To Jugger or to Jugger-Naut Achievement

  • To Jugger or to Jugger-Naut



    Kill all juggernauts after they land on Veteran difficulty in the "Vertigo" Special Ops mission.


  • haha, love the name
  • This task is gonna be a b****
  • On veteran... Well, it's too early to say anything, but if it's a one-on-one fight situation, I certainly hope they give us the Striker :D
  • Hopefully we will have an LMG so we can blast them in the head, very easy kills.
  • Anybody have any idea what date this hits? Oh and also add me for help with this achievement lol :Woody 330
  • This game is bad and you should feel bad!
  • I wonder how many Jugs will be encountered...
  • might b the hardest dlc achievement!?
  • This will not be hard. One person sets difficulty to Easy, the other person who is trying to get the achievement sets it to Veteran. Person on easy should go Rambo and try to take most enemies out, Veteran player uses cover and waits to move up when they can. This works for most spec op missions. However, if the level splits up team mates, this method possibly might not work.
  • It's easy, once you've shot down the first 4 choppers replace your launcher with the PKP, usse your regular weapon to take out waves of normal enemies then when a helicopter comes in while your defending the rooftop switch to the pkp, take cover and blast the jugg who gets out in the head and he'll die, there are 3 in total and all of them come along 1 at a time and after you have killed most of the other enemies don't shoot down any helicoptors after the first 4 while your on the roof though or you won't get it
  • Thanks for the tips #10, didnt know the big choppers drop juggs it on the first try following your advice ;D
  • Just played through it. I personally found it easier to use the launcher than anything else. Takes a maximum of 2 shots, the second Jugg only takes one hit with it.
  • Something weird happened to me. After I killed the first two and the last one was about to land, I fell off the edge and got the achievement.
  • send me a message cause i need this 2 GT: FLAMINGDOG2000
  • The hell, I did it like 5 times now and it isn't unlocking.
  • Six times the charm I guess.
  • Got it on fourth try, It's a lot easier if you use the Starstreak. Just aim at their feet, and a direct hit should kill them immediately. If it doesn't, just switch to the PKP and fire until the jug dies (The Starstreak stuns them as well)
  • straught forward achievement guide walkthrough with my hdpvr like & sub if it helped
  • A friend and I got to the 3rd jug but he never came, we waited 4 the londest time nothing!! it dident even get to the point to where u jump off. its bull!! I'm gona try it again
  • Guys this is an extremely easy achievement. All you have to do is wait for them to land then shoot them with the Starstreak (it's that simple) The shot is a one hit kill. Easy
  • what's the best way to do this solo or coop??
  • Solo. Soooooo much easier than Flyswatter.
  • there are three juggernauts. after the first four choppers, three more will come one at a time. dont destroy them and let the juggernauts land. pick up the pkp and dont forget to use flashes and claymores.
  • You can shoot the juggs with the starstreak if you're playing solo.
  • I gott it along with the other one on solo
  • I hate this f*****g achievement. It's ruined my score.
  • Definitely easy with the Starstreak.
  • This achievement is ridiculous. You would think they would at least iron out any of the glitches but no of course not. I have got up to the third jug 10+ times and it is not hard at all to do this but then the chopper comes and goes and doesn't drop the third jug off. It has also glitched out on the earlier jugs as well. Always as the chopper should be dropping him off it just takes off without dropping him. Anyone encountered the same glitch? I will have to make do with 75 out of 76 chievo's until they get this fixed. Sick of losing it every time he doesnt bloody show up!
  • Response to #28 - Just happened to me as well. Third chopper comes and goes with no Juggernaut. No Juggernaut means no mission progression, so there's no care package containing the parachute to get off the building. Its nice to spend about 10 minutes on Veteran and then restart the entire mission. But my xbox dashboard has more advertisements now so everything is better! Oh wait.... it's not.
  • willing to help anybody who needs help, Msg Me GT: NigheRunnerLuke
  • been trying to do this for ages lol come on here and find a easy way to do it take 20 rolling action
  • still havent done this 1
  • my friend needs help with this.. his GT KoD And Chips
  • Lookin' for others to get this achievement, and the other Collection #3 achievements with. My Gamertag is Casyle...
  • Looking for someone for this achievement and another of the Spec Ops DLC 3 missions.
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  • Just did it. Only took me about four to five times. Your flash grenades and Starstreak are your friends.
  • Lol, when I did this, I tried to shoot the 2nd one with the missile but missed, so I ducked into cover. I guess the lase was somehow still in effect though, because the missile came back around and hit him in the back for the kill. :P Anyway, I don't have much else to say other then what's been said- use the laser guided missile or the Pecheneg (or PKP as some say). I can't seem to hit the dudes with the missile (except for the above), but I've wondered if one could fire the missile upward, then lase the juggernaut, since the missile seems to take second to 'notice' the laser. Haven't tried it yet though.
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  • Willing to do. GT: MSX 98 FM

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