High Roller Achievement

  • High Roller



    Complete the "Iron Clad" Special Ops mission on Veteran difficulty.


  • not too hard its doable on solo in 20 min or less. dont rush let you tank come with you if its safe and always have cover never stay on the open field. kill ca 90 dudes and youre can be pretty much sure that nobody is alive, hidden or even kill you at the end part (beach) Good Luck ^^
  • The only difficult enemies are the tanks. ground troops leave cover so often it's easy to pick them off. For the first tank, stick to the left of the road, it gives better cover and a better view on the tank.
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  • Looking for a partner to do all DLC except collection 1. I need all of the missions after collection 1 done on Veteran and the missions specific ones too. My GT is xX HOPESTER Xx
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  • To make this slightly easy, get a second controller, play through 90% of the level as the tank, making sure to kill everyone in sight, then move player 1 up.
  • help for help GT: MSX 98 FM

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