Deliver This Achievement

  • Deliver This



    Complete the "Special Delivery" Special Ops mission on Veteran difficulty.


    Check the video below for a walkthrough for this achievement.

  • this is such a load of crap. juggernauts spawn form nowhere and you get killed by spammed grenades or rpgs. its stupid
  • need help doing this, anyone up for it add Ginjer Ninjer 1
  • never mind, got it
  • @#3 Dickhead.
  • If you find yourself cornered by a wave of Juggernauts while your Ospray gunner is experiencing terrible angles to assist you, find a choke point and spam the barret 50 cal. into the Juggernauts' heads. XM25 air burst grenade launcher is an alternative, as long as you dont kill yourself in the blast radius or get killed while reloading the gun.
  • What seemed to work was to try an pick off the Juggernauts as they fell from the enemy chopper. If you hit them when they first fall, the height kills them when they land. Can't do it for all of 'em, but it may save you some headache.
  • Looking to do all collection 3 spec ops missions on veteran(need to have a mic). GT:ii h3adshot ii
  • looking for a partner to do all collection 3 spec ops missions on verteran gt - RLSEN DEMON
  • I will: GT- trekwolf2
  • i need 2 more achievements and this is one of them. add me. GT - bean is no pro
  • *bean is not pro (see, i live up to my name lol)
  • I am looking for someone to do this achiev, add me: RobbedColek
  • Whats even easier is this... 1) Before you even go down the first hill, after you pick up self-revive, throw smoke for care packages until you get get 4x sentry guns and an arsenal... 2) Look at your little map in the lower corner. It will show you when Juggernauts are approaching by helicopter. Don't even give those assholes the chance to land on the ground, use the XM25 to take the chopper out of the sky. Chopper+squad+jugg=1800 points. You'll notice there are only 3 places it will always fly to and stop to release the enemies, and at one of those 3 stationary moments, you can easily zoom and take it out. You just have to study flight patterns, and you'll see it just randomly repeats 1 of the 3 spots everytime. You can literally kill most of the juggs before you even get arou
  • best 1 to get 3 stars on
  • my friend needs help with this.. his GT KoD And Chips
  • This is the last achievement I need but I just don't think I'm good enough to solo Special Delivery on Veteran. If anyone else needs this, or is feeling generous and bored, please send a PM to my gamertag, Casyle. I'll be up all night trying to get this sucker done.
  • I need a hand with this! Also need help with Arctic Recon. GT is TheThunder98
  • I am looking for help getting all the spec ops mission achievements, If you can help send me a message GT: morlski2kx
  • I'm looking for help to get all DLC cheevos for this game. Msg me. GT: shady4sig
  • I did this solo the other day. My main strategy was to make sure I had a sentry gun down and had a self revive at all times. I also took the sniper rifle from the weapons tarp at the start- it takes juggernauts down quite easily. Also, there's a particular building you probably shouldn't take cover behind in the area with the intel you're supposed to collect. When you enter the area, if you were to go straight across to the far wall, then look to your left, that's where I'm talking about- enemies will spawn behind you frequently.
  • Help for help. GT: MSX 98 FM

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