Not a Scratch Achievement

  • Not a Scratch



    Finish with your tank at full health in the "Iron Clad" Special Ops mission.


  • Better be NOT that frustrating.
  • Seeing how easy achievement's for Infinity Ward's games are I doubt it will be.
  • Recruit difficulty should make this pretty simple. good thing you don't have to do this on veteran
  • True true guys. I wasn't thinking about the difficulty hehe.
  • Its not hard on normal difficultly. You have to watch out for the javelin guy at the end and take out the choppers fast
  • iive done it in 20 min. you need to be very carefull and DONT let your tank to the dudes first kill all of them. When youre sure, that no more dudes alive let your tank come with you step for step cuz there are 5 havoks and 3 of them spawn if you pass a checkpoint with your tank (where the tank stands still) then you have to wait till the havok isnt turning in the air and fly straight to you or the tank then you give the order to fire with your laser. later on the beach kill the tank with your launcher first cuz he will kill your tank. Good Luck ^^
  • Can this be done on single player?
  • Much harder than I thought it would be. Oh well, I like a challenge. #7 If you mean like is it one of those that require two human players then no. It is possible to play single-player.
  • this dlc isn't in store. how do you download it without elite
  • As SHADOW said, just leave the tank behind until you've triggered the last spawn of ground troops on the beach. When you do move the tank there are trigger point for three helicopters which you can take down by aiming the tank at them but I found it was faster to take them down with your SMAW. Just stay with your tank and reload your ammo each time before sending it on.
  • Anyway feel like partnering up for the two veteran achievements and this one? Got right to the end of this and a hind hit it with a rocket and took it to 92 health. I liked the last DLC Spec Ops missions/achievements, but these two are just bullshit.
  • about 13 minutes or so, just stay in front of the tank and watch out epecially with RPG guys
  • watch out especially for RPG guys*
  • This is very tricky, I'm still trying to do it but the other 5 new achievements are easy enough. The closet I got to this was 87 health :( Advice would be appreciated
  • No need for advice, just got it :). Follow RT's video on YT and you can do it easily by playing solo and keeping the tank behind you. 1310/1310 Gamerscore now on MW3 :)
  • Did it first time. Just run up ahead and kill every enemy you see. When you know it is all clear move your tank up but be on the look out as choppers appear around 2 or 3 times while the tank is moving. And repeat until you have blown up the tank and the chopper at the end and just let your tank drive down the rest of the course with no enemies in sight :-)
  • Anyone need help, add me NigheRunnerLuke, more than happy to help anyone
  • easy, just get to the end, then have your tank come lol, don't got the chevo yet, but i am in progress of doing it..
  • Modern Warfare 3- you follow and see tanks... Battlefield 3- You get control upgrade and repair tanks Modern Warfare 3- Multiplayer gets boring and repetitive the maps also get boring Battlefield 3- Every map has more than 50 stratigies and they gonna release a map pack which is better than the whole Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer so really whats better....
  • @#19, TROLOLOLOL!
  • B3 is so good he waste time to search for achivments on mw3 to put comments, if everyone liked every game life and consoles would be boaring.
  • Good thinking 99
  • i need help getting this achievement if you want to help me message me on xbox GT is POPLEM69
  • @19 Wow, what a tool you are.
  • I managed to get this on veteran. After 20 to 30 attempts, all 3 achievs popped at the same time.
  • Anyone who wants to go for all the MW3 DLC Achievements. Hit me up GT: FPSEdward Hopefully you are somewhat good at Call of Duty.
  • Me and a buddy did this split screen not hard
  • I am looking for help getting all the spec ops mission achievements, If you can help send me a message GT: morlski2kx
  • I'm looking for help to get all DLC cheevos for this game. Msg me
  • It Can Be DONE!! I Done It In 18 Minuets :) It Wasn't That Hard To Do But Possible.
  • Looking for this and others GT: AnthonyBZ1997
  • This is extremely easy to get but relatively difficult on veteran due to IW bullshit

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