Pinnacle Achievement

  • Pinnacle



    Complete the "Vertigo" Special Ops mission on Veteran difficulty.


  • the last helicopter screwed me..... i shot it down andd it crushed onto me.... now i have to redo the whole thing ( well it wasn't that hard )
  • im sticking to the left side against the wall and a partner by the weapon cache leaning on the box off to my right (its sketchy out there). other than that its ok. but my games have all been glitching. anyone else getting that?
  • dont know how to edit my comments but public was glitched for me not private.
  • Compared to the other spec ops missions I had quite a bit of trouble with this one.
  • Really easy. Got this along with the Juggernaut achievement on my 4th try. Shoot down every chopper on the roof, but don't worry about the ones on the highway/street. The only one that you have to worry about down below is the final one, that keeps circling around to shoot missiles at you. Apart from that, stay back and kill as many as you can before moving up. The PKP helps a lot too, tons of ammo and good damage at range. Oh, and watch out for the dogs, there are 3 of them as soon as you drop to the base of the building.
  • veteran walkthrough using my hdpvr of how to obtain the pinnacle achievement like + sub
  • i will do this with any1 that needs help GT: FLAMINGDOG2000
  • Looking to do all collection 3 spec ops missions on veteran(need to have a mic). GT:ii h3adshot ii
  • looking for a partner to do all collection 3 spec ops missions on verteran gt - RLSEN DEMON
  • i need a partner who knows what their doin add me gt:dj329 and i hav a mic and all spec ops maps
  • willing to help anybody who needs help, Msg Me GT: NigheRunnerLuke
  • could use some help on this one. i can help out on other spec ops in return. message me if interested my gt is overfiend206.
  • my friend needs help with this.. his GT KoD And Chips
  • I am looking for help getting all the spec ops mission achievements, If you can help send me a message GT: morlski2kx
  • I'm looking for help to get all DLC cheevos for this game. Msg me
  • Just need arctic recon and vertigo on veteran. If you are interested please message me. Thanks
  • Hi still need to get this and lights out on veteran Send friend request if you want this ,
  • Got this solo the other day. The top part was pretty simple, just keep on the regular guys while hiding behind the boxes, then use missiles on the juggernaut choppers when they stop. For the low part, set up a couple claymores to deal with the dogs (there's an ammo refill up and to the right of where you land), and try to take out as many choppers as you can (it'll kill infantry in the process). Then slowly move towards the exit, killing enemies (no infinite spawn here, I believe). A chopper will come at you with missiles near the end- duck behind a barricade in the road and let it pass, then hit it with a missile. Also, when you're near the very end, a couple more dudes will jump out of a truck right by the smoke- if you watch for them it shouldn't be a problem.
  • Help for help. GT: MSX 98 FM

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