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    Kill 2 enemy helicopters without getting hit in a Special Ops Survival game.


    This could be one of those annoying achievements, but the video below shows you the best plan of action to take. During any Special Ops Survival game, you'll need to take down 2 helicopters without getting hit. Please note that being hit before your first attempt at shooting one down is okay. It's only after that you must be careful. There's multiple ways to do this but the most efficient and fastest way is by using a predator missile. One of the best maps to also do this on is "Carbon" due to its layout.

    Helicopters spawn on wave 6 as well as ground units, so there's a few things you're going to need. First you'll need to save up around $7-10,000 (to be safe) before wave 6. Once wave 5 has ended, buy 2 sets of claymores then head to the Air Support Armory.

    Once inside, purchase a predator missile. Before the wave starts, place your claymores around all the entry points, then wait for the helicopters to reach the map. When they do, simply fire your missile and hit the first one. Once it's down, purchase a 2nd missile with your remaining money and repeat. You must make sure NOTHING hits you after the first predator missile. If they do, you'll have to restart.

  • got it on the first map "Resistance" stay in the house near the air support box, and buy a predator missile, hide in the house and if the helis are aobve you *bam* one down with teh pred-m. then go to the basement exit of the house and lure the heli to it, make a run for the predator missile and repeat like the first heli. easy.
  • For some reason me and my friend did this, definitely didnt get shot and somehow didnt get it??
  • @1 mine was a similar strategy, but I just took the first out with an airstrike and the second I shot out of the sky with an assault rifle.
  • I got this on my own on the level (interchange). When the helicopters come just behind the ammo refill location is a tunnel under the free way/ motorway. There are two support columns in this tunnel use them for cover. Tips would be. Only shoot after they shoot at you. Pay attention to where they are using your mini map. if they are close to the tunnel they are easier to shoot at. Farther away means they are getting ready to shoot or have shot. I did not use any explosives or anything and only used an assault rifle.
  • just to clear it up you can't do it with a friend if you both take 1 heli, you have to destroy both yourself.
  • this was easy on underground i took one out with a predator missle and the other i took out with an mp5
  • when it says not get hit, does it mean taking damage only from the heli, or the whole match up to that point?
  • @smooth, only the Helis cant hit you when they show up...on a side note, I did this one the village map (forgetting the name atm >.< ) The air support crate is close to the cave tunnels,buy your pred, run into the cave tunnel if you're insecure, shoot one down, run and buy the other pred, run back into the cave tunnel, bam, easy cheev my 2 cents
  • I got it first try with predator missiles, in the map "Dome".
  • @2 you have to be the one that takes out the helis, your friend cant do it for you
  • This achievement must still be glitchy, cause I tried yesterday and didn't get hit at all with no achievement unlock. Tried it again today, the heli definitely hit me, almost killed me in fact, and I managed to unlock the achievement... strange.
  • got it on the first map "Resistance" stay in the house near the air support box, and buy a predator missile, hide in the house and if the helis are aobve you *bam* one down with the predator missile. Then go to the basement and shoot the other heli down, but ive been told now you can get a second predator missile and shoot it down as well but watch for any hits. GOOD LUCK TO ALL WHO DARE
  • I picked this up on "Resistance" as well. Although I picked up the AC-130 strike. I walked into the kitchen to make them bunch up. Then I tossed the smoke out below them and took them out in no time.
  • i killed both choppers without getting hit, but was hit by the computer/ai and didnt get it!! im getting this tonight!!
  • i killed both choppers without getting hit, but was hit by the computer/ai and didnt get it!! im getting this tonight!!
  • Easy to get this one on Underground level if you just camp out besides the air support crate but make sure you're far enough in as not be hit by shots. Buy an air strike and wait for the helo's to come together and pop the purple smoke below them. Your Air Strike will take out both at same time if you get your timing's right.
  • It's really easy on the level "Mission" Just hide under the little roof where the airstrike purchases are and sit on top of the concrete. Rinse and repeat.
