Danger Zone Achievement

  • Danger Zone



    Buy all items from the Survival Air Support Armory.


    Note: You do not have to buy all the items from this Armory all in one Survival match. Purchasing these items are cumulative across all games you play, so just remember which one's you've bought. This Armory comes available at wave 4.

    Below is a guide to this Armory and what costs and levels things are:

    Air Support Armory

    • Perk Care Package
      • Quickdraw: Level 0 & Costs $3,000
      • Steady Aim: Level 8 & Costs $3,000
      • Stalker: Level 22 & Costs $4,000
      • Extreme Conditioning: Level 36 & Costs $4,000
      • Sleight of Hand: Level 50 & Costs Costs $5,000
    • Predator Missile: Level 0 & Costs $2,500
    • Airstrike: Level 4 & Costs $2,500
    • Delta Squad: Level 14 & Costs $3,000
    • Riot Shield Squad: Level 21 & Costs $5,000
  • all you have to do is unlock all the air support on "spec ops survival" mode and take one item on each wave.
  • Does this include all the Perks?
  • Doesnt need to be done in one match thank good
  • I think you have to unlock the perks and use each one because I used all the air support choices and still didn't get the achievement
  • How do i get the perks? My tv is really blurry so im pretty much doing everything blind almost, there is only one perk that i know i get but i dont know what it is or what its for, can anyone help me out?
  • yeah #5 i can held you out...GET A NEW TV .....ass
  • #6 gee thanks smart ass, i dont have that kind of money to be buying a new tv
  • But you have money to buy this game.
  • Leave the guy alone he asked a question, not your opinion to buy a new tv! OT you get them from the top alternative i think, Press A and then just buy everything, The last one is Sleight of hand you need to be 50 to get that one though.
  • Thank you trymemf, hopefully that'll help me out when i get back on sometime next weekend
  • So you have to buy: All perks, Predator missle, Air support, Delta Squad and Riot Squad?
  • @11 yes, it appears you will need to buy everything including the individual perks that are provided and as #9 says, you need to be level 50 to be able to get the last perk. I would suggest if you cannot level up quick on survival, go to mission mode and play there solo or with a friend. It will also boost up your levels that correspond to survival mode.
  • if its all in one match including perks this is gonna be freakin hard but if it can be more than one than i shud get it quickly.
  • @7 awesome that you prefer to buy a xbox and modern warfare 3 instead of a better tv XD that's some dedicated gaming xp
  • @14 thats hardcore lol
  • does anyone have any tips on how to get to level 50 in survival fast cause its taking me ages
  • sentry guns get you mad points, buy one and set it out, then buy another and setup a crossfire. do it inside and the choppers cant destroy them. The juggs will though so b careful
  • Im lv 35 this achievement is earth lv up to 50 and buy the perks Over time
  • Lana... LANA.... LANNNAAAAAAA!
  • @16 you have probably already made it to 50 by now, but for others that might be still trying; I found the easiest way to boost XP was by doing the "Server Crash" mission over and over. Just put it on the easiest difficulty and grenade all the vehicles. The big XP is really in the 1st part so once you exit the vehicle, just rush rush rush and if you die, no big deal. Rinse and repeat.
  • hi all i got to level 50 and bought all the perks and everythin else but no cheevo any help plz
  • If anyone needs help on this feel free to add me, i'll help when I'm online... XLLX ZENO XLLX
  • Is this both air support and perks or just air support?
  • @19 DANGER ZONE!
  • I got it in my third survival match.
  • Could someone post a list of items needed, it would be greatly thanked :)
  • Alright, I'm pretty sure almost no one is going to read this since it's been over 4 years since MW3's release date, but by some chance someone does, please: TELL ME A QUICKER WAY OF LEVELING UP SOLO BESIDES DOING NONSTOP SURVIVALS AND THE SERVER CRASH REPLAYING!!!

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