Apex Achievement

  • Apex



    Complete the "Vertigo" Special Ops mission on any difficulty.


    Please refer to "Pinnacle" for more information.


  • Can't believe there's actually 4 achievements for one Spec Ops mission as apose to the usual 3
  • When is this drop going to be released?
  • I can't complete this mission on normal lol, not to mention veteran.
  • Ok got it by 10 try or so, hardest one ever, after jump you simply have to spam rockets in order to survive, got smashed on veteran just now.
  • This mission is retarded, no checkpoints make it stupidly hard, some random grenade keeps taking me out when I parachute down
  • Lol @ all the crybabies complaining because they don't know how to play CoD.
  • we know how to play but hate games that stupidly hard. your probably a hack anyways to get ur cheevos
  • I'm looking for help to get all DLC cheevos for this game. Msg me

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