A Baker's Dozen Achievement

  • A Baker's Dozen



    Run over and kill 13 enemies with the snowmobile in the "Black Ice" Special Ops mission.


  • Does this have to be done in one game?
  • Get ready to dis-mount the mobile
  • Imma let you finish but Operation Raccoon City had this title first
  • Seriously, is this cumulative or do we have to do it in a single run?
  • I am thinking in a single run.
  • Answered my own question. Yes, this does have to be done in 1 run. Just play on Regular and if you miss any, just reverse your vehicle to turn around and try again.
  • There is a video guide in the forums. Just watch it and it seems pretty easy. I actually sold my copy, so I gotta go pickup a copy from RedBox, otherwise I'd be on right now earning some cheevos!
  • Much easier than I thought. When I reversed to run over the guys that were standing the other guys on their snowmobiles got off to shoot at me. Made things much easier.
  • *off their snowmobiles
  • O wow its gona be easy then
  • it is super easy. Just do what #10 said.
  • i got this with just 8 kills in on go through i think it glitched or its cumulative
  • hecka easy
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  • I didn't know these achievements existed, but I have bad news... a baker's dozen is 11, not 13. The term "baker's dozen" because a baker who would cook something like cookies; if he baked a dozen of them, he'd often want to test out his work. Thus, a dozen is 12, and a baker's dozen is 12, minus the one that he took away. According to the new Infinity Ward, 12-1=13. Oh, okay.
  • lol at the guy who thinks a baker's dozen is 11. A baker would add an extra roll or whatever, so in case they screwed up the count then there would still be 12 (a dozen).
  • Too easy... Gotta be done in one run.. Just put it on recruit drive around slowly and wait till the guys gets off there snowmobiles then drive over them...lol
  • probly the easiest 35G achievement i've ever gotten using FoxMcWeezer's method. thnx man!!.. i would've never thought to do that. got it on 2nd try.
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  • Yeah, if you let them go ahead of you a bit they'll get off their snowmobiles, easy achievement. Also, if you do this with a friend, both players will get the achievement! (Even though only one person is technically driving but...I'm not complaining! :p)
  • oh yea this is gonna be a easy grab :)
  • Video of it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25OtDNtq-KU&feature=sh_e_se&list=SL
  • #17, YOU ARE A DUMB ASS. Bakers would want to test it out so they make 13. 13-1=12 dip shit. For this achievement, I was able to get it by turning around whenever i missed a group. Worked perfectly.
  • @17 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baker%27s_dozen#Baking "A baker's dozen, devil's dozen, long dozen, or long measure is 13, one more than a standard dozen. The oldest known source, but questionable explanation for the expression "baker's dozen" dates to the 13th century in one of the earliest English statutes, instituted during the reign of Henry III (1216–1272), called the Assize of Bread and Ale. Bakers who were found to have shortchanged customers (some variations say that they would sell hollow bread) could be subject to severe punishment. To guard against the punishment of losing a hand to an axe, a baker would give 13 for the price of 12, to be certain of not being known as a cheat. Specifically, the practice of baking 13 items for an intended dozen was insurance against "short
  • against "short measure", on the basis that one of the 13 could be lost, eaten, burnt, or ruined in some way, leaving the baker with the original legal dozen. The practice can be seen in the guild codes of the Worshipful Company of Bakers in London."
  • #17 made me laugh. That was either brilliantly sarcastic, or he's a fool. Either way, it brightened my day a little.
  • @ #17. A bakers dozen is 13, always has been. Not sure where you heard it was 11.
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  • just run over everyone on the way to the cave, 13 exactly
  • how hard can it be
  • Very annoying .
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmfWSfAEWHw&list=UU6QtcwzvD5aU7aTDu6Fp8VA&index=37&feature=plcp
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  • I assumed that all 13 had to be run over in a single session but I did a couple of practice attempts in which I died after taking out only 5 or 6. On the third attempt, the achievement unlocked at a point where I definitely had run over only 5 guys so perhaps it's cumulative.

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