  • Better way of doing it - Resistance 1. get a pred. and wait till heli round 2. buy an ACR 3. use pred when the round starts and wait for the heli come to blow it up. 4. after, use the ACR to shoot the other heli down [go out an in the building in the middle, emptying about half a clip each time] PS. If doing Co-op you have to shoot down BOTH helis not one.
  • I got this achievement on the first game I played. I did it on Resistance. Just make sure you have a pred ready then quickly take one out. Then wait in the building and make the helicopter go to the other side of the building then do a runner for the pred haha
  • I've been trying this on Carbon as the support is indoors. The ground troops are able to get shots in and the achievement is not unlocking. I'll try it on another map.
  • I can confirm that you CANNOT let any ground troops hit you so don't use the map Carbon. I did it on Resistance and got a Predator and an ACR prior to the wave. Destroy the 1st one with the Predator then step in and out of the building shooting the 2nd one with the ACR. Only put about 10 or so rounds in it at a time so you don't give it time to shoot you. They go down fairly quick.
  • If you buy 'Delta Squad' or 'Riot Squad', deploy them, and then buy the Predator you can use your squad to distract the choppers. Makes it easier to get to the supply crate for another Predator Missile without getting hit.
  • use an airstrike on both at same time its possible
  • simple on village. Go to the the weapons room, jump up on the table and shoot the one helicopter through the window, it wont be able to shoot you, then use a predator missile for the other heli
  • Same as #24 for me except I just shot them both.
  • Load up resistance solo. At wave 6 buy a predator missile and an m4a1. Then go to the arch under one of the two bridges at the spawn. When this starts use the predator on one of the 2 choppers then unload on the last one. Luring it from one side to another shooting it. Tip you can hear the guns spinning up. Then as soon as it goes down and the wave ends you are 20 gamerscore richer.
  • I think this achievement is glitched. I got shot to pieces by 2 heli's on one of the hard maps and yet the achievement still popped. Not that im complaining.
  • Go to Resistance, reach wave 6, there are two choppers, buy a predator missile, take the one out quickly, Dont be afraid the chopper wont kill you, you have time to get the cheevo. Anyway buy an predator and... Blep blop
  • I got this on Resistance playing solo. I definitely got hit by the helis, but the achievement still popped for me. Hm.
  • Just to clarify, you can get hit by the helicopters. You just can't get hit from the time you kill the first until you kill the second. Both helicopters lit me up pretty good and almost killed me. I was shooting whichever one came into my line of sight and eventually had them both down to pretty low health (smoking really good). Then I finished the first one off and was able to finish the second one off without getting hit and the achievement unlocked.
  • I did exactly what #26 said, I bought the gun and missile as soon as I sweat
  • Bought the predator missile then shot down the next one, a lot easier than trying to shoot both of them down which is what I tried originally.
  • Not sure if anyone posted this, if they have sorry for the repetition, but... You can get hit by the first chopper. You only need to avoid damage from the second chopper after the first one goes down. Hope this helps!
  • It's been pointed out several times that you can't get hit from the time you kill the first chopper to when you kill the second chopper. Considering that, I got this achievement by killing the first with an assault rifle and then using the predator on the second so I never had to leave cover. I've seen several folks suggest doing the other way around (predator first, then AR), which exposes you to getting hit when you don't want to be.
  • It seems like people are making this a bit more complicated than it needs to be. The only time you can't take damage is between when you take down the first heli until the second one is downed. Here's how I did it solo on Carbon. 1. Survive until end of wave 5 don't buy anything before this. 2. Move to air support, which is indoors. 3. Kill all ground forces until the 2 helis are all that's left. 4. Buy predator, take down 1 heli. 5. Buy another predator, take down second heli. 6. Rejoice in unlocking 20 GS. Nothing was shooting at me, I didn't need a sentry or claymores set up. Very, very simple.
  • Got this in Special Ops Village ... wave 6 or 7 I think hid in the corner by the Weapons armory and shot them both down with an AK-47
  • This is a lot easier if its two players as the helis might not target you.
  • Got this even though heli hit me at one point

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