The First Horseman Achievement in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered

  • The First Horseman



    Complete 'Shock and Awe' on Veteran difficulty.

    How to unlock The First Horseman

    See “Deep and Hard” for general Veteran Tips.

    When manning the grenade launcher on the chopper prioritise the anti-air emplacements and tanks as well as keeping an eye out for the distinctive RPG rocket trails so you can deal with the guys firing them.

    During the first on-foot section keep pushing up when you can or the enemies will just keep coming.

    When rescuing the downed pilot you can clear out a few nearby enemies if you have to but for the most part just get in there, grab her, cross your fingers and get moving. Flicking your right analogue stick right and left as you move seems to help you dodge at least some of the incoming fire.

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