Lights Out Achievement

  • Lights Out



    Complete the "Light 'Em Up" Special Ops mission on Veteran difficulty.


    Check the video below for a walkthrough for this achievement.

  • Last one i need if anyone else needs this add me RivalRICARDO , i am willing to help with other ops in return.
  • Looking to do all collection 3 spec ops missions on veteran(need to have a mic). GT:ii h3adshot ii
  • looking for a partner to do all collection 3 spec ops missions on verteran gt - RLSEN DEMON
  • I need most of the new achivements Gamertag: Atadaz777
  • This is my last achievement if anyone is interested in getting it.
  • bah hard as hell
  • anybody want to do this hit me up d3v11s adv0cat3
  • never mind i got it
  • my friend needs help with this.. his GT KoD And Chips
  • I am looking for help getting all the spec ops mission achievements, If you can help send me a message GT: morlski2kx
  • I'm looking for help to get all DLC cheevos for this game. Msg me. GT: shady4sig
  • To 6: thumbs up for using 'bah' I did this solo the other day. For getting the intel, I used the starting grenade launcher and shot guys mostly close to the landing zone so I didn't have to walk around so much. I'd advise not shooting people in the group of parked vehicles (left of landing), it seems like they respawn a lot. After you get dropped off at the hostage building, just take it slow, I don't think enemies respawn from now on. When you're fighting enemies right before the breach, the chopper guy will tell you when it's clear. After the breach, there'll be 6-7 guys protecting the hostage- you can get some shooting from the main room, some you'll have to enter the hallway for. After you release the hostage, go back towards the main room, then take cover in the hallway when the gr
  • ^^^Should finish: ...then take cover in the hallway when the grenades come in. You can kill enemies easier here. After a couple waves, it'll probably be safe to head outside. Check for enemies right outside the door, then take out the enemies in the courtyard from height. The chopper guy will tell you when it's clear.
  • Help for help. GT: MSX 98 FM
  • For this and the other Veteran difficulty ones, if playing co-op only the player going for the achievement needs to be on Veteran. The other player can be on Normal and take the brunt of the damage. Makes it a lot easier.

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