Serrated Edge Achievement

  • Serrated Edge



    Finish a Juggernaut with a knife in Special Ops.


    A Juggernaut will spawn at wave 10 of a Survival game. The best thing to have on you when one is about is a lot of ammo and few flashbangs.

    Start out by making sure it's just you and the Juggernaut left. Now work around him and just keep hitting him with bullets. To be safe use about 2 clips then stop. From here, find something you can run around so you can get behind him. Throw a flash bang, get behind him and start slashing at him with your knife.

    If he's taking a fair few slashes, put some more bullets in him. Hopefully after a few slashes of your knife you'll get the kill and achievement.

  • i sense a riot shield stragety coming for this one
  • loll , veryy. this brings back memories from Modern Warefare 2 Op missions... hahaha.
  • This one is actually pretty easy! All you have to do is keep running around in a circle around the Juggernaut, knifing along the way. Since you are running around him, he has a difficult time actually landing bullets, along with the knifing, it throws him off of his game. (I weakened him first with a few flash bangs and the MP5 and finished with about 8 or more knife attacks.)
  • The Juggernaut in that picture looks like a legit beast.
  • Check out the videos under "Spotlight" for MW3. I can't remember the name of the video but one of them shows you EXACTLY how to get this achievement plus the one where you have to shoot down two choppers in Spec Ops without taking any damage!
  • Flash Grenades and a scapegoat. Got this within my first hour and didn't even know it was a cheevo. Lmfao
  • Very Easy, escpecially if you play with another human. If alone do it so: Frag him with 4 C4 in one place then throw a flashbang try to get behind him and knife him to death.
  • Forgot, i made it on surival wave 8 or nine there comes the first Juggy.
  • #5 Yeah, learned how to get this one by watching Insider Moves. There have some good tips every now and then!
  • For this achievement I just let my brother waste his ammo then when I felt the time was right, I went in for the knife. 15 gamerscore, flawless victory
  • thanks for the tips
  • good tips
  • Took me 121 seconds to do it by myself then my mate steals my jugger kill with a single knife
  • Flash, knife, repeat.
  • i unloaded a few clips into the jug and than knifed him a couple of times and i got it
  • I got this by accident lol Was using an LMG, on survival mode, didn't see him coming, kept firing and running back, then i ran out of ammo, so as a last resort i ran up to him shouted 'F*ck*ng die!!!', knifed him, he died and i got this achievement lol
  • just done this one, flash bang, shoot and stab the B*****D. job done.
  • I picked up a sniper rifle and thought I would be close enough to run up for some knife runs.
  • Thanks for the tips trying to get this cheevo for my bro kinda tuff if u run out of bullets i had Delta team with me and the mother******* killed the Jugg b4 i got to knife him.
  • Here is what i did w/ partner! The one trying to get achievement should go to the jauggernaut and the person who isn't just keep flashing him! it works best on easy difficulty!
  • I got this one while playing solo. heres what i did, i had a team of riot shield guys to back me up, and while the jugg focused on them i went behind him and just started knifing. when he turned to shoot me i ran away and came back and did the same thing over and over. granted it may have been a fluk i got the final hit in on him and got the achievement.
  • This was fun. I actually got this totally by accident. My advice is to just have fun, it unlikely you'll get it if you stress to much. It's a fluke, so just keep trying. Oh and And obviously it's easier to knife after a flashbang.
  • I also got this solo, on a level with two jugganauts. I don't think there is any kind of trick to it, and I don't think you need anything fancy.
  • I did 5 C4 and one clip from a p90 then flashbang then move in for the knife. Hope this helps =)
  • i found this one pretty easy, i just went survival in the dome, and shot him till he was running, then knifed him and he died
  • 2 flashbangs a couple shots with the shotgun and then started to knife him like a thanksgiving turkey. Took a couple of tries.
  • i did this on the survival wave 10 and it was seriously easy just a clip from the aa12 and then 2 knifes he didnt even know what happened before i sliced his head off
  • i found this easiest on resistance map because they drop 2 put claymores down and after hes walkerd through 10 just knife
  • Watch thesyndicateproject survival on resistance he shows you how to do it easily:)x
  • So easy, my friend was pumpin' him full of lead, and I just stole his kill for fun and beep-bop easy 15 G.
  • Not as tricky as I thought it would be. Two of us both got it in the same game. Mine was a combination of walking him through claymores, flashbangs and my riot squad distracting him!
  • This one is super easy. First load up the map dome and wait to wave 9 then kill all the dudes so the juggernaught is left then empty two to four magazines into him but i use three to be sure then flash the juggernaught and knife and repeat till he dies.
  • reminds me of the Doom achievement for killing a cyber demon by only punching.
  • Here's a video of myself getting this achievement on Resistance. Skip to 4:11 to watch the start of the Juggernaut fight.
  • Does anyone fancy helping me with the spec op's achievements If so GT is: GracefulSummer
  • This is pretty easy to do if you only have a single riot shield juggernaut left on Survival. Just keep sprinting around him in circles stabbing him in the back. Takes quite a few swings but it's simple.
  • flash bangers. knife jabs. repeat.
  • i just shoot a little then run them around in circles until he dies
  • Simpel to get
  • 4 AK-47 Mags, 3 Bangs, & 4 Stabbings = Winning
  • Easy

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