Desert Storm Achievement in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered

  • Desert Storm



    Find the Desert Eagle in 'Crew Expendable' and kill 5 enemies with it.

    How to unlock Desert Storm

    Mission: Crew Expendable

    You can find this in the first of the large rooms with the raised walkways on the right and left and the cargo containers dotted around. As you make your way around the area a specific enemy will eventually shout as he jumps out at you from inside or behind one of the containers. There are several potential spawn points. When you see him kill him and he’ll drop the Desert Eagle. This is the only place you can find the weapon so make sure to get 5 kills with it for the achievement.

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  • Here is our tips to getting this achievement
  • Need a quick guide? Check out the video here! 3:30 - 5:25 for achievement requirements and location!
  • On the level (Crew Expandable) when you are inside the boat and you have to go down the stairs, there's a little room just a little close and an enemy is inside and kill him. Pick up the weapon and use it to kill 5 soldiers for the trophy.

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