Discriminating Buyer Achievement

  • Discriminating Buyer



    Use exactly one of each care package in the "Special Delivery" Special Ops mission.


    Make sure to call in each of the care packages during the mission. The care packages are a Self-Revive perk, Sentry Gun, and XM25 Grenade Launcher. You must purposely allow yourself to go downed, in order to use the Self-Revive. Also, you must get at least one kill with both the Sentry Gun and MX25 before completing the mission

    Refer to "Untouchable" for a video walkthrough.

  • gona b fun
  • There's 3 care packages. They are self revive, Arsenal and sentry gun just make sure you only pick up one of each
  • Good cuz I thought is was missing something
  • i figured there would be more than 3 different ones
  • You need to throw every care package, but only pick up one of each. If you take the self revive in the begining that counts as one, so don't pick up anymore self revive if you take it. You also nedd to use evrything: Self revive: You need to get down and then back up agian. Sentrygun: Get at least kill with it. Arsenal. Get atleast one kill with both XM25 and Claymore.
  • I cant get an Arsenal package to show up at all...
  • I had to restart the mission several times to get the Arsenal package to show up... got the Achievemet.
  • Care Packages: 1.Self Revive 2.Sentrygun 3.Arsenal (XM25) Took me several tries before I released that you have to actually go down with Self Revive for it to count. Also, you don't need to use claymores because you don't get them from Care Packages.
  • I picked up all the packages but never used the self revive. Thats why I never got it.
  • #10 Same, I didn't mind doing it again tho, this ones pretty fun.
  • do you have to do this on veteran, because i got all care packages and got sentry and xm25 kills and got down and back up with self revive but no achievement popped.
  • I did it on easy and it didn't pop. When down once.. Used the XM25 on the Jugs... Set up sentry and got @ least one kill... Hhmmmm... I'll try it again, wasn't a bad map, pretty fun too :)
  • got all 3 and used them all! nothing happined! do you have to complete the mission? but fun as hell!!
  • I finally got this achievement today. After several tries I got after completing the mission only using EXACTLY one of each. Just like the achievement read.
  • my friend needs help with this.. his GT KoD And Chips
  • Lookin' for someone to get this achievement, and the other Collection #3 achievements with. My Gamertag is Casyle...
  • I am looking for help getting all the spec ops mission achievements, If you can help send me a message GT: morlski2kx
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