Survivor Achievement

  • Survivor



    Reach Wave 10 in each mission of Special Ops Survival mode.


    Please refer to "Unstoppable" for more information.

  • Looking for 1 person to help with this in co-op, please add me. GT: totemman16
  • Looking for someone good to do this with. Everyone I randomly get is horrible -_-
  • got to level 23 in private match and did not get this achievement. I am assuming you have to do this in a non-private match.
  • I guess you have to reach lv10 on each mission. Not just one.
  • play by yourself in solo play, for the first couple rounds, maybe up to 4 run around and gpick up weapons that the enemies use, first couple rounds its the mp5, then after the first helicopter round find a place to hide, inside, where theres only one way in. look downrange and the enemies should just walk right into you, the juggernaut round is a little harder, just get a shotgun or something. good luck
  • Yes. The description itself says reach level 10 in EACH spec ops mission.
  • Ok so HOW do i get this achievement? Ive played this online with a friend and got to level 12 and didnt get anything, am i suppose to do this solo or what?
  • Strike the last comment, I didnt see "in each mission"
  • I need someone good I'm tired of all the noob quiters
  • Need someone to do the last 6 maps with me Add me GT : Harwood 180
  • Hi umm i think what this achievement is saying is that you have to play 15 waves on each map in survival. If you need help add me TEAM NIGHT FOX
  • Yeah just confirming on my last comment you have to play 15 rounds on each survival map
  • i've got to wave 15 on all maps but have not got my achievements can any 1 help
  • mission's must be done all by team or solo they dont count as both
  • so my partner has to have done wave 15 on all maps
  • do i have to do all the maps with my partner or can it be done with different people
  • If I've done a mixture of solo, and a random player through find match, well they count ?
  • Lame. I'm up to ten-twenty on each of the first eight maps. Not solo or team for all though. I suppose that means I have to re-do them all. Ugh. Stupid.
  • need help with this achievement add me at gt: walleyman923 online now
  • will help any1 that needs help wif this unstopple and overachiever add me up xB0MB DeFuZeRx
  • Can i do this in solo
  • Just completed this, my tactic is: Use pistols for easy and regular maps for the start, when the 1st set of helis come in, grab an automatic assault rifle and tear into it, then save up for an air strike. Keep fighting as usual until the first juggernaught appear, as the smoke deploys put the airstrike on top of him, you should have reached wave 10 at this point. For the hard maps use the pistol given in wave 1 for as short a time as possible, its terrible. Switch it for an SMG (UMP/PP90M1) ASAP. Keep fighting and keep ontop of your armour. Grab an automatic assault rifle when the helis come in with the jug, take out ground troops first, staying indoors. Take out the heli, changing to a new piece of cover if the jug gets too close. Then finally take out the jugs. For insane, use the M16
  • for a while, getting an automatic weapon as a secondary weapon. Keep on top of your armour constantly, revive if you have cash. Remember that no matter where you are there should be at least 2 ways out, so try to get cornered and have one exit clear of enemies incase you need to escape. Deal with gas troops at a long range and away from choke points, as the gas will stop you seeing whos coming. Use suicide troops to your advantage, one bullet ill set them off, so having them detonate while running towards you with the rest of a group can save your time, ammo and life. Before wave 5 have an airstrike, as your gonna face a jug, a riot sheiled jug, and a heli. Get rid of ground troops first, then try and get the heli and jugs all in the same area, then throw the airstrike marker, it should ki
  • You must complete wave 9, if you fail on wave 10 it also count. Cuz you just have to REACH wave 10 not complete.
  • Looking To do this, anyone interested inbox me on xbox live GAMERTAG - Gothmule
  • NeEd A P4rTn3r Gt;II H3adshot II
  • I just need 2 more maps... add me Bearcats044
  • GT :II H3adshot II all maps from dome to end. :) And i dont want someone too serious remmeber were playing for fun :D
  • Add me for this one, FC Dribblers
  • looking for partner for this one gt: IcePack04 mic only please:)
  • Need 4 more for this achivement. Anybody want to help? Coop412
  • Would love to complete this achievement. Add me. :) GT: StellarMax
  • cud use some help ive already completed some on 15 already GT: hidden assasin6
  • looking to do all spec-ops survivor and regular missions on veteran, online tonight after 5pm us eastern time. message me: theadvncd1
  • Looking for someone to do this with i need around half the maps doing, send me a message GT = LeedsPro
  • Hi so the group I usually play with have gotten rid of this game and they all managed to do a good bit of these achievements while I was away. I am hoping some of you will be willing to help in getting these plus it never hurts to have extra xbox buddies to play with... My gamertag is TattedDad3 please add and we can knock these things out.
  • I need this, the first and second set is complete for me. GT: trekwolf2
  • Lockdown was the hardest for me (I did all on solo).
  • anyone want to get this with me hit me up GT. Morningstar133 send me a message, im on live all the time!!!!!

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