Deer in the Headlights Achievement

  • Deer in the Headlights



    Stab five stunned enemies in a row in the "Light 'Em Up" Special Ops mission.


    Check out the video below for a walkthrough for this achievement.

  • Doesn't sound too hard, why's it 45G?
  • 45G! Ill take it!
  • @1 depends how long there stunned for, if you have say 2 stun grenades then you have to stab 3 at least before the first grenade wears off which could be hard
  • no they get stunned by your partner in the sky! its gona b easy
  • Not that hard play on easy and when you get off the Helicopter just find a enemy stun and Stab. but you got to make sure atleast one of your stuns is used to kill two people.
  • ha sounds like u did it the hard way I just let the choper do all the work n knifed the ones that it would stun. easyest cod achievement ever
  • if you do solo, the helicopter will shine the spotlight at your enemies, which will cause them to be stunned. You can tell that they are stunned when they do the body movement or whatever. Just do that instead of your stun grenades it's easier.
  • Ok officially i had no idea they had a 3rd DLC!!
  • easy, you can stun and use the light 4rm chopper.
  • Basically when going for the Intel, make the enemies face you so you are between them and the helicopter. When that happens the Littlebird light will shine in their eyes. Once it does, go up and stab them. Pretty easy for 45GS.
  • Pretty easy and i love the reference to owl city
  • in co-op it worked best for me... Got it without noticing it :-)
  • I never got round to getting this content but are these missions worth the 1200Ms points as these are the only achievments i am missing
  • It was so easy on regular. Toss a granade, stab a few guys, toss another one, stab a few guys, achievement unlocked. Took me 20 seconds. The easiest 45gs I've ever had, been working way harder for 5gs achievements lol
  • easy on vet
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  • I didn't realize using the stun grenades worked for this, I used the chopper light. If you're doing that, I advise you to sneak around on the far side of the area where you gather the intel. When you aim your gun at enemies, the chopper will usually point its light at them for a stun. If it turns out you didn't get an enemy while they were stunned, it appears the chopper light won't stun them again. Also, when you press up on the d-pad you'll get a count of 'stun kills' or 'spotlight kills' or something. That's not accurate for this achievement (at least not for me)- it had me at 4 when I got the achievement, although I'm certain I had at least 6.

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