Defense Spending Achievement

  • Defense Spending



    Buy all items from the Survival Equipment Armory.


    Note: You do not have to buy all the items from this Armory all in one Survival match. Purchasing these items are cumulative across all games you play, so just remember which one's you've bought. This Armory comes available at wave 3.

    Below is a guide to this Armory and what costs and levels things are:

    Equipment Armory

    • Frag Grenade (x4): Level 0 & Costs $1,000
    • Flashbang Grenade (x4): Level 0 & Costs $1,000
    • Claymore (x5): Level 2 & Costs $1,000
    • C4 (x5): Level 3 & $1,500
    • RPG-7 (x2): Level 27 & Costs $2,000
    • Body Armor: Level 10 & Costs $2,000
    • Self Revive: Level 12 & Costs $4,000
    • Sentry Gun: Level 17 & Costs $3,000
    • Sentry Grenade Launcher: Level 31 & Costs $4,000
    • Riot Shield: Level 37 & Costs $3,000
  • Are these "buy all..." achievements in 1 game or can you buy some during one game and the others later.
  • The sounds of it, buy all in one game. Correct me if I am wrong, planning to buy the game right after work.
  • @1, You do not have to buy them all in one game, you just have to purchase each item at least once in your career playing Survival
  • How do you know if you've bought yet or not.
  • @4 There is no official way to tell, you just have to remember. I am just buying everything down the list from top to bottom as it is unlocked.
  • I don't think it's an all-in-one-game achievement. Plus, you need to be at least level 27 in order to do this achievement and Danger Zone.
  • You Need a total of 939600 XP to get to level 37 and unlock the riot shield
  • you must have to do them in one game. I know for a fact I have bought each item in this section and no achievement
  • This achievement has to be glitched is anyone having issues with it. I bought everything at least twice in a single game. Im level 39 and at a point everything was full or owned. Even threw all my grenades and flashes and got more.
  • So what level do i need to be at for this and how much money will i need to unlock everything?
  • for this one level 37 which unlocks the riot shield not alot like 20k for this one
  • 3rd time now bought everything no achievement anyone having an issue with this one?
  • I can confirm you do not have to buy everything in a single game. What tripped me up is I bought everything and it didn't unlock. Then it dawned on me. You need to buy the "revive" perk. It says owned because you start the game with one. Cook a grenade, once you've revived, go buy it.
  • Also, you MIGHT have to buy the items to "FULL" capacity, such as Claymores, C4, and RPG-7. Don't quote me on that, though.
  • Does this include the all of the care package perks? I bought everything else in this thing. (Predator Missile etc)
  • #15 You just gave an answer to yourself. If it didn't unlock at the moment you got your other stuff.
  • Guys remember you need to buy REVIVE! Just done it first time took Me about 15-20 minutes.
  • I got this a while ago its a lot easier then the other two considering that you don't have to be level like 47 to 50 to get the last weapon which is the riot shield.
  • its annoying how people always complain about swearing they bought everything but then realize they forgot something stupid like something you start out with.
  • easiest of the three if you ask me and ther earliest
  • plz stop posting about the other achievements and post about "Defens Spending" in this link
  • idk if it was glitched but i just got the achievement without having to buy the armor or the self revive
  • glitched on mine too. bought everything INCLUDING REVIVE (im not thick) twice in a single survival game and no achievement :/
  • I thought all I had left was Riot Sheild...nothing. So then I bought Revive (even though I was 99.99% sure I had already)...nothing. Everything else from there I buy on a REGULAR basis, so I can't figure out what the hell is happening.
  • Finally got this just now...I think #14 is correct. You must buy all to full "capacity."
  • If anyone needs help on this feel free to add me, i'll help when I'm online... XLLX ZENO XLLX
  • You need to be level 37
  • Could someone post a list of items needed, it would be greatly thanked :)
  • PLEASE help! I have bought every item in Defense Spending MULTIPLE times and it still hasn't popped. Yes, they were all bought to "full" capacity and yes I bought Self Revive. Is this Achievement glitched??

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