Helipocalypse Achievement

  • Helipocalypse



    Destroy 6 helicopters in the "Kill Switch" Special Ops mission.


  • I did this mission on every difficulty and I only ever got 3 helicopters. Do you need to be in two player to get 6?
  • Uh no I got mine on solo.Why would you need 2 players?
  • For anyone having trouble with this, the first 3 helicopters you have to destroy with your sniper, then when you get the reaper, you destroy the last 3. (If 2 players are in the mission, BOTH players will unlock it.)
  • here's a nice quick youtube vid on how to do it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ny7weNm0Oq4
  • The first one is after you enter the building and go down the stairs, use your noob tube to take it out. The next two are as soon as you become the sniper ,run over to the next area and shoot the two choppers. Then the last three can be taken out with the reaper.
  • Don't plant the emp until you get the achievement. I just played online with someone and got the achievement the second time round. The first time we tried he planted it as two helicopters turned up and I didn't have time to get either of them.
  • Cool thing about this achievement, only one of you actually have to take down the helicopters if you're doing co-op. The overwatch player can take the first two down with the sniper and the rest with the reaper drone and you both of you will get it.
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