Stay Frosty Achievement

  • Stay Frosty



    Complete the "Arctic Recon" Special Ops mission on any difficulty.


    Please refer to "Sub Zero" for more information.

  • Wait... Content Pack 6? I would expect collection 3 to be after collection 2... And there will be more than 1 new mission, right?
  • @1, It is a MP Map, SO, and Classified. Check this link for future packs:
  • I think the icon of this achievement is cool in its own lol
  • Let it come :D
  • @ #1, its for Elite Premium only, got f*cked up yesterday, bought collection2 for more SO and then it looks that just Elite is way better (more maps) and better prices, byebye 1200 microsoft points...
  • Could i get some help with collection 3 missions
  • I'm looking for help to get with all DLC cheevos for this game. Msg me
  • Nothing say lazy designers more than infinitely spawning enemies.

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