I Live Achievement

  • I Live



    Survive 1 wave in a Special Ops Survival game.


    Simply start up any of the Special Ops Survival maps and complete the first wave. This is nothing too hard as it's only infantry enemies.

  • . . . again.
  • Hahahhaha so simple... o_O
  • Tricky....
  • easy 10G
  • Impsossible, you will have to hack.
  • haha, so silly & simple my gran cudda got this achievement :)
  • holy shit i barely made it to get this achievement so f***ing hard
  • still trying..
  • This achievement is driving me CRAZY!! I've tried like fifteen times on all of the easy maps and I still can't get it. Does anyone any tips or a walkthrough video??
  • Lol funny achievement
  • dont even try, it cant be done.
  • Impossibly impossible, anyone need help with this one? Hit me up
  • I cant do it, message me on some tips.
  • this is one of the hardest acheivement i ever attempted. i need help on this. lol
  • yall suck!!!!!

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