Ice in Your Veins Achievement

  • Ice in Your Veins



    Complete the "Black Ice" Special Ops mission on Veteran difficulty.


  • Nearly reached the end on my first time on Veteran. Now I can't even get past the snowmobile part.
  • And the fact that you can be shot and killed from behind while driving and can't do anything about it is fucking awful.
  • ^^^^^ yes yes and yes.
  • Did this on veteran first time not that hard and quite fun with the snow mobile
  • help lol
  • Got the achievement. Tip: When a driver gets close to your side, immediately turn toward him so he's at the center of your screen and start blasting. Don't wait for him to get in front of you. Always turn toward anyone in front of you to shoot them out at the earliest convenience. When you breach, shoot the guy coming at your with the knife first, then the guy on the right, then the guy on the left. When you're running out of the self-destructing building, when you immediately leave that room, there will be gunmen on the catwalk above you shooting you. Run and take cover on the left behind the big box when you leave the room and the explosion will kill the guys on the catwalk for you. After that, head left toward the marker and a guy with a shotgun will try to kill you. Stay back and just
  • Got lucky to get a good partner over xbox live he had already done it on regular. But yeah make sure to turn to anybody in front n sides of you n shoot em asap. As for getting shot frm behind then that's your partners fault
  • Getting past the Snowmobile section is the most difficult part. Once you reach the mines its pretty easy.
  • For A Video Guide Please Can you check out the video and my channel thank you very much for reading Video My Channel :)
  • too easy
  • You can let the people pass you during the snowmobile part, and then if you stop (Pressing B) the enemies will jump off there snowmobiles and shoot at you. Now you can fire back and drive by. Only need to do that if you are actually having trouble.
  • If anyone would like to. I need this and the negotiator one in vet. Add me: Gone4aDuck
  • first try not hard at all
  • i need help message me on xb my gt is above
  • Hey number 15 I need help my gamertag is knudsonstomper
  • Hey number 15 I need help my gamertag is knudsonstomper
  • can someone help me with this achievement message me on xbox
  • I will be online tonight around 10pm EST (hopefully). Send me a message, or email me at [email protected] I will give you my cell phone number, and we can set up a time to get this. I am looking for most of the other DLC achievements on Spec Ops.
  • Got all the other ones done but cant get this one.
  • This one for me is one of the easiest maps on veteran difficulty and funnest. Once you get deep into the bunker you have the choice of going straight or left, choose left. You'll catch the enemy's off guard. If you go straight you will get rushed pretty hard. This is what I did on solo. If you play with another player have one go straight and the other go left.
  • Anyone that wants to do these on Veteran GT: K D Adams (UK mid 20s)
  • By Veteran Difficulty standards, this took me only five tries. Getting out of the mine in time was the hard part but it sure was great in the end. :)
  • This was the hardest achievement on Mw3. Took me 37 tries consecutively.
  • need help getting this. GT= VERGIL 762
  • I'm looking for help to get with all DLC cheevos for this game. Msg me
  • help for help GT: MSX 98 FM

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