first gun range. worked for me.
  • On the second mission on the plane there is a total of 36 enemies. Do it on regular and either you or your partner get 18 kills then stop shooting and then after that he stops shooting or you do, and whoever had no kills gets the next 18 simple, hope this helped! :)
  • Sucky achi, need loads of comunication or tons of luck :/
  • I thought the resistance movement mission would be easier? Since you have to go through the mission using stealth. Just take turns killing your enemy, forget about the rebels if it gets complicated for you.
  • I was too lazy to read all the texts lol what's the easyest way to get it?
  • Split screen on target range, kill 17 with one controller, then kill 17 with the next.
  • We did this by accident whilst trying to do the obstacle course in under 20 seconds... LOL
  • looking to do any spec ops with someone. add walkingtiger thanks.
  • looking for a partner to do this mission with and any other special ops missions. add me at GT: walleyman923 online right now
  • go to first mission split kills up one after another dont worry about the time/stars
  • Is there anyone that still need the 50/50 achievement on PC or anyone that can help me out if they got some spare time please, i can help you back if you need anything aslo ofcourse. Takes under 1min on the "Stay Sharp" mission. Just to add me on steam: UnknownWarrior.
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6s16uS6YJA Best user guide on how to get this achievement
  • This is super easy. Just split screen with yourself and do "Stay Sharp" (the first mission). No enemies to try and kill you and all the time in the world to track the kills of the targets. Just got it this way.
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  • Take turns and go slow
  • Take turns and go slow
  • I wonder if going slow and taking turns would work?
  • everyone i get fucks up, i reakon take turns in getting a kill, but i still need it so anyone that hasent got this and willing to give it a shot inbox me on xbox live GAMERTAG - Gothmule
  • Do first mission with a partner and kill exactly 17 enemies each. It popped for me like that! :D
  • hey need sum1 for dis achievement add me pls lennanjoel996
  • Play the first mission (stay sharp) on splitscreen. Run through with player one getting 17 kills then run through with player 2 and get the other 17 kills... Done.
  • I know everybody has posted about it, but some people don't seem to get it - play on the first spec ops. IT GIVES YOU AN ENEMY COUNTER. eazy peazy.
  • If anyone needs help on this feel free to add me, i'll help when I'm online...
  • oops.... XLLX ZENO XLLX
  • Anyone willing to help me get this?
  • I got this with some random dude on 'hit and run' wasnt even going for it because i thought i would never get it.
  • got this by accident
  • If anyone wants to take a minute later and help me get this or if you need it to, hit me up, I'll be on alot all weekend since it's Double XP. GT: MeSayBeauxm
  • You can do this one on the first spec ops mission, You know? The one with the targets?
  • "spec ops" makes for easy math and easy unlock!
  • easy on stay sharp
  • hey does this work with a partner in survival mode?
  • do on the target practice level with 2 controllers. one gets 17 and the other also gets 17.
  • #11 worked like a charm ! Thx
  • @13 Very Easy That Way....Thanks
  • anyone here wanted to help me get this ? mY GT- Gh0stRoBo
  • Looking for someone to do this with if anyone is interested. GT: Langerz97
  • Wanna get this outta the. Help me if ya want GT:TheThunder98
  • still need this achievement. message me on Xbox360: Smeagol0327

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