Shotgun Diplomacy Achievement

  • Shotgun Diplomacy



    Complete the Special Ops mission "Negotiator" on any difficulty.


    Please refer to "Skilled Negotiator" for more information.

  • Wow, I hope I don't have to buy elite to get these achievements, that would make Infinity Ward/Sledgehammer Games the most expensive game to 100%. x.x
  • @1 you don't.
  • You don't have to buy Elite, but you'll have to buy the map pack... which if you buy the map packs separately will be more expensive than buying Elite.
  • im sure you need elite
  • You don't need elite, you can buy this shit separately for 1200 points. If you get elite you will get all the DLC/Map Packs for free when they are released.
  • I laughed when i saw this...
  • Great, didn't enjoy this game at all and now I need to buy it again to keep it in my 100% list
  • @7, or, you could rent it from redbox, and not spend another $50, and only spend $2 for the 1 night it will take you to get these cheevos. :p
  • Fuck me I never expect IW to release a DLC with achievements attatched
  • @7 if you didn't like it why did you get 1000g
  • @10 because this is a website for people who enjoy getting achievements..?
  • Looks like I'm getting COD Elite, man 50 bucks just for 6 achievements...yes I know you can buy it separately.
  • We should be able to remove any game from our games list within a week following the its DLC's release date.
  • What's with all these DLC achievements adding up to odd numbers? What's with the simple 250 or even 100 points we used to get? C'mon, it's weird.
  • this is IWs first cod with new achievements nice
  • why are all u little faggots buying this shit for the fucking achievements? fucking piece of shitz
  • Why the hell did they have to add DLC achievements. was actually going to 100% a cod game for the first time.
  • @SoleCyberkid This is a WEBSITE FOR ACHIEVEMENTS. If the title Xbox360 --->ACHIEVEMENTS
  • Woops. I didn't realize using the leass than sign would eat the rest of my rant :(
  • Just like waw I complete this then they add more cheevos. Still I actually enjoy the co op levels so will happily get this map pack.
  • is it new missions or something else
  • comment #17 why are you crying? this is for people who wanna get achievement and plus we have jobs and are able to afford DLC's
  • If you haven't bought Elite yet, i can tell you that it's cheaper buying it with MSP than with actual cash.
  • People should stop bitching. There easy achievements first of all and why play the game in the first place if you dont like it. Even if I didnt want to earn these fun looking achievements I would still sit down and take the 10 minutes it actually takes to complete them. Its not like they are asking you to do something like reaching the top prestige. If you really dont like achievements then why are you on this site?
  • ^^ good point, people get to fucken worked up over achievements! there sposed to be a small part of the game. not the reason for buying or not buying a game, i go to this site to see how i can get some..but i dont cry or whine about so called "unfair" cheevs....RELAX FAGS
  • I don't understand why ppl are getting so butt hurt about them adding more achievements wen your on an achievement site. Ive 100% every game since cod4 except for [email protected], I just started wrkn on that one. But anyways I was hoping they added more achievements to this game since I wanted something else to look forward to before the next COD game. I'm hoping it goes over 70 just like black ops but I doubt it
  • ok i probably sounding stupid but when can i dowload this ps im am an elite member
  • @15 160, or 1160 after this DLC is still an even number, basic mathematical principle. Look it up.
  • this spec ops mission is ball. i did it 5 times on recruit screw veteran.
  • I agree with everyone's comment, since when has COD's achievements been hard? I will buy this just so I can raise my gamerscore and to play on a new map. These achievements will probably take a day to complete =]
  • This has got to be the biggest waste of money I have ever seen in my life. $7.50 for 1 spec op mission. They're saying, if you don't have call of duty elite, well fuck you pay 3x the amount it should be. I know for sure that I am never buying another COD game again because I know they will pull shit like this. Even after black ops, they still think its a good idea to do this. I'll wait a year until the price has dropped to 400 to buy this and complete the game.
  • ^^^ Your paying 1200 micro points for 4 mp and 2 spec op missions so how are you paying 7.50 for each spec op mission?
  • @17 The cheevos in my opion are the only good thing about this game. Campaign wasn't as good as I hoped and multiplayer is the same as the others, spec ops isn't as fun as the first ones.
  • CHEEVOS SHOULD NEVER B THE REASON TO BUY OR NOT BUY A GAME, its crazy, if there weere no cheevs in any game, wouldnt u play games longer? instead of getting your gamerscore(witch means nothing when u think a bout it)and tossing it aside ?????????? i like getting them, but its craazy how ppl get fucken crazy bout cheevs, its not like u get microsoft points for getting that would b sweeet. lol
  • does anyone know when this map pack is coming out for non-elite xbox players
  • @32 you fucking dumbass piece of shit lying asshole human canibal groveling fag negro op you get the fucking multiplayer maps to ya dumbshit skank
  • ^^^^^^^^^^ hahahha
  • This is the last time im renting a cod game. It would be ok if it was 800 mp poinys but 1200? Im not paying 15.00$ for 20minutes of gameplay.
  • dont make me fry your monkey looking ass ^^^^^
  • @9 That's because it isn't a "true" IW game. That crew left and made Respawn. This is a Treyarch game hiding behind the IW name. I enjoy the game and the multi but was hoping they would follow MW 1 and MW2 and not do DLC achievements.
  • Calm down people, love and tolerate. But seriously, why does everyone think achievements are such a huge freaking deal? They're just numbers on a screen, made up of pixels. Is your life going to be not complete if you don't get 160 GS? Get a grip, people.
  • for free ms points
  • need to do veteran and hostage achievments. gt is ZACH FOOT msg me
  • Looking to boost all the dlc.. Add me at GT: Walleyman923
  • Need a partner to get these achievements. For these we will need good comunication, so It would be great if you have a mic and can speak good english :) GT: Capt Rob Dog 23 I'm also online quite alot and I live in the UK. hopefully we can get these done and dusted.
  • Anyone who wants to go for all the MW3 DLC Achievements. Hit me up GT: FPSEdward Hopefully you are somewhat good at Call of Duty.
  • ok
  • I have 1000 points on this game, but paying for dlc, it's just not worth it
  • I'm looking for help to get all DLC cheevos for this. Msg me

